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Toxic Femininity and Toxic CRT – The Counter Revolution Underway

Dave Cullen rips the Toxic Femininity of Brie Larson by pointing out her movies suck and they lost money beyond belief. He does this in large part by letting her speak… then pointing at it… Continue reading

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Trump Rally & Speech at Phoenix Az 24 July 2021

Trump Rally & Speech in Phoenix Az 24 July 2021. Rips some folks over the audit, among other things. Continue reading

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Trump’s Speech text

I’ve found a few articles in “Drafts” that I thought I’d published.  It would seem not.  This is one of them.  So even if a bit dated, here it is: Jan 6, 2021 Donald Trump Speech “Save America” Rally Transcript … Continue reading

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Another Confirmed Honest News Source: NTD

Looks like NTD is now fully confirmed as telling the truth! Good to know. They have been one of my “sometimes” news sources, but now just got promoted to a “regular”. Why? Well, simple. Google demonetized them. That’s now the … Continue reading

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