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Defending, Damaging, or Extending Media Brands?

There’s a food fight mixed with a land rush in the New Media space of internet TV. The Old Guard of broadcast and cable networks are fighting a rear guard action trying to hold on to both market share and revenue (and losing). The new media is pervasive and ‘nearly free’, yet often sub-par on quality. So one must ask: Is these players Defending or Damaging their brands? Extending into the new media space, or just looking foolish? Continue reading

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China Joins EU in Push To eCars

China planning an eCar future. What could possibly go wrong… Continue reading

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Opera Speed Dial De-Googling and Obscurity

How to remove the forced Google Search Box from the Speed Dial page on Opera… on a Mac Continue reading

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Disappointing Odroid C1+

The Odroid C1+ can’t drive my monitor through the HDMI-DVI adapter. Since I don’t HAVE an HDMI monitor, it is functionally useless on my desktop, so gets consigned to The Farm of Lost Toys to do some trivial job or other… Continue reading

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