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Costco – Case Study In How To Lose A Customer

How “Wokeness” drives away a customer – not in a giant epiphany, but one slight at a time in a quest for peace and quiet. Continue reading

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A $35 Million Mouth – What Delta Woke Almost Cost ’em

What price a loud PC Mouth? If the Georgia Senate joins in, $35 Million… Continue reading

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Metric On Revulsion At Woke Crap

What percentage of a Disney Audience will dump a new show at First Woke? 70% to 80%. And Disney now knows it. So do we. Continue reading

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Disconnecting, Distancing, Divorce, Dissing… Declaration!

What happens when you are no longer part of a group, yet they assert authority over you. Distancing and Dissolving of bonds. Continue reading

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