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A Jewess Gives A History Of Islam

An interesting video about the violent history of Islam. Then a peculiar comparison of search engine results when you try to find it. Continue reading

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Review: Feit Electric “enhance” LED Bulb – 60 W equiv. for 9 W

I review a 2700 K LED bulb with a 90+ CRI and 800 lumens ( 60 W incandescent equivalent) while consuming 8.8 Watts. Nice… too bad it has a inexplicable irritating quality when it is the only light source. Continue reading

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The Open Source Phone Dilemma (Polylemma…)

A short overview of some options in creating a DIY Linux based phone. Continue reading

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Vacuum Tube in a PC Board Mount plastic pack?

A very miniaturized vacuum tube in a package more like an integrated circuit! Who knew? Continue reading

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