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Circular Log Periodic Antenna

An interesting log periodic loop array antenna. Continue reading

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Cord Cutting – Step 3: LG, Chrome and A Really Big Screen

Another step down the road to being a “Cord Cutter” with the buy of a nice LG HDTV for the living room, and adding a Chrome device to the other TV. Continue reading

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Cord Cutting – Step 2 – Roku

A first blush description of my experiences in buying an HDTV and internet TV gizmo (aka TV On A Stick). Continue reading

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Wikileaks CIA Methods dump of 7 March 2017

Wikileaks is dumping a load of methods information from the C.I.A. that ought to cause a lot of heads to spin. Continue reading

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Fuzzy Bear Hacks – Another I[di]OT Issue

Just how much do others care about your privacy or security? If history is any guide, not much. If current events are any guide, not at all. Beware the bear with ears… Continue reading

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Amazon Broke The Internet – Again…

Amazon Broke the Internet, Oh… AWS Service Outage causes east coast to have cramps and cry “Mommy!” Continue reading

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Bitchute – My First Experience

An interesting Peer to Peer (P2P) alternative to youtube that seems to avoid the censorship issues. Continue reading

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