Grain Growth Halted – Cold Is Here

I’ve put up postings on this for a while. Often citing lists of cold places or linking videos from farmers (most recently Yanasa Ama Ranch). Well, the USDA has just stated that this last round of freezing temperatures has effectively ended the grain season.

Why does this matter? Because due to a cold wet late spring, crop was planted late. To get full harvest would require growing into November. That’s impossible. Furthermore, a lot of crop was not harvested at the usual times so is still in the field. It is now more likely to rot there than to be harvested.

Yet the USDA, while calling the season done, is still keeping up rosy predictions on harvest amounts and yields. That’s not gonna work.

Has corn at 55% “good to excellent” so quality and yield are down, then only 20% harvested. That’s about 1/2 of what was harvested at this time last year. Soybean numbers are almost the same at about 54% good and 25% harvested.

No, I don’t think there will be food riots and the end of Supermarkets as we know them. I do think we can’t possibly export $50 Billion to China (1/2 soybeans) and that chicken and pork prices are going to rise, possibly a lot. I think I’ve already seen the start of that at Smart & Final. The last two weeks when I’ve stopped in, they have NOT had their perpetual cheap chicken “weekly special”. Instead of 89 ¢ / lb. it is now $1.29 and no discount.

I’m sort of OK with that as my cupboard is already full of food and I’ve canned about all the proper size jars I’ve got and the freezer is almost full. So I stocked up when the stocking was good. I’ve also got about a half year supply of beans and rice should it come to that ;-) Still to do is pick up some more SPAM at COSTCO and a few more canned hams ;-)

Then there is likely to be some kind of wavier on ethanol in gasoline if corn supply is low. I’m fine with that, too. That’s good for up to a 30% increase in corn for chickens and pigs.

Where there are more likely to be problem events is in countries with lots of hungry mouths, scarce growing land, and a shortage of money. Africa, Asia. When they depend on large imports of wheat, corn, rice, beans just to stay alive, and the supplier countries are unable to meet demand, it will be a very bad outcome. Major food supply sources are Canada, USA, Australia, Brazil, to some extent Argentina if they can get their government together. Well, of those, all but Brazil are facing weather challenges.

IIRC, Europe is about break even on food, so ought to do OK, depending on just what happens where. BUT will likely have a lot of pressure from surrounding populations. Southern Africa used to be a net exporter, but Socialism has ended that. They are joining the rest of Africa as food supply short areas. India has fairly stable weather so ought to hang in there as stable, unless the monsoon gets messed up by cold. China is already in trouble and getting worse. Russia grows a lot of wheat and other crops, but will be challenged in a real cold turn. I think they know how to deal with cold, though, and are smart enough to shift to things like barley and oats fast if needed.

That all means that IMHO the Americas, Australia, and the Pacific Islands ought to all be just fine, with some modest price rises as export demand drives up prices a lot. Europe will do OK being rich enough to out-bid as needed in global markets. Russia will be OK, being very cold smart. That leaves the problems to Africa, Middle East, and southern Asia / China, with India as a likely OK but not great.

For those reasons I think it is a wise move to be pulling US Troops out of the Middle East. In a couple of years those are likely to be very bad places to be. (IFF this weather trend continues and growing season compression continues.)

But that’s “projecting” far into the future. For now, it’s just the USDA saying growth is over and harvest is challenged.

Here’s Yanasa Ama Ranch with the stats and such:

The better news (from that same link to USDA above) is that things like wheat and oats have been nearly normal. So you can have your pancakes and oatmeal instead of bacon and roast chicken ;-)

Just make sure to keep an eye on how things finish out this year, and then do we get a repeat next year… Once we start stacking up 2 or 3 bad weather years in a row, that’s when I think it will start getting “dicey” on the world stage. The first year it is likely to just be a price bump on cheap meats. Chicken and pork.

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Got Squirrels? Want A SMG?

I had no idea such a thing existed. In their test of chronograph speed it starts out low and gradually rises to a bit under 500 fps. My guess is that it will eventually reach the advertised 600 fps. as the barrel gets cleaned and polished with pellet use. But even at that speed, a 100 round Sub-Machine Gun ought to have a serious impact on an attack squirrel ( need I add a ;-)? Really?)

Somehow it had never occurred to me that since the silencer is allowed on air rifles then the machine gun ban also didn’t apply…

That would be serious fun against my recycle cans stash ;-)

But at $550 it will be a while before I can really think of having one:

SMG .22 Full Auto Belt Fed Machine Gun ( Sight And Stock Sold Separately)

The all new Air-Ordnance SMG .22 pellet gun is the first of kind, fully automatic .22 caliber belt fed machine gun. This lightweight, high performance pellet gun which shoots up to 600 fps is the perfect item for gun enthusiasts, sportsmen and target shooting. This exciting new item, which is powered by CO2, nitrogen, or HPA (high pressure compressed air) will unleash up to 12 rounds per second, with an adjustable rate of fire.

Included With The SMG .22
100 Round Ammo Drum
100 Links For Ammo belt (non assembled)
Ammo belt easy load tool
Owner’s manual
Gun Oil packet

They also list a 500 FPS Canadian Compliant version and a CO2 kit.

Just OMG what a fun idea.

Update For Those With Too Much Money

Then there’s the Gatling Gun option…

Looks like it’s about $5000 for one, plus a $1000 or two for an ammo budget
;-O but your squirrel problem will be solved 8-}

9 MM crank Gatling Gun

Dealers Contact Drew for inquiries 260-441-9603

*Takes Glock mags

*Compatible with Glock 19 drum mag
MSRP $5000.00

Maybe I could sell a car.. or the house… or something…

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Why CNN Is Tanking – They Are Doing Tabloids

Dr. Steve Turley does a pretty good job of laying out why CNN is tanking. He lists something like 7 major reasons. IMHO it basically comes down to CNN is doing Partisan Click Bait Tabloid junk and NOT anything remotely like “Professional Journalism”.

What’s more, thanks to the Project Veritas videos ( I linked to one in an earlier article but there are several, so look them up…) we know that the Journalists at CNN are NOT running the show. It is the non-Journalist Party Activist Manager at the top of the company that is directly calling the editorial shots. That’s not journalism. That’s party activism.

Tim Pool had a video on this too, and it is worth a look. He stresses the “click bait” benefit more (ad revenue is based on eyeballs and click bait to get folks excited recruits more eyeballs… for a little while…)

I also found it amusing when Turley points out that CNN only got half the rating of the prior “Democratic Debate”. Well, when you KNOW that party shills hand the debate questions to their preferred candidate and you KNOW the whole thing is rigged to keep the only real threat out of the “debates” and you KNOW it’s all going to be “How much do YOU hate Orange Man, and why?” and who can spout the most identity politics tripe in a minute: Just what reason is there to watch?

So it seems there was a “debate” and nobody watched. A total of 8 million viewers. Yeah, 8. So that’s about 1/40 of the population and about 1/10 of the Democrats… (The Wiki on party strength has a lot of different guesses but puts Democrats at about 1/3 the registered population, then you get to adjust for things like kids not being voters… so it’s a bit of a guess).

Yeah, CNN and the “debates” can’t even get over 10% of their own party to watch…

RSBN had over 34,000 LIVE viewers for ONE Trump Rally. A complete unknown internet journalist site. With the rally spread over a half dozen other major outlets in competition. Lord only knows what total viewership was.

Now Serioso has repeatedly promoted the “professional journalists” as the best way to get to the truth; and here we see why CNN is not that. I’d wager pretty heavy that the same pattern will hold true for the NYT, MSNBC, PBS, etc. etc. It isn’t being run by “Professional Journalists” to report the news, fairly and accurately. It is being run by Party Activists with an Agenda. The People figured that out and left in droves for alternative sources and now there’s massive layoffs over the whole field. That’s what happens when you blow your credibility.

The fix is easy, but those folks will not do it. Just have a politically neutral editorial policy and put a real Professional Journalist in charge of the editorial staff. CLEARLY label your Opinion Pieces as Opinion and your News Reports as NEWS and keep the news UN-biased. You know, like it is supposed to be.

1. Project Veritas showed Zucker dictating content for political effect.
2. Democratic Debate (infomercial for Dims) has nobody watching.
3. “Fredo” incident where Quomo has a melt down and CNN supports the tantrum.
4. Muller Fiasco. 2 years 24 x 7 lies. Lost 1/3 of audience on that.
5. Stormy Daniels and her “creepy porn lawyer” being featured for months.
6. CNN Tabloid based offerings. Malaysian lost jet into a black hole?
7. Losing their Airport Monopoly as Clear Channel launches a competitor service.

I’d say it in a shorter list: Being lied to for political effect in a Jerry Springer ambiance is not news.

Turley also points out “we curate our own news” as we choose the when, what, and how. We’re not doing “appointment TV” much anymore.

Now under 1 Million viewers even in their best prime time slots. Headed for obscurity. There are podcasts with bigger audience share. Heck, Bongino has about 1/3 of a million subscribers and that doesn’t include all the folks like me, who will never subscribe to anyone as you must have a “track me” account to subscribe. Nor does that include his podcast followers of his videos (he simulcasts the show to TV and pods…)

So that’s why I don’t depend on “Professional Journalists” at places like CNN. Simply because they are not allowed to do their job and are being directed to be political shills and spin click bait lie stories by upper “management” who are willing to drive their company into a ditch in exchange for Kissing The Party Ring (or backside…). Instead I look to independent Journalists and non-USA sources who will “talk dirt” about any party in America, not just one party, or only run one Orange Man Bad Story line.

UPDATE: Huff’nPuff Piece put on chopping block:

From Tim Pool, the Huffington Post is up for sale amid layoffs across Left Media Landscape:

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Jimmy Dore Rips A New One…

OK, a LOAD of F-Bombs in this one, so NSFW or small children, OK?

It seems that Jimmy, being a very progressive comedian, was pointing out how E. Warren lies like a rug about being fired for being pregnant. No controversy there, we have the A/B tapes with 2007 her saying “not for me” after taking education classes and now saying “otherwise” (to be polite about it…) Jimmy shows those tape cuts in this bit too.


A Clinton mob tool (just my opinion of Cliff Schecter) uses the usual bag of insults and slander to try to damage his reputation and / or “win” the argument. Well… It’s a very bad idea to insult a professional comedian… “Why” becomes clear as Jimmy rips the guy a new one on the twitter exchange (quoted pages in the video) AND as a load of Jimmy’s followers pile on. It is a beautiful job of destruction ;-) Though those with tender ears need to be advised it’s very rough in places on the F-Bomb front.

It is just so delicious to watch the Left Identity Politics Playbook crashing and burning when used to attack folks for telling the truth as a Progressive ;-)

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