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What We Know, What We Don’t, What We Need

A semi-orderly listing of things of importance to the present Global Takeover in progress now, via COP / Climate Accords and Chinese Wuhan Covid ploys (honorable mention to DNC and Election Fraud). Continue reading

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Time For Linux Phone. State Installed Ghost Software…

“Ghost” software installed on Android & Apple phones to track folks in Massachusetts without their consent. Precedent set, expect it soon at an Agency near you. Time for me to get a DIY secure Linux phone plan together. Continue reading

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Needed: An “Employer Back Off” Strategy

I’ve heard that Adobe Corp is telling employees to show proof of vaccination or be fired. Seems to me that’s a legal gold mine for anyone willing to sue them. In any case, we need a strategy to stop that kind of invasive crap. Continue reading

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Getting Started On Privacy, Anonymity, and Security

Some notes on the first steps to Security, Privacy, Anonymity, and keeping yourself safe when using computers or phones. Continue reading

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