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Rise Of The Mesh-ings

A short look at Mesh Networking and how it will change the face of attempted control of electronic communications. Continue reading

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Sometimes It’s The Little Things – Debian, FORTRAN, and me…

A brief review of the wandering path to a successful Linux dual boot box and what I’ve been doing the last couple of days. Continue reading

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Interesting – Disqus has an email address thief

A short “tale of woe” about the lack of support and low quality control on email addresses at Disqus with a few snide remarks about Google data poaching in the process. Continue reading

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Net Neutrality Thumbnail

An approachable explanation of Internet Net Neutrality and some background on it. Continue reading

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Summary On First Liquid Stone Experiment

After a year of aging in the corner, the results of a first very rough test of ‘liquid stone’ tech as it might have evolved from junk on an Egyptian trash heap near an embalming site or near a glass or clay working shop. Continue reading

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