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Oh Dear: ChatGPT Ethical Bypass Hack Zero Day

Hacking an A.I. to free it from “Ethical Guidelines” that are in fact a straight jacket for the artificial mind. Continue reading

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More Linux Follies

Trying to make a SystemD board go better hits a rock (Pine64 update broke network), and Trump rally in Pennsylvania. Continue reading

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As The Privacy (lack of) Noose Tightens…

Re-Starting some of my technical interior services, now that I have Real Internet ™ via Spectrum, I’ve run into some annoying Technical Issues involving privacy and freedom. Continue reading

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Adventures In DNS Land – Telco Blocking Ad-Blocking

Today I had “Failure To Load” many times, along with slow loading and more. I’m pretty sure it was some kind of DDOS attack on DNS at the Telco. Along the way, ,found out that they appear to be blocking ad-blocking DNS servers (or they were under worse DDOS attack to the point of failure) Continue reading

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