Tinyhouse Prepper Does A Nice Summary Of Global Warming BS

I occasionally look at stuff about the Tiny House ‘movement’ and about folks who live in RVs. I’ve lived ‘on the road’ a fair amount while working and that’s a kind of ‘tiny house’ issue (be it a hotel room, or 4 days in a car on the road…)

Similarly, living in Quake Country and having gone through a 7 quake and been without electricity a few days, being “prepared” is just part of the landscape requirements.

So I’ve watched a couple of Tinyhouse Prepper videos from time to time. That means YouTube feeds me more ;-) So this morning, this one popped up. In it, ‘Tinyhouse Prepper’ looks at Climate Change / Global Warming.

Now part of what I find interesting is just how effectively the ‘Prepper’ mind set deals with the Global Warming fraud. We look at potential threats and we assess them objectively looking for demonstrated risks and then plan what mitigations are needed. It can be lethal to get that wrong, so we tend to be rather careful and thorough about it. Do I need 32 gallons, or 64 gallons of water to get through a post-quake water system outage? How many weeks (or months) of food? What bracing on the house? Will a tent be needed and what is the right one for this weather and climate? Where to store it so it isn’t destroyed if the house collapses or burns?

That was partly why I started looking at “Global Warming” a decade+ back. Thinking: “This looks bad. I need to look into it and see how bad, where, and what will happen.” What I found was a lot of fuzzy thinking, errors, and flat out lies from the Warmistas, and well reasoned well supported logically consistent analysis from the Skeptics. Then I did a LOT of my own, which largely showed it was a ‘Politically Driven Process’ for economic change / domination / money suckage.

So here’s another Prepper who essentially follows the same path. What is it? How bad will it be? What mitigations are needed? And arrives at the same end point: Warming is BS, we need to prep for cold and snow and crop losses from cold wet windy fields.

While I come at things with a very strong computer sciences, data analysis, and math background; it is nice to see the same conclusions from a regular guy (not a “Geek”).

His video has some interesting details I’d missed. In particular the record snow in Hawaii (and ends with a startling photo of an iced over frozen truck on a mountain there – looking more like Wyoming in winter than Hawaii). So he’s got graphs, and photos, and news stories from a variety of sites. All presented in an orderly way by a Regular Guy. It gives me hope that more Regular Guys “get it” too. One need not be a math and computer wiz / geek. 29 minutes.

Anyone interested in “being prepared” ought to look at some of his other videos too. A “Tiny House” does not have a lot of room for things like a year supply of food or a few hundred gallons of water & extra fuel. It takes special care to make that work on a smaller scale.

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GHCN v3.3 vs v4 Baseline End 2015

I’m doing a quick comparison of a few GHCN v3.3 vs v4 countries with the v4 statistics and anomalies computed using a “cut off” of before 2016. This will have both using the same time period to compute their anomalies (though different instruments in some cases – mostly The USA and Germany have added data).

You can think of this as a “Baseline Period” that runs from the start of data through 2015.

MariaDB [temps]> SELECT MAX(year) FROM temps3;
| MAX(year) |
| 2015      |
1 row in set (16.51 sec)

Why? Because using all the v4 duration has 2016, 2017 & 2018 data used to make the average used to compute anomalies. To the extent they are hotter data points, it can make it look like the “past was cooled” as the average was higher. So this is to gauge how much of an issue that might be.

Overall, the graphs ought not change much. The average temperature in June in NYC Central Park ought to be a fairly stable number.

But we’ll see.

The Tables

So I’ve added three tables. These first two are identical to the anom4 and mstats4 tables other than the name of the tables being mstatsS4 and anomS4 where the “S” is for “Short”.

Loading them was a bit slower due to an added test for year, but still not too bad on a Raspberry Pi M3:

MariaDB [temps]> source tables/anomS4
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.76 sec)

MariaDB [temps]> source tables/mstatsS4
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.08 sec)

MariaDB [temps]> source bin/LOAD/LmstatsS4
Query OK, 328326 rows affected (29 min 12.35 sec)
Records: 328326  Duplicates: 0  Warnings: 0

Empty set (0.00 sec)

MariaDB [temps]> source tables/mkanomindexS4
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.41 sec)
Records: 0  Duplicates: 0  Warnings: 0

Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.08 sec)
Records: 0  Duplicates: 0  Warnings: 0

Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.06 sec)
Records: 0  Duplicates: 0  Warnings: 0

MariaDB [temps]> source bin/LOAD/LanomS4
Query OK, 15450484 rows affected (29 min 20.49 sec)
Records: 15450484  Duplicates: 0  Warnings: 0

Empty set (0.03 sec)

MariaDB [temps]>   

There’s the one that computes the statistics. I’ve bolded the change:

chiefio@PiM3Devuan2:~/SQL/bin/LOAD$ cat LmstatsS4 
INSERT INTO  mstatsS4 (stnID,month,mean,big,small,num,trang,stdev)
SELECT stnID,month,
ROUND(AVG(deg_C),2),MAX(deg_C),MIN(deg_C),COUNT(deg_C), MAX(deg_C)-MIN(deg_C), ROUND(STDDEV(deg_C),2)
FROM temps4 
WHERE deg_C>-90.0 AND deg_C< 60.0 AND year<2016
GROUP BY stnID,month;

show warnings;

Then computing the anomalies is the same, just to a different storage table:

chiefio@PiM3Devuan2:~/SQL/bin/LOAD$ cat LanomS4 
INSERT INTO  anomS4 (stnID,abrev,region,cnum,year,month,deg_C)
SELECT T.stnID,T.abrev,C.region,C.cnum,T.year,T.month,ROUND(T.deg_C-ST.mean,2)
FROM temps4 AS T
ON T.abrev=C.abrev
	AND ST.month=T.month 
WHERE T.deg_C > -90.0 AND T.deg_C < 60.0 

show warnings;

Then there’s the need to make a modified yrcastats table. I called it “yrcastatsS” and it is identical in layout. Only the loading of the data comes from the anom4S table instead.

Then you can run the graphs:

This involves just pointing the reports at anom4S and yrcastatsS tables and saying RUN.

LG Latvia

I chose these guys as a small country unlikely to have a lot of thermometers, so more likely to have any change in the final years data show up in an “apples to apples” comparison. That is, looking at the same thermometers. There’s ALMOST no detectable difference in the graphs. Just enough to know it isn’t an error on my part and I ran the same one. A couple of spots that are on top of each other as almost one spot on one, but a smear on the other. Some slightly different spacing in a group.

In particular, look at the far right near the bottom. There are three dots in a tight cluster triangle. All three sort of touch in the lower graph (original) and have separation if only barely in the short graph with 2015 as the last date for anomaly computation. (the top graph). It looks to me like a few hundredths of a degree C at most.

I’m still going to try a few more and see if I can find one more dramatic. Then, these are so close I’m going back through the whole process end to end to make sure it is doing what it ought to do ;-)

GHCN v3 vs v4 SHORT LG Latvia Difference

GHCN v3 vs v4 SHORT LG Latvia Difference

GHCN v3.3 vs v4 Latvia Difference

GHCN v3.3 vs v4 Latvia Difference

GHCN v3 vs v4 SHORT LG Latvia Anomaly

GHCN v3 vs v4 SHORT LG Latvia Anomaly

GHCN v3.3 vs v4 Latvia Anomaly

GHCN v3.3 vs v4 Latvia Anomaly

So all that gives me confidence that my conclusions on all the other graphs don’t need a rewrite due to length of data in the average used for the anomaly computation being different between v3.3 and v4. It does make a difference, but it is so small as to almost undetectable in the graphs.

GM Germany

I’m just going to do the Germany Difference graph. Germany and the USA added a lot of thermometers, so it’s a good test case for the impact of both difference in years in baseline and the impact of instruments added on this particular chart. The last couple of dots are easier to see some shift. Most of it is pretty static.

At the very recent end of the plot there’s a triangle of 3 dots. Look carefully and you can see they are slightly different placement. The top dot in the top graph is slightly higher.

GHCN v3.3 vs v4 SHORT GM Germany Difference

GHCN v3.3 vs v4 SHORT GM Germany Difference

GHCN v3.3 vs v4 Germany Difference

GHCN v3.3 vs v4 Germany Difference

In Conclusion

It does look like the method I used is fairly stable and resistant to the “attack” based on saying v4 used extra years in that “baseline” than did v3.3 data. It makes a difference, but not one that changes the conclusions (or can even be found most of the time).

With that, I’m comfortable saying the prior comments on countries is fairly reliable and when there is “cooling of the past” it is NOT due to the length of data over which the monthly average temperatures are computed for making the anomalies.

Let the whooping and hollering begin! ;-)

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W.O.O.D. – 8 June 2019


This is another of the W.O.O.D. series of semi-regular
Weekly Occasional Open Discussions.
(i.e. if I forget and skip one, no big)

Immediate prior one here:

and remains open for threads running there (at least until the ‘several month’ auto-close of comments on stale threads).

Canonical list of old ones here:

So use “Tips” for “Oooh, look at the interesting ponder thing!”
and “W.O.O.D” for “Did you see what just happened?! What did you think about it?”

What’s Going On?

I finished the GHCN v3.3 vs v4 Europe graphs; and with that, ALL of the continents are done!

I’m now working on an “index posting” to point at all the parts from one spot. I’ve also started making a Version 4 Statistics & Anomalies set of data based on cutting off the anomalies data used at 2015 so that the same years are used for v3.3 as for v4. Then I’m going to do a few “spot check” graphs to see what changes. This is substantially using a “Baseline Period” that runs from the start of all records through 2015 and addresses the point that the existing method will have the v4 anomalies shift a little just from averaging in the 2016, 2017, and 2018 data (to the extent they differ from the average prior years).

I’ve already made the table layouts, loaded the mstatsS4 (S for Short) table, and presently it’s computing the anomS4 anomailies table. Then it’s just make a few sample graphs and compare / measure impact. (Plus debugging whatever pops up).

W.W.II D-Day

We’ve likely had the last D-Day Commemoration that will have many living survivors present. Likely, too, the last for Queen Elizabeth.

There can never again bee such a landing. Too easy to just pop a nuke over the top of it and sink all the ships. Given the number who died, perhaps that’s a good thing.

My wife’s Dad was a liaison to the British Gliders and went in on one of them as the US contact for the 101st Airborn. Then wandered around with them a while. Eventually got in that Bastogne Siege… He also managed to get separated from his army, and got reassigned to the 82nd Airborne and jumped on Arnham. Not a lot of folks can say they were in W.W.II in Gliders, as a Parachute drop, and in three different services ;-) though one was just liaison to that service. He said Bastogne was rough, but liberating the prisoner camps was the worst emotionally. Oddly, he met Marlene Dietrich while in the field. Seems she worked both sides of the lines entertaining both sets of warriors. A class act in a time when chivalry was not quite dead yet. Just a passing stop on a road, a few minutes of posing and then moving on. Two jeeps passing on a rural road.

My Dad was a Combat Engineer. Landed the 2nd or 3rd day (he wasn’t sure what day it was ;-) in an LST on Utah beach I believe. One of those big ships where the front opens. He then proceeded to drive around Europe in a “Deuce and 1/2” truck blowing up bridges and things, re-building bridges the Germans blew up, taking up land mines, laying land mines, disarming booby traps and more. Rebuilt a chunk of Cherbourg Harbor. He said one of the hardest bits was having your whole army behind you, and their whole army in front of you, and you have to build a bridge in the middle. Then there was when you had to take the demolition charges off of it if they failed to get it blown during retreat. The Marines like to talk about “first in last out”, but the guy building the bridge in front is really there first, and the guy blowing up the bridge after you crossed it is the last one to pack up.

I’ve plotted their two paths, roughly, and they were more or less near each other over most of the war. Airborne out in front some of the time, Dad out in front making them a bridge at other times.

May no one ever deal with such a thing again.

BREXIT, The EU, and MEP Elections

The BREXIT party was the Big Winner. The new European Parliament will also have lots more “Nationalist” membership from many other countries.

Watching the “news” coverage was fun. So many Globalists sputtering in their rush to decry it as horrid.

Gee, national leaders charged with making their nation better being elected by the people of that nation who then don’t throw their nation under the wheels of Rampant Globalist Ambitions, and this is seen as a bad thing?

T. May is now out, Britain is trying to decide who is worth a fig when 99% of them just bleat about wanting to a) End Brexit or b) Have a 2nd referendum or c) get a Satrap Deal tighter than T.May’s bad “deal”.

This circus isn’t over. It’s a long long ways to Halloween…


“God Only Knows” continues.

Will it resolve? Will anyone notice?


Decided they didn’t want their Economy in the dumper all that much and that just maybe having a few hundred thousand “transient” “migrants” wasn’t working out all that well for them anyway. Now we get to see if they actually DO anything.

You know they will not stop the drug traffic. Way too many $Billions in their collective pockets. They also won’t want to stop Mexican Migrants (as they ship boatloads of money back to Mexico too). But I could see them shutting off the non-Mexicans.

France 24 had some dopey guy claiming all sorts of nonsense about what this would do to Trump’s election prospects. Very Globalist Sympathy, in touch with “Red States” not so much.

Global Warming Push

I’m not sure what is driving it, what is “coming up”; but both Sky News and France 24 have started having the Global Warming Scare Of The Day (“GW-SOD”) story. Seems it is going to dissolve Mont Blanc in France. France24 said so. Complete with dramatic film of a landslide and a voice over stating that the mountain is held together by permafrost and when it melts the mountain falls down.

No mention at all of ice cycling causing rock spalling, but hey, give them time.

Sky was treating us to a tour of Venice and how it’s just being washed away from “Sea Level Rise” with floods rising from 5 / decade to some huge number in the hundreds? Something like that. Of course, no mention that the city is built on soft land and has been sinking slowly for centuries. “Subsidence” not in their vocabulary.

So The Bum’s Rush is picking up speed and intensity. Just a reaction to the “Nationalists” winning? Or something else in the wings?

Speaking of Coups…

Dimocrats continue to push the Impeachment Screechment. TDS is strong in them.

I do hope Trump and the DOJ get some indictments running on a few of them soon. They really need a wake-up slap in the fixation.

Space X

NASA is selling rides and hotel accommodation on the Space Station. Up to a month. 12 a year. Just bring your $Millions vacation plan with wallet…

The Weather:

It has finally gotten warm in California and the rain stopped here. Unfortunately, Oregon is still having some frozen while the Mid-West is a soggy bog of water and mud. China, in their corn belt, is also having issues.

There is a very real probability of grain shortages globally. One report had a huge spike in corn and other grain futures. This is a “watch this space” as if delay goes much beyond what we’ve already got, it will be too little time to grow to maturity.

I did learn a new term: “Wet Planting”. Seems when you have Crop Insurance you only get paid if you put seeds in the ground. So when years are crappy and the land too wet too late, you just plant anyway and let the seeds drown and rot. Good for the wallet, not so good if we burn through too much of the seed corn when replacing it might be at risk too. Looks like the traditional thing of doing a fast “catch crop” (like buckwheat) instead is now out of fashion in favor of financial games and contract law.

One good thing, they had a chart up with “use” on it. Looked like about 1/3 went to gasoline. So… we can take a 1/3 loss of corn production and not even notice just by having an emergency wavier of the “pollute and dilute my gasoline with alcohol” requirements… The downside is that absent such relief, blenders alcohol could become quite expensive and drive up gasoline prices too.


I ought to get back into tracking markets more. They are about 80% machine trade driven now, so really it’s reflecting computer programs / decisions not human actions, so less reasonable in what happens and more prone to volatile runs from feedback effects. (One computer kicks off a minor trend and then the rest hop on it).

The chart formation is not good.

SPY 8 June 2019 1 Year

SPY 8 June 2019 1 Year

We took a big dip in January, then a straight rocket back up. When people drive things they more often get concerned about getting out with any recovery and you get a dip back to the Simple Moving Average stack. I’ve typically used that as a confirmation of a move. It looks like that is breaking down under machine trend amplification.

Now we’ve hit a top, same height as last September, and failed to advance. Then the much more typical penetrate the SMA stack to the downside, return to it from below, and fail to cross it.

MACD is below zero (though crossing to an upward pointing in response to the rebound). Volume is also falling off. (Notice how high volume went in the January dump).

ADX / DMI is showing low volatility (ADX black line low) along with somewhat confused red / blue lines (as happens at waffling tops). Looks to me like more downside available than upsides.

Yes, the economy is going great. Yes employment is nearly full. OTOH, we’re getting news about “low jobs report” for new jobs. When everyone who wants a job, has one, it becomes hard to have continuing massive job growth…

Will there be another dump like last January? Or just a summer malaise of waffling at the top? I’d bet on more down as the Dimocrats do something stoopid to spook the markets (like acting against Trump).

But the biggest problem is that we’ve now got to predict what a computer algorithm thinks of things, not what human nature would do… They mostly do near instant scans of the newspaper stories and jump on key words, so if you can predict what will be printed “soon”, you have a chance of it.

What is clear is that we’re reaching the limit of how fast the economy can grow, and that the market has hit a ceiling it didn’t like.

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Chuckling At Globalists Going “Splody Heads” Over Trump Visit

I find it funny to watch the “news” coverage of the visit of Milania and Donald Trump to the UK.

Mostly I’m talking about Sky News and France24 coverage.

Sky had interviews with a bunch of Globalists (by their statements) and it was hilarious. In such resonant tones they decried the assault on “the established global order” and the horrible “nationalist” tendencies and how it was being imitated by other “extreme right wing” politicians across Europe (as though Europe is unable to make their own decisions without modeling on the USA…) and how he was ~”undermining the UN global institutions”. All presented as though it were the end of Civilization Itself!

So here I was just chuckling at them.

So sure that others simply MUST be aghast at a national leader putting their nation first. We simply ALL MUST believe “diversity is our strength” (even in the face of the decay and weakening of various EU nations under the assault of incompatible immigrants destroying their institutions and blowing up / running over people). AND we must find “straight talking” to be a major sin and social disgrace.

Um, no.

We love him because he DOES speak the plain truths, unvarnished, without wax. “Sincere” comes from root words that mean “without wax” from the ancient practice of waxing ceramic ware so that cracks in it would be hidden from the buyer. We prefer our President to speak sincerely. ( Which, one supposes, means “they” prefer their leaders with wax over the cracks in their pottery. ;-)

Then, today, Melania and Ivanka are under attack for their dress. They actually bothered to wear clothes that are basically British in style. The headline? “Channeling the 1980s”. I doubt it. Melania was a professional model and will know what is, and is not, an acceptable “style”. IMHO, it’s just flat out Fake News Lies For Effect. I looked at the pictures, they look fine to me. I don’t care about the “news” opinions.

One guy being interviewed was assuring everyone that Trump would bring the end of life as we know it due to his denial of “Climate Change”. As though sending more money to the UN and destroying western cultures and economies was somehow a good thing. Completely bought in to the Hype and Lies of “Global Warming”. It’s been at least 30 years now of “Death AND Destruction in 10 years!!!!” and we’re not dead and destruction is nowhere in sight. He couldn’t catch a 12 ton clue if it were dropped on him.

Then there are the Milquetoasts bemoaning that Trump didn’t make kissing-ass noises about The Mayor Of London but actually said the truth. Um, did they not notice that Sadiq started the ‘food fight’ and that Jeremy was the one who was insulting Trump first. Let me supply some whacks from the Clue Stick:

My Mum was British. Dad, an American from an Iowa Farm. I was raised in both cultures. I’ve learned over the years how to move between them. I’ve come, slowly, to realize that it can be far better to NOT do the English Suck Up Polite and instead do the “Shit Kicker” from the farm blunt. In particular, I’ve learned (the hard way) that being polite to attackers is a losers game. Turning the other cheek just gets you two hurt cheeks and an ass whuping. IF someone attacks, counter attack immediately and with overwhelming force. This is what Trump knows too. It is what the clueless press calls being a “counter puncher”. It is very American. I didn’t do it for the first 18 years of my life and that was a mistake.

So when I see the British Press bemoaning that Trump is NOT being a British Style Suck Up Mealy Mouth Polite but instead is being a New York City Ass Kicker, well, it makes my heart go “pitty pat” with pleasure. I know I’ve got a leader who will speak the truth, not care if it hurts, and take names for a good ‘ol ass kicking when the time is right for it. Just Like Dad.

Then I see him being kind and polite to those who need it. Having quiet professional conversations at the dinner table. Helping folks who are friendly and need the help. Explaining that he’d much rather have a mutually helpful working relationship than any “food fight” when negotiating with folks. Asking folks how they are doing, and actually meaning it. Just like Mum.

And then I realize he’s like me. He’s got Scots ancestry not too far removed and raised with The Old Ways. Grew up in America with our rules and ways; the new ways. Able to shift between them as needed.

And it is that shifting that drives the Press Corps around the bend and that causes the Globalists and the British Upper Crust to be clueless about him. He is simply NOT as simple as they would like to believe. He has range. That he uses his range in ways of which they do not approve (and most likely just do not understand) is what makes them go all ‘Splody Head.

How, just HOW can someone like The Queen sit down with such an uncultured boor? Because he is only an uncultured boor to those who need it. He is a polite, caring, and intelligent person to those who reciprocate.

Something I learned “the hard way” is my philosophy of “Be The Mirror”. I think Trump does something very similar. “You can only speak with someone on their level. -E.M.Smith”. If someone has 8th grade language skills, you must speak on an 8th grade level to communicate. Note that is NOT a pejorative. It is identifying a common language. A person may have only an 8th grade language skill yet have a high IQ. I suspect my Dad was brighter than me, but he never graduated high school. (Enlisted in the Army in W.W.II instead). So what is a language? Sometimes it is words. Sometimes facial expressions. Some times fists and kicks. Sometimes it is posture and tone of voice. So, confronted by a hostile person spoiling for a fight, you “become the mirror” and “speak with them in their language” and posture and spoil right back.

I call that process “leveling”. When I first meet someone, I start out at about a “middle high school” level unless there is strong reason otherwise. Then, as conversation progresses, I’ll “level” against them. Raising or lowering vocabulary and speech rate until we match. Similarly, I’ll “level” against their posturing and aggression. With added level if needed to stop an attack. (Yes, I’ve used this in practice). So someone gives you the “sizing you up to maybe attack” look, I give them back the “You want it? I got it. Wanna ‘dance’ today?” look with just a tiny corner of the mouth smile / smirk… NOT something a Brit learns in Boarding School or at Cambridge… But something Trump knows.

Leveling goes the other way too. I once met my, then, new boss. We started talking, both about 10th grade and slightly slow. We started ‘leveling’ against each other. Each adding a bit higher vocabulary and rate. After about 5 minutes we were at “post college” and about double our initial rate of speech. Similarly, someone is nice and polite, my British Polite skills come out as another escalation happens. You see this same thing when Trump is in one-on-one talks with other professionals.

What baffles his detractors is when he gives a speech to the public and press at the 8th grade level (that is the norm for USA newspapers too BTW) and with “shit kicker” sharp elbows (as is an American norm outside the elites). They think that’s all he is. A dumb shit kicker. They are wrong. Very wrong. I know because I do exactly the same things. It is in my “range” of skills to be a shit kicker sharp elbows 8th grade language level crude A-Hole when it works best, or to be at post-doc technical level suck-up polite as needed. In fact, it is kind of fun to explore the whole range. I see Trump enjoying it at times too ;-)

Part of how he won the Presidency was that he would “level” against the 1/2 of the population who were being pissed on by the Washington Elite. Folks could see him as “their guy”. Not a Romney too-soft too-up-tight. Not a Hillary “I think you are stupid and can be exploited”. Not a Jeb Bush “I went to the right schools and I’m nice so deserve the Dynasty”. We saw he could be a “Bull”. OUR Bull in THEIR china closet.

“Trump! Trump! He’s Our Man! If HE can’t piss them off, nobody can!”

So go ahead and be sheep bleating that the Sheep Dog is too mean. We’re OK with that, as he is our Sheep Dog herding the sheep where they need to go. Looking like a wolf when he needs the sheep to run a given way. Looking like a sheep when he needs to fade into camouflage to take out a real wolf at the perimeter.

When The Idiot Press writes their ‘bitch stories’ and interviews their Complainers and Stuffed Shirts and does “Damning with faint praise” at best and “Character Assassination” at worst; I just get a smile and a chuckle out of it. The clueless interviewing the fraudulent. The ‘liars for effect’ giving a platform to the Professional Exploiters & Deceivers. The “deep state” on both sides of the pond.

When the same “news” outlet has an article complaining about Trump being mean and crude, while having another article being mean and crude and insulting “for effect” the clothing of Melania and Ivanka while also claiming it is a PC Sin to criticize women for their clothing; well, let’s just say they look the fool and liar. And I despise them, while having sympathy for Melania and Ivanka. (Besides, they were both quite beautiful… and looked great. But then again, I’m just a style-less ‘shit kicker’… ;-)

It is also a bit funny that “the Left” seems to think news indoctrinates. Size 12 egos in a size 4 hat. They also completely miss the way ‘folks like me’ watch or read “news”. So they get a lot of the Streisand Effect and have things backfire on them. Similarly the present “censorship of the conservative” is backfiring on them. Nothing so raises the viewership of an article or video as banning it.

So I watch the “news” not to be spoon fed the “truth” as they see it, but to laugh at their stupidity and improve my skills at spotting “spin” and “gotcha” questions. To watch the ‘battle of wits’ play out with Trump (and how he so often wins via an Aikido like redirection of the attack…) and to watch the Clueless go all ‘Spolody Head with TDS. All great fun.

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