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Weather Change on Planets – In Sync With Earth?

Large storms have shown up on Saturn, Uranus, and Mars; complete with unexpected strength and increased polar vortex size and strength. Oh, and on Earth too; but ours must be different because we’re so special /sarc; Continue reading

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Tips Feb 2015

A new paradigm in “Tips” pages, that has comments show up on the new comments listing, since Wordpress broke the old system by not having comments on pages show up. Continue reading

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F*#king Hubris of Ebola Doctors and Loony Left

A short rant on the present stupidity in how we are handling Ebola and the hubris that will kill 1/2 the planet if we are not lucky. Continue reading

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Gonzo Gonzalo and Cyclone Up, Vortex Down

Radiative Physics does not matter to surface temperatures, cyclones and vortex mass flow does. Continue reading

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The Exponential of Ebola Rolls On

There’s an interesting BBC article with some decent graphics in it here: The basic problem is in the graph of the growth of Ebola over time. ¬†They have it by country, and in total. ¬† THE major issue is … Continue reading

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