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Screw Them All

Just Say No! to Islamist Domination Continue reading

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An Extraordinary Hatred of Free Speech and Honesty

A small rant about the intolerance of The Left for all things Freedom Of Speech and Honest not approved by The Party Machine, along with some snark about attacking The Donald and Dr. Carson. Continue reading

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Summer Solstice is Here

It’s the Summer Solstice in the N.H. and Winter Solstice in the S.H. Time for the true driver of weather and climate change, the sun, to start the process of nullification of the forces acting to push into one extreme season and start drifting us toward the other. Continue reading

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Some Online TV Links

A collection of links to free online TV stations. Some news oriented, some Portuguese, and a few Religious – including an online Mass or two. Continue reading

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Mu! Moment: When life begins.

“When does life begin?” is a broken question and can never result in a sane answer; so the abortion “debate” is doomed until that broken Mu! question is replaced. Continue reading

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An Interesting Biblical Tool

An interesting resource for use with the Bible. Many languages. Interlinear and Parallel versions. Old versions and new. All online and searchable. Interesting not just for religious use, but linguistic and historical as well as social and cultural insights. Continue reading

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Online Non-Government School

There are alternatives to the Government Indoctrination Camp and PC School. Continue reading

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