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Another Confirmed Honest News Source: NTD

Looks like NTD is now fully confirmed as telling the truth! Good to know. They have been one of my “sometimes” news sources, but now just got promoted to a “regular”. Why? Well, simple. Google demonetized them. That’s now the … Continue reading

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Biden Coin – We Need To Make and Circulate These

I want a LOT of these and to just randomly drop them in various “contribution” dishes, buckets, whatever along with leaving them on random counters in stores… Or pay a $4.26 cent charge with 4$ a quarter, a penny, and … Continue reading

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U.S. Senate Hearing On Voter Irregularities

This U.S. Senate Homeland Security & Govt. Affairs Committee has some very interesting testimony in it. I skipped over the Politicians Posturing and started with the first witness at 32 minutes. IMHO, clear evidence of fraud and a stolen election. … Continue reading

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Making Devuan 2.0 Work On The Odroid XU4

I’m posting this from a clean, new, install of Devuan 2.0 onto a uSD card with no dependence on a prior installation. I do use any pre-existing system with ‘gparted’, the graphical partition editor, available and with “dd” available. The … Continue reading

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