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Brexit Party Leading Polls, UCP Wins In Canada

UCP wins in Canada, Brexit Party leading in the polls, all in all a bad day for the Globalists ;-) Continue reading

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CBC Fabricating Fake News Caught Poking The Rebel

The CBC tries a typical left-jounalist tactic of an concern trolling and gets caught in their own fabrication. Then the video report of it by the intended target is just deliciously biting. Continue reading

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Oh Gawd! I’ve been HonkPilled!

I’ve been Honkpilled by Honkler… Honk Honk! Continue reading

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Catch The Left In A Lie, Get Harassed And Deported

A “SWAT”ing of sorts: Tell the FBI you are afraid of someone hurting you, they get harassed at the border and deported. Having a photo of you in uniform with a gun (watch out all you military & police folks!) is grounds for deportation? Just crazy. Let 100,000 nut jobs & drug mules walk over the border with a percentage of them Jihadi Wannabees is fine, offend Comedy Central by catching them in an edit lie, that’s a step too far? Photo in uniform unacceptable? Continue reading

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