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Degenerate Regular Tessellations & Spherical Delusions

When is a spherical hexagon a hemisphere? When 2 cover the world… Continue reading

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USA Return To Manned Launch #2

SpaceX & NASA return to manned flight today, if all goes well. Continue reading

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Fenbendazole – A Suprise From A Generic Dewormer

A brief exploration of Fenbendazole (a common cattle de-wormer) and some odd uses as a cancer drug and anti-viral. Continue reading

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Yet Another Government Corruption or Medical Fringe?

An interesting interview with an M.D. who was crushed for finding out there were major problems with vaccine quality and that causing many chronic illnesses. Or just a grump. Fauci as Evil, or perhaps as guardian of clean science. Given recent evidence for rampant government corruption, I have trouble just accepting Fauci based on a “trust me”… Continue reading

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