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Tribal Islam, Tribal “Left”, Moral We

In the global struggle between Socialists and Islamic Jihad, will moderate moral Libertarians (European Liberals) and the Christian West be road kill? Or will we stand up and stop this crap? A rather interesting article on the “issue” is examined with my comments. Continue reading

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European Banks – Does A Dropped Bucket Of Piss Crash, Or Just Evaporate?

Just how bad are European Banks? What will become of the Euro Zone as this progresses? Does DB splat, or evaporate? Continue reading

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Hollywood’s Love Of Fascism

Mussolini was celebrated by Hollywood and by FDR in the early 30s. He even got a cameo in a Hollywood movie of the time (which Title I can’t identify). Lately there has been an attempt to hide these attributes of Fascism and distance it from the origin in Socialism. Further, the particular brand of socialism as half way from Capitalism to Communism has made a return labeled “3rd Way Progressive”. Folks seem to have forgotten who coined the term (Mussolini). Also, some notes on “3rd Way” economics, its roots in Socialism via the Fascist brand of Socialism, and the present attempts at resurrection by the Clintons and Obama. Continue reading

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Forcing The Cathedral

A review of Central Authority vs Self Selected Directed organizing and some notes on how governments decay. Continue reading

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O.T.R.A. – Florida Or Bust

I’ll be traveling ‘a while’, so this is an open thread for discussion of current events, interesting ideas, whatever. Continue reading

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CETA – Canada E.U. Trade Agreement

The CETA Canada Europe “trade deal” has a load of green hooks in it to bind execution of the Paris Crap. It, like the TPP, has ‘subroutine calls’ to ‘other environmental agreements’. It’s a load of crap, IMHO, and needs to have that stuff ripped out of it, just like the TPP needs it removed. Continue reading

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“Europe” and the United Kingdom in Context

A short look at a shorted market, and a comparison of British stocks to the Eurozone. Continue reading

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