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Rebuilding GIStemp Engine and Model Platform

Building a new GHCN / NOAA / NCDC data storage box and GISStemp workstation. Installing development tools and unpacking data. Continue reading

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VeraCrypt – A TrueCrypt replacement / follow-on

What looks like a decent replacement for TrueCrypt – VeraCrypt. Based on the TrueCrypt source code, but with added security enhancements. Continue reading

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Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is France

France is indignant over USA spying, but happy to have even more done by their own government. Continue reading

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Well, Things Faster Without Ads – DNS

A pleasant discovery of an ad blocking DNS provider along with a listing of many other DNS providers. Continue reading

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Wheezy Debian Seems Stable on Evo Now

At Last, the Evo is working with an update of Debian Wheezy. Somebody fixed a bug… Continue reading

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