Oh Gawd! I’ve been HonkPilled!

Sometimes you need a bit of a laugh. One of the things I like about NOT being a “Woke SJW” is that I can still laugh at all sorts of funny stuff. There’s whole books full of “Forbidden Humor” they can’t have, that I get to enjoy.

Another fun thing I like is that they are just so easy to trigger and then you get to watch their ‘spody heads pop and their eyes bug out and their verbal diarrhea spill on the floor until they slip in it and Prat Fall like a good clown…

So needless to say, I found myself starting with a good chuckle over Pepe The Frog with rainbow hair, and slowly working up to a full on laugh at the folks going BSC (Bat Shit Crazy) about it.

Seems the Pepe Rainbow Hair is a “put up job” for the express purpose of reclaiming the rainbow while triggering as many SJWs as possible. A real “Two Fer!”. Named “Honkler”, I’ve now come to enjoy the little guy… It also seems that the process of realizing you either need to cry or laugh, and embracing the laughing side of life is something Honkler is intended to stimulate. The process of “going there” being called being “Honk Pilled”. So after watching this video I realized that now, I, too, have been Honk Pilled! Laissez les bons temps rouler! (Let the good times roll!)

I think maybe I need to get me a rainbow wig and a red clown nose… for those “special” occasions ;-) ( I already look a bit like a frog, but maybe some green face paint would help the effect ;-)

Now you might think there’s a Wiki Page for everything. Some of the most obscure things on the planet have a wiki page. Well, looks like Honkler is Persona non grata:

Did you mean: hockley

The page “Honkler” does not exist. You can ask for it to be created.

There were no results matching the query.

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But no worries. These folks: https://www.reddit.com/r/honkler/comments/b9l23w/honkler_union_flag/

Not only say:

Honk! Here we can politely share and celebrate Honkler memes while celebrating diversity! 🤡 🌈www.FROGvsFEELS.com

But they even have a nice flag too:

Honkler Freedom Flag

Honk! Honk!!

Just remember that now “Honk” is going to be “racist” so EVERY car, truck and train on the planet is now Racist!!! Welcome to Clown World! Honk Honk!!!

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Jammy Tarts

Jam Tarts are traditionally made as open cups of pastry crust with a spoon of jam in the middle. I’ve made mine more like “apple turnovers” with the round crust folded over the top into a half-round, then the edges sealed with a fork pressing it flat.

My Mum would make pies. I’d “help”… At about the time I could see the table top, I was allowed to use the leftover bits of pie crust dough to make “Jammy tarts”. Mum would form it up into a ball, roll it out again, and I’d use some glass or other to cut new rounds (usually ever smaller as the dough got used up), spoon a bit of jam on them, fold in half, and press the edges together with a fork. Bake until lightly browned (about 10 to 12 minutes on high).

Yesterday I wanted something sweet. Nothing in the house. Plain Old Jam On White Bread (POJOWB?) not that interesting… And I remembered Jammy Tarts. One of those “memory floods over you” moments. I had to have a Jammy Tart, Damn It!

I decided to just use a basic pastry recipe as I’ve never made very good pie crust. In a large bowl I mixed 4 ounces of flour (by weight) with 2 ounces of “fat”, a sprinkle of salt, and about 4 tsp of cool water. Mix it all together until crumbly, add the water as needed to make a dough, let it rest about 10 minutes+ in the fridge. Then roll it out flat, cut your circles, about 1/3 a diameter blob of jelly in the middle, fold over, press the edges, bake about 12 minutes at about 400 F. Then LET THEM COOL A LONG TIME, like 1/2 hour long. The jam inside stays hot a long time.

In my case, I was very impatient. Some shortcuts were taken. I didn’t let the dough rest, so it was a bit more “crumbly” than desired. I got to patch up the side of one tart as the dough was torn a bit. I didn’t roll it out (as it was crumbly..) and instead formed each “circle” by hand, so they were a bit irregular. Then filled them while holding it and crimped the edges with my fingers. In the end, these were more like Chinese Bows or Japanese Pot Stickers in form and I set them on the non-crimp edge in the pan instead of laying flat. Hey, it worked ;-)

One other thing was I used one ounce of butter and one ounce of bacon grease. Using lard is preferred for many kinds of crust pastry, but most lard is hydrogenated. So I save bacon pan drippings. (Just pour it in a jar and set in the fridge after it cools to almost room temp). This makes a great crust for savory pies (meat pies and such). I wasn’t sure how it would work for sweet pies… It was OK. Added a bit of richness and an interesting flavor, but took away the “just sweet desert” aspect. A more complex flavor. Worth trying but most folks will likely want 100% butter. Still, 1/2 hour after they were out of the oven, they were all gone ;-)

For larger ones, made with a stronger dough, use a fork or knife to poke a couple of vent holes in the top (so steam won’t explode the pie). For these little ones and with a crumbly leaky seam, I didn’t bother and it was fine.

For pastry you are supposed to use unsalted butter then add salt per the recipe. I’ve often just used the common salted butter and not added any salt to the dough. It’s pretty good.

This particular trip down memory lane had me longing for more Jammy Tarts, and I’ve decided I’ll be making them more regularly. It had been about 1/2 a century since I made any. I think I’ll try cutting the fat in 1/2 so it’s more like a pie dough and less like a flakey pastry dough. These were very good and the crust was very flakey, but that also means they tended to send a shower of crumbs down my sleeve when I bit into them (cured by just stuffing the whole thing in my mouth ;-) But I’d like to make them bigger than pot stickers and with properly chilled / rolled dough. I also don’t need quite that many calories… OTOH I wasn’t hungry until well past the next meal time…

I also am now encouraged enough to try making a meat pie using the leftover “chicken slow cooker” stuff as filling. Using either saved chicken fat or bacon grease for the fat, and making a stronger dough with more mixing and chilling to develop more gluten strength. A stronger more savory dough with less fat in it (so a 1:4 fat:flour instead of 1:2).

Just as a reminder what the slow cooker meal is:

I cut up 4 pieces of chicken into chunks about an inch thick (so they cook evenly, I tend to use thighs where I cut them into 1/3ds long ways so the bone cooks faster. One onion as large dice. A couple of carrots, scraped and diced. About the same amount of celery chopped. (Mirepoix of a sort). Then I add one can of condensed cream of {mushroom or chicken} soup, about an ounce of water, and fill the slow cooker to the top with chunks of potatoes – usually about 2 medium or one very large – cut into about 1 inch on a side chunks). Salt and pepper as you like it. Sometimes I’ll add any left over peas or green beans in the fridge. This makes a nice ‘stew’ that can be made thinner with a bit more starting water and more “pie filling like” with less. Other meats can also be used.

So with that, and some dough, I ought to be able to make my own meat pies… Which would make for an interesting meal. A plate of little “meaty tarts” followed by a serving of “jammy tarts”.

FWIW, the smallest jammy tart I ever made was about the size of a fingernail. I just didn’t want to waste that scrap of dough and my Mum was tolerant of the experiment. It was cooked for just a minute or two, and while a bit dry, was still very good. I did get an intuitive grasp of the notion that the filling increased as the cube of the linear dimension and that the crust was more in line with the square; in that I figured out pretty quickly that big ones were way too jammy and the little ones wanted more jam than would fit. The ideal size seems to be about the size of a circle cut with a large coffee cup or drinking glass. What we used as cutters then, since the extravagance of buying a device just to cut circles was not, erm, “in the budget”… Call it about 2 1/2 to 3 inches.

So there you have it. If you have flour, some butter or left over bacon grease, a jar of jam and a salt shaker, you are all set to make a fun sweet treat. You don’t need the fancy fluted Jam Tart Cutters or cups. You don’t need a muffin tin (I used an old pie tin saved from a store bought pie). I didn’t even use a rolling pin. (It is possible to use a sturdy drinking glass as an ersatz roller, but a bit tricky as it rolls in arcs. ;-) The Jammy tarts don’t mind if they are a bit misshapen, have a leak or two, are crumbly or a bit tough, taste a bit of bacon, or all butter, are too big or as small as a nickle. They just work.

I would recommend making twice as big a batch as you expect to eat. Otherwise an hour later you want more and they are all gone ;-)

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Catch The Left In A Lie, Get Harassed And Deported

Well this is a bit distressing…

The basic story is that Sydney Watson (lady in the Australian videos I linked in a prior posting) was detained and “questioned” by the FBI at LAX airport and her traveling companion (Avi) was detained, questioned and deported. His “crime”?

He had at one time been a member of the Israeli Defense Force and there was a (GASP!) photo of him in uniform with a gun… Realize that darned near 100% of Israeli citizens go through the Israeli Defense Force (women too) at about 18.

The “sub text” is that he was interviewed by Comedy Central, who did an “Edit Job” on the interview to make him look like an idiot (well duh… it’s Left Wing Comedy Show so you ought to know they are going to “edit for effect” to make a conservative look horrible…) Well, he had recorded the whole interview, and published that in reply.

So the two of them were “coming to America” to do some journalism thing (and it seems likely to embarrass Comedy Central). BUT, Comedy Central had expressed fear and worry to the FBI about Avi.

So let me get this straight: Catch a Left Wing Fraud and Lie, embarrass them with their lie, get SWATed (in a way) by Border Control and the FBI, then deported? That’s all it takes?


Timcast has a video that is from before the deportation thing and describes some of the “back story” behind the Comedy Central “interview”, the edit-for-effect, and then the “catch them in the lie” expose afterwords.

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Halloween Horrors Brexit!

The “new” BREXIT date is Halloween. October 31, 2019.

It’s a “Flexit” or Flexible BREXIT, and Tusk went out of his way to state that Britain could just cancel Brexit…

Just OMG Stupid.

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