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Dear British Parliament

Dear UK Parliament Pot, please meet UK Kettle at the Cultural Suicide Cafe for tea and cakes… Continue reading

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Al Jazeera America to close down

Al Jazeera America is shutting down. My POV on it. Continue reading

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Cancer and Marijuana

The NIH has recently been in the news for admitting that Marijuana kills cancer cells. I show that has been known for a while. Continue reading

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Paris, COP21, Obama Declares Victory, the TPP Likely Gives It To Him.

Watch out for the interaction of the TPP (that is a treaty with enforcement powers over “environmental agreements”) and the COP21 “environmental agreement”. IF the TPP is ratified, the COP21 agreement gets enforcement teeth and you WILL lose any pretense of national sovereignty and rule of law “by the people for the people”. Continue reading

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Paris COP – I’m Sure They Will Reach An Agreement… In The End.

If there’s one thing the delegates at the Paris Gab fest COP21 can agree on, it is the need to gather in a room together, push hard, and reach an agreement in the end that fully respects the AR5 and puts it to good use… Continue reading

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Latin Socialism Taking A Big Hit

Perhaps our Dear Leader (Obama) ought to take note of recent events in Latin America. They indicate that even the hard left culture of Latin America can get fed up with Socialist leaders that fail to listen to the people, respect them, and follow the law. Continue reading

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Screw Them All

Just Say No! to Islamist Domination Continue reading

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