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Grain Growth Halted – Cold Is Here

The recent freezing weather in the heartland of North America has ended the growing season with a lot of crop still in the field and not mature. Continue reading

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Crop Harvest Down – Historic Cold Dump Montana – Winter Early

Winter is arriving early and with a vengeance in the North West. Crops were planted late and are not yet fully ripe, with lower than expected yields. Not a good combination. Continue reading

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Two TEDs – Fixing Diabetes, Obesity, And Cancer With Diet

How to eat and cure diabetes, obesity, and reduce cancer risk / improve outcomes. All while being happier in the process. Continue reading

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Interesting “off the grid” Hydroponics Using Kratky & Others

A hydroponic growing system for food “off the grid” (or when electricity is not available) that they call Guerilla Buckets. Continue reading

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