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European Energy Shortage – France Restarting Reactors

A brief admiration of European Power AwShit coming and “coping” actions that won’t fix anything. Continue reading

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I Hope He’s Wrong – China Banging War Drum

A person who has lived for many years in China, speaks the language fluently, is married to a native Chinese, and knows the country and culture well: is of the opinion that in addition to a return to Maoist Doctrine, China is preparing for war with the USA. Perhaps declaring the intent to the People. Continue reading

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Interesting New Nuke Reactor – Molten Chloride Fast Reactor

A very interesting nuclear reactor designed for extreme safety with low costs that uses “spent” fuel from other reactors, so you are paid to take your fuel. Continue reading

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Nuclear Jet Missiles Anyone?

An interesting video by Curious Droid about the SLAM missile. Nuclear ram jet cruise missile the USA was able to make, but thought better of it… Continue reading

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