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Interesting… Georgia RINO Problem Much?

Georgia Election Issues heating up? Or just more dirt under the carpet? Continue reading

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Mandatory Vaccination or Weekly Test Papers

I got me “get jabbed or no jobs” papers. Now comes the decision phase… Continue reading

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What You Can Do To Thwart China Corruption Domestically

China has many “ops” domestically in many countries (not the least of which is owning POTUSino Biden). Here a guy who lived in China for many years and married a Chinese woman gives some ideas about things you can do to push back on the Chinese Communist Party influence in your country. Continue reading

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“Spanish” Flu, Antigenic Sin, Origins, And Now?

The “Spanish” Flu did not originate in Spain, and went extinct, then returned likely from a Lab Leak. The year you were born determines your Flu immunity for life. Continue reading

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