The emails posted by F.O.I.A.-2011 will take a very long time to work through. The item numbers run to over 5000 (though there are some skips) plus there are attachments (some in the ‘Documents’ folder, some still embedded in the Email).

So this page will serve as an index or entry point into the various postings connected to those emails. In this way folks can find articles long after they have rolled off the ‘new articles’ list.

At least one “fellow traveler”, Tom Nelson, is also working through the emails. He has 250+ “interesting ones” identified already and the top of his page has an online “search engine” link:

If you find any other such archives / efforts, let me know and I’ll add a link here.

Some articles will look at emails by a ‘keyword search’ method. So a search on “Agenda 21” will find all email that contains that exact text. It will not find “Agenda Twenty-One” or even “Agenda21”. If folks find an email related to a topic that is NOT in the list for that topic, just post a comment about it in that posting. As time permits, I may go back to a topic and add ‘related searches’ (such as “Agenda21” or “Local 21” that finds the local chapter actions of the same group). Keyword searches are good for finding interesting things related to each other fairly quickly.

Some postings will look at articles by number. This will be “for completion”. A “by the numbers” search can turn up one interesting email that gives an idea for a new keyword on which to search. (So, for example, discussion of ‘is this a fraud’ would suggest searching on ‘fraud’ for reply and referral emails. BTW, “fraud” mostly finds them complaining about someone else who accused them of some kind of fraud.) Going “by the numbers” also can find email related to a topic that were not found by keyword search. So, someone saying “About that UNAgenda Meeting…” and only reading it would make it clear it belonged in the “Agenda 21” topic list.

Flagging an email ‘by the numbers’ as being boring, is also a way to mark an email as “Uninteresting” so folks don’t waste a lot of time on it.

Over time, I’ll be adding a list of “tags” here. These will evolve over time. Having those Tags lets us mark an email for general level of interest in particular categories. For example, one could use “UNINT” for “uninteresting” or “MEET” for a meeting notice / minutes or “COLU” for various sorts of potential collusion to be evaluated. You don’t need to know them to make a comment about an email. If you happen to know a tag, you can use it; but it’s just fine to say “uninteresting” or “collusion to adjust temperatures” or “IPCC books cooking” or whatever. Frankly, I’m tempted to just come up with a list of “whole words” rather than abbreviations. Any comments on this can be added to the FOIA postings and I’ll compile the ideas into a list of index words.


Link to online archive of emails.

Each of the articles on a F.O.I.A. topic will be assigned to the FOIA Category (at the right edge of the page). You can get directly to that list (which will be in reverse chronological order) here:

Some emails were particularly noted by F.O.I.A.-2011 in a “README” file. I looked at those in a couple of postings here:

README Part 1 and README Part 2

I’ve picked up the links from Tom Nelson to the online FOIA archive search engines. They are:

A selection of ‘interesting quotes’ from WUWT:

By Topic / Keyword

BBC Keyword and Keyword There are also some comments about the emails where they where not about The BBC, but had “BBC” embedded in an encoded attachment.

Of Tree Rings and UV effects on them

Agenda 21

Anthony Watts and WattsUpWithThat


Those emails containing selected “curse words” including 13 with the F-Bomb

By Number

George took on 001-099 in one of the first postings. Eventually I’ll pull those comments into a posting that is dedicated to that number block, for now just realize that block has been looked at. It is in the comments to the 5335 posting just below.

I looked at one, 5335, in particular, in some depth:

I’ll be adding other links here (most likely in blocks of 100). If anyone wants to take on a block, just holler and I’ll make a shell posting where comments on that block can be added.

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4 Responses to FOIA

  1. Another Ian says:

    E.M. Re

    and the link in it

    A more general question seems to arise from a comment of mine there (which could get snipped)

    “Does this suggest that some of the leading characters in Climategates 1 and 2 have convinced other leading characters in Climategates 1 and 2 that they have whoppers?”

  2. E.M.Smith says:

    @Another Ian:

    OMG, what a blatant cherry pick of start dates to craft a trend.

    In looking at the GHCN segments, I thought I’d noticed an abnormal number with initial starting droops and ending rises. Maybe I need to get a bit less lazy and actually count them…

    (As they get auto-spliced in the homogenizing step, the lead in / out pattern can bias the ‘splice’…)

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