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Chuckling At Globalists Going “Splody Heads” Over Trump Visit

A minor rant about The Media in general and Sky News & France 24 in particular, about their coverage of the Trump State Dinner & Visit to the UK. Continue reading

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Creating A Nation Of Kaczynskis? The C.I.A., The Left, & The Frankfurt School

Did you know that the Unibomber was a subject in a C.I.A. instigated mind control research experiment? Didn’t turn out all that well, did it. Continue reading

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P2P Social Networking

How to bypass Silly Con Valley Alt-Left Corporation Censorship? P2P Social Networking… Continue reading

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Sydney Watson Traces MC & Money Left-Attacks to Soros Funding

Sydney Watson has a nice rant on the “defunding” campaign (really worse than that, preventing private financial exchanges) by The Left. At one point she follows the funding trail and finds it traces back to, you guessed it, Soros. Continue reading

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