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Pentatonix Part Deux

It looks like Pentatonix has reconstituted itself. Their prior Base “white guy” is gone, their prior “Baritone?” “white guy” is now singing base, and they have a new Black Guy (in white jacket on the left) singing sort of a … Continue reading

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OH! Canada! – Revenge Of The Right?

Canada is having an election today. How will the great white north decide? Gretta has a Stir The Useful Idiots rally and finds a protest against her. Canada has a Make Canada Great Again movement starting, and relates to the Yellow Vests. Oh, Canada! Continue reading

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More Democratic Lies – Impeach Screech At Kavanaugh

It would seem the Idiots On Parade are now pushing to impeach Kavanaugh over another completely unsupported blind accusation of 30 years ago involving a woman who doesn’t remember it… The Stupid not only burns, it’s gone nuclear… Continue reading

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Blast From The Past – Before Humorless PC Culture Destroyed Jokes

When we could still poke fun at each other, at ourselves, and at our various cultures of origin. Even had a formalized over the top form of it: The Roast. Think California Governor Nuisance would do this? Subscribe to feed

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