China Joining Russia in Syria

On R.T. they had a story of China sending support and “trainers” to Syria. With Russia now flying out of Iran, we’ve got a ‘3 way’ of support for Assad shaping up… “Oh Dear!” for Obummers strategy…

Looks like others have the story too…

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O.T.R.A. Part 2

Somewhere between about 4 am and 6 am Eastern I’m going to once again be “on the road” and out of contact.

I’ve accomplished most of the goals for this particular trip. The old Mercedes SLC that had been damaged in a deer strike some 2 (or so?) years ago on the the start of my last contract here, then spent a while in the garage of my Florida Friend, has gone on to another friend who will be fixing and restoring it. Loved the ride, but fixing a damaged car long distance just wasn’t in the cards… So a gift to a friend with land, time, and tools. May it bring him joy and lots of ZOOOOMmmmm!

The Banana Boat was retrieved from the shop where it had be reposing for a few months. Some may remember my trip to Chicago for the birth of the grandson. On the way back, the car started to “have issues”. Mostly an exhaust system blown open and off the headers, but also very rough running (likely a combination of wrong back pressure from the headers and worn points, yes, points, and rotor…) Now fixed, it reposes in the garage of the Florida Friend where the SLC had been. Waiting for a return via air by me… In a few months.

And more, but less interesting… Pool time. Time with friends. Cooking some simple but tasty and satisfying meals to share.

Now the car (the 240 D Diesel Sedan) is loaded with 1/2 of the “stuff” I’d stored here when the last contract ended. (Other half to go via Banana Boat if I don’t score another contract in the next few months). Laundry is done and packed. Just sleep, morning coffee, stop at the ATM on the way out of town, and a long long drive west…

So once again, an “Open Thread” for an O.T.R.A. span.

I’d intended to make a posting of it, and may yet, but one thing to note is that Gasbuddy had earlier confirmed: Truck Stops are no longer selling cheap Diesel. They are price fixing with significantly higher prices than nearby regular gas stations. Yet just now, a check of prices showed them down significantly and more in line with nearby non-truckstops. I wonder if other folks noticed and were also squawking?

I’m sure y’all will find other things to discuss…

One topic that came up at the W.O.B. table was how to make a movie / social movement to roll back the Left Wing Propaganda Machine. From news outlets to entertainment movies, it is a swamp of spin and deception to create the mess we have today; subtile and continuous pressure to The Collective.

So how can those of us who are still believers in Individual Responsibility and Individual Liberty “push back” via a media creation. Say an entertainment movie, but leveraged to promote the America we remember and loved?

What would it take? How to do it? ‘Tis a puzzlement…

Perhaps The Trump will start the shift… but there’s a whole lot of shifting needed. From Universities to TV Production, there’s a Left Wing Ideologue slant well removed from the center of gravity of America that needs rooting out. Driven in some indirect way by the Global Left / UN / whatever. Being passive hasn’t stopped it, so what will?

Well, that ought to keep folks busy for a couple of days! I’ll check in when I can.

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OMG! – What An Epic Rant!

Just Epic. WARNING: Coarse language, especially at the end.

One hopes she doesn’t show up as another “suicide” with inexplicable shots from behind…

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Meet & Greet Proposal: W.O.B. Clermont

I’d like to propose a time and location for a “Meet & Greet”.


Sunday August 7 from about Noon-ish until?… Maybe I can make to ’till 5 ;-)


It’s a fairly short trip off the I-75 / Turnpike and about 1/2 way from both the Ocala and Melbourne folks. They have a wide selection of beer for all tastes (plus wine and more) and I tried their Honey BBQ wings and they were good. They could use a bit more spice, but you can always sauce them (or order the spicy wings…) and on Sunday they have a ‘bottomless brunch’ or some such where for $25 you get bottomless Mimosas BeerMosas or some other drink … along with some food ( Available starting from 10 to 2 pm? Something like that… though the waitress said once you ordered it you had bottomless mimosas “all day”… )

So, folks, mull it over. If being “halfway from everywhere” makes it too far for everyone, then I’ll have to “pick a side” and try again. OTOH, if it ‘works’, then more folks can meet each other and have a bit bigger group for fun and conversation.

Any other ideas or proposals also can be considered, if this is just not gonna cut it.

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O.T.R.A. – Florida Or Bust

I’m going to be On The Road Again, starting in a few hours.

I’m headed to Florida “for a while”. (The rest of the family is staying in California this trip – so once again we are ‘bi’… bi-coastal.)

While I expect this to be a quick trip, just out and back, you never know. There’s always the risk I might get a contract there ;-)

So, for the next few days, new postings might be a ‘bit thin’. I’ll have the tablet with me ‘outbound’ and then a laptop available at the other end (where I have a load of “stuff” of mine I need to deal with – thus the trip…)

We’ll see what happens. Life is like that.

I do know that I’m not well suited to both travel and posting. I tend to “focus” a lot, and when traveling there is much that takes attention.

So, don’t be surprised if my comments are a bit thin.
Until I’m more static, think of this as something of an open-thread.

Current Hot Topics:

1) Hillary and the DNC. The Email leaks. The Russian Connection – if any… (it is a very convenient dodge for Hillary…)

2) Yet Another “Hottest Year Evvaaaahhh!” yet with snow in both hemispheres and most continents all at the same time.

3) Hillary and The Donald tied at 42% each in a recent poll…

4) Germany – what is it now, 3 or 4 attacks by Muslim Terrorists in as many weeks? Frankly, I’ve lost track. So how’s that open immigration workin’ out for you, Frau Merkel?

5) Markets looking to me like a ‘local top’, so likely to go down in the next few weeks (then likely back up again… flat roller). I’ve not done a full analysis on it yet, but maybe enough folks have “seen the drill” to know how the chart reading works. So what’s your opinion?

6) The Global Liquidity Trap – the Oh So Slow stagnation and eventual implosion of Abused Keynesian Run Wild. When reality doesn’t support more economic growth, no amount of monetary policy can fix it. Excess taxes, regulation, and Mercantilist China dominate. So “next step”?

7) Water drives the planet. Net, evaporated water moves from sea to land (thus all the rivers of condensed flowing back…) This shows solar heating of oceans is the major driver of the water cycle. Everything else is sequela. IR and Blue penetrate the ocean to depth, so have a long cycle time to exit. IR and Red are either prompt evaporation or near surface absorbed, so rapidly cycled to the air as water vapor. What happens to the system as the sun shifts from LOTS of blue and UV, to much less, but with increased Red and IR keeping total solar irradiance near constant? Think that might cause a long cycle shift of warming ocean then cooling? And maybe a spike in rainfall at the transition from high UV to high IR with a warmed ocean? (Then back again in 30 years…) Add in lower altitude per barometric pressure level (atmosphere shortening – measured and changing satellite lifetimes on orbit) and you get more snow “up high” in mountains and at the poles (where stratosphere comes to earth anyway). Nice little albedo / ocean oscillator there, eh? Now play it forward through 30 years of ocean cooling and prompt IR driven evaporation and added ice / snow build up at altitude…

8) Rossi and Cold Fusion / LENR. Lot of asserted replications often with spectacular meltdowns. Claims to be starting manufacture in the USA. Any other evidence? (Either way…) Think I ought to schedule a day trip to his offices in Florida and apply for a job? See what happens?

So that’s a starter list. Feel free to cover the “topic du jour” whatever pops up. I’ll try to check spam & moderation queues at least once a day, but it will depend on running into WiFi hotspots along the way… and having time.

So for a little while, it’s up to you all to keep the conversation going. I’m going to be ‘otherwise occupied’ a lot of the time.

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Where To Get Older Linux Releases


1) Drivers

2) Size

3) Mis-Features

4) Methods

This article gives a good example of some small-hardware-friendly Linux releases and an idea of one reason “why”:

Note that it is from 2006, so add a decade to his idea of small old hardware…

Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier
February 24, 2006

Linux distros for older hardware

For these tests, I dug out Igor, an old PC that had been collecting dust in my closet. Igor is a Pentium II 233MHz machine with 64MB of RAM, an 8x CD-ROM drive, a 3GB hard drive, and an integrated ATI 3D Rage Pro video card with 4MB of video RAM. You can run Linux on older and slower machines, but this is the most under-powered machine I had available.

Next, I selected a handful of lightweight Linux distributions that looked promising, and started downloading. The distributions ranged from popular “mainstream” distros such as Slackware and Debian to distros that are specifically developed for lightweight machines, such as Damn Small Linux (DSL). I apologize in advance if your favorite lightweight distro is not represented here.

Sadly, I suspect the Raspberry Pi is going to kill off much of that antique gear. Heck, I’m looking at my old White Box PCs and thinking of deep-sixing them… and I have an old TUBE radio the size of a small stove in my office…


Old equipment is made of old parts. Pretty obvious. Those old parts need “drivers” to work. Drivers are the software that sits between the basic operating system and the actual hardware. Things to make that old dot matrix printer run, or that old serial mouse and primitive screen function.

As time goes on, fewer of those machines run the newer operating system. Eventually, the maker of the OS decides to not bother putting that old driver into his operating system, making it bigger and more complex, for no real use. Then that OS no longer works on that old hardware.

If, like me, you have a bunch of old hardware, or sometimes inherit it for “free”, you want those drivers. The place to find them is in the old operating system.


Code bloats. There are many reasons for it, some more valid than others. The simple fact is, it happens. The original Linux ran in 16 MB of memory. 32 MB if you wanted a nice graphical X-window environment.

My last 16 MB machine just hit the trash can. An old Hitachi laptop that finally had too much hardware die to keep it running. It had been my “office router” for a few years, starting about 15? 18? ago. I’d plug it into the wall ethernet, then it would be my boundary router to the company and the rest of ‘my gear’ was on a switch or hub behind it. That, and ‘blinky lights’ on things, meant that IF our network were hacked (or someone in Engineering was ‘playing’…) my desktop had an extra level of security and inspection. (Hey, I was the Sys Admin, they were out to get me! ;-) Besides, I have the logs to show it…)

But over time, code gets bigger. Then you needed 64 MB or 128 for the fancy releases. Now it’s up nearer 512 MB / 1 Gig. Heck, even the Raspberry Pi Model 2 with a Gig of memory has people complaining the memory is too small.

Some of this is from compile time parameters (you can set how big buffers are) and some is from changes of languages used ( the Object Oriented languages are generally fat and pudgy bloat makers). Sometimes it is just that a fine intensely hand crafted bit of code needed a re-write for some valid purpose, and the new party was not going to sink 1000 hours of time into making it smaller when “memory is cheap now”. More is from the ever acuumulating long list of drivers for “New” hardware that isn’t in your “old” box. (Modular kernel design could help here). Then there are a growing list of new “protocols” to support… all taking more code.

In any case, IF you want a small OS or just to compare the small program with the fat current one to ask “why?”, having the old copy is essential. For old equipment, it is usually a small memory size that limits running the newer versions, not the instruction set or disk / video.


Far less frequently, something gets ‘fixed’ in the new versions that is just horrible for some other uses. Time to go digging in the old freezer for that now deprecated version so you can resurrect it and / or use it as a basis for new replacement version sans ick.

While the general bugaboo thrown at folks is that you just MUST get the newest version to have security, the old one being buggy and having had those security holes not-patched, an equal truth is that all the new “features” added often are the source of the “new” bugs of tomorrow. So your vendor shoves “systemd” down your throat and against your will. 2 years later when you want to swap from Ubuntu to, oh, CentOS, where do you find that last old release pre-systemd?


How things are done changes over time. Languages have fads. Compilers change. When memory is cheep folks use algorithms that are memory intensive. When memory was incredibly expensive, folks used very memory-careful code. The old code often has the old methods embodied in it.

So lets say you are working on a 6 GB Memory Octo-Core SuperDuper machine with a Linux that takes 2 GB before you load up your 4 GB of Applications and datasets… and you are swapping a little sometimes… Now your boss hands you a new project. An embedded system board with 128 MB of memory and about 1 GB of flash. Where do you go to look at “how to make it fit”? Where’s the textbook of “the old ways”?

It is often easier to just look over some old code to get a quick set of clues.

Odds & Ends

I’m sure there are other reasons too. That’s just the set I think of most often. Sometimes I’ve just wanted “that old favorite wallpaper” and sometimes I’ve wanted to open an old file that has a format no longer supported. Archivists often have need of old ways. Or a forensic investigation might hinge on “could someone have broken into the suspects machine?” (to frame them). Or a movie maker wants “period correct” graphics on the screen… or There’s a long list of other reasons.

But whatever the reason, sometimes you need versions that just are not the newest.

So I’m going to just link a few sites here. If you know of any others, or have any favorites, please add them below in comments.

Note that this isn’t a ‘retro computing’ thing. While I like retro-computing and pine for my own B6700, and welcome any links to them, too; this is specifically including software you can run and use on hardware today.

Some Linux sites I use:

Least Old: Void Linux

This is just their active download page. I have yet to test drive it yet. I did download a copy to the PC, but it had issues at boot. Likely my fault for that particular old hardware, but I may need to work out a driver issue (sound familiar?)

They also have ARM images for the Pi:

“someday” there will be a need for “Old Void images”, but for now, as a new port, there isn’t much old out there to find. Just as an example of one extreme.

For this kind of site, you would need to make a clone of the ‘repository’ (often, now, a ‘git repository’) to capture the past iterations.

Releases that have been around longer, often have a formal release cycle and formal “support” periods where serious security fixes get applied (as a ‘patch’) to older versions. Eventually, even older releases exit the “interesting to developers” land and are left to rot. Sometimes a ‘friend of the project’ takes on the job of being the project attic…


Ubuntu loves to come out with new releases and rapidly drop older software from their “current”. From live desktops (Unity) to their preferred applications, they love to do that Microsoft thing of “that’s old so it’s gone, this is new so it’s all you get”. Then the hollers from the masses cause them to sometimes recant. BUT, while that new one is shoved at everyone, you sometimes need to know where to get the old ones.

The following old releases of Ubuntu are available:

Ubuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog)
Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog)
Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger)
Ubuntu 6.06.2 LTS (Dapper Drake)
Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft)
Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)
Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon)
Ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS (Hardy Heron)
Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex)
Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope)
Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)
Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS (Lucid Lynx)
Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat)
Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)
Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot)
Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal)
Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail)
Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander)
Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn)
Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet)

The following releases are also available which have been superseded by later point releases (the current point release is available on as usual):

Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS (Precise Pangolin)
Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS (Trusty Tahr)

Some old releases of Kubuntu, Edubuntu, and Xubuntu are also available here.

For current releases, see

Ubuntu is based on Debian. It takes a bit more to find where Debian has their attic.


Even here, early versions are not to be found. Nothing from the 1.x series, and 2.x is sparse. Historians will be frustrated…

The following releases are currently available here:

    Some user-provided 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 images (Hamm, Slink, Potato)
    3.0_r0 to 3.0_r6 (Woody)
    3.1_r0 to 3.1_r8 (Sarge)
    4.0_r0 to 4.0_r9 (Etch)
    5.0.0 to 5.0.10 (Lenny)
    6.0.0 to 6.0.10 (Squeeze)
    7.0.0 to 7.11.0 (Wheezy)
    8.0.0 to ... (Jessie) 

Then there are the “oddball” formats to deal with and the obligatory nag to never ever even think of using anything but the latest bit of 2 GB memory needed and quad core Intel code on your old 386 box with 64 meg of memory… (bold mine)

Notes for older versions

Most importantly: the archive images are provided as a service for our users who may need them. We strongly recommend that you install the current stable release of Debian if at all possible, as that is where you will receive the best support. Older releases will no longer receive security updates – this is limited to 12 months after the release of the succeeding stable version (e.g. Squeeze was released on the 6th of February 2011, meaning that we stopped formal security support of Lenny in March 2012).

By default, for each release here we keep all the images in jigdo format to save on space and download times. We also often keep the ISO images for the last release of each series.

In the days of Woody (3.0), we started producing DVDs reliably for every release from r5 onwards. Later releases included both CDs and DVDs as a matter of course.

Starting with Etch (4.0), we started making multi-architecture CDs/DVDs which would boot and allow for installation on more than one type of computer.

Starting with Lenny (5.0), we added Blu-ray (BD) images, downloadable only in jigdo format for the sake of mirror space and bandwidth. We also regularly produced live images – bootable images that run completely from the CD/DVD/USB stick and do not need to be installed to your hard disk. (More details…)

Starting with Squeeze (6.0), we started building CDs and DVDs for kfreebsd-amd64 and kfreebsd-i386, marking the first released non-Linux port of Debian.

Not familiar with “jigdo”? Well, nobody else is either. Last I looked there were something like 2 places still using it. I would characterize it as a sort of strict Bittorrent with central control. Never has caught on. Eventually, it will only be found in old archives of other releases… but a bit longer in Debian.

Now a particular peculiar problem comes up with Net Based Releases like Debian, where you do most of your install from the internet. You need an online repository from which to get that “apt-get install”… It is unclear to me where you find that for an old “Woody” release, but it likely ought to be found, and mirrored to be saved along with those CD or DVD images. Either that, or figure out how to create such a system from the DVDs.

Oddly, there is also ANOTHER site that claims to be the Debian archive (and points to a third…):

but it looks to be more an archive of the source listings:


If you need to access one of the old distributions of Debian, you can find them at the Debian Archives,

You can search packages in the old distributions at

Releases are stored by their codenames under the dists/ directory.

squeeze is Debian 6.0
lenny is Debian 5.0
etch is Debian 4.0
sarge is Debian 3.1
woody is Debian 3.0
potato is Debian 2.2
slink is Debian 2.1
hamm is Debian 2.0
bo is Debian 1.3
rex is Debian 1.2
buzz is Debian 1.1

As time goes on we will expire the binary packages for old releases. Currently we have binaries for squeeze, lenny, etch, sarge, woody, potato, slink, hamm and bo available, and only source code for the other releases.


CentOS (as the Community ENTerprise Operating System) derivative of Enterprise Red Hat (i.e. RHEL without the price) is easy to find, and surprisingly complete. Then again, it tends to be used by folks who know they may be sued and know they may need to assemble “what the system was like then” or lose. Though even they are missing the 1.x series…

[DIR]	2.1/	19-Aug-2009 01:36 	- 	 
[DIR]	3.1/	31-Jul-2005 16:05 	- 	 
[DIR]	3.3/	17-Mar-2005 11:17 	- 	 
[DIR]	3.4/	01-Mar-2005 01:38 	- 	 
[DIR]	3.5/	28-Jul-2005 16:14 	- 	 
[DIR]	3.6/	04-Apr-2006 16:59 	- 	 
[DIR]	3.7/	06-May-2006 01:20 	- 	 
[DIR]	3.8/	20-Apr-2012 10:55 	- 	 
[DIR]	3.9/	20-Apr-2012 10:49 	- 	

and on down to 7.2 of May 2016… I’m not listing the RHEL or older Red Hat (the original) series. While I have an old Red Hat 7.2 CD set (from just before the RHEL conversion of numbers) and used to run it preferentially, that conversion and subsequent changes left me uninterested in them. CentOS is about as close as I come. In anyone else cares, they can put up links to that stuff.


For some things, you may need to go to “The Wayback Machine” at Here’s an example using Slackware:

A bit sparse. Some sites ask to be left out. Others just got missed. Sometimes the same name of a link causes it to be hard to find as you must pick the right date and hope an archive sweep caught it. Still, it can be your friend.

Slackware has dozens of mirrors, and each may well have different ‘cut off’ for the oldest releases they have “up”. Good luck digging through all that…

At one time I’d just occasionally buy a CD set for various releases, and I’ve got a few very old Slackware… in a box… somewhere…

An Archive For All:

On my “someday” dream list is to set up a Linux / BSD archive site where I can collect at least one copy of every release… but that would take a lot of money I don’t have. Oh Well. Besides, someone else is already doing it, and for Mac & Windows too:

BSD and other Hardware Broad support OSs

There are literally hundreds of “distros” of Linux and a half dozen of the BSDs. Each with a dozen or more major releases. The problem space is exponential in growth. Then some OSs, like FreeBSD, run on a half dozen different chip sets and platforms. Note the naming in this link. FreeBSD-Archive/old-releases/i386/ That’s the old i386 CPU and the 8.1 release.

At that “old-releases” level they have:

Index of /pub/FreeBSD-Archive/old-releases/
Name	Last Modified	Size	Type
Parent Directory/	 	-  	Directory
alpha/	2009-Feb-09 11:40:11	-  	Directory
amd64/	2014-Jun-24 11:55:14	-  	Directory
i386/	2014-Jul-01 09:29:11	-  	Directory
ia64/	2014-Jul-01 10:06:00	-  	Directory
pc98/	2014-Jul-01 10:17:03	-  	Directory
powerpc/	2014-Jul-01 10:19:28	-  	Directory
sparc64/	2014-Jul-01 10:39:32	-  	Directory

Seven different major CPU chips. Other releases, too, can have “variety chip-sets”… So a “full collection” would be:

Chip-sets x OS_Distro x Version x Minor_Number x {Options – like Libraries or toolchains} x Size {CD / DVD / Full / Source} and maybe a few more things I’ve forgotten.

While hot impossible to “capture that history”, the odds that it will be done, and effectively, are slim.

So I just hope that “enough” is captured for “folks like me” to do “the things we do”… I have a bookcase of old software to upload to that “oldversion” website. “Someday”. Heck, I even have one machine with a floppy drive in it that can still read the media! I just need about 4 months to “get a round tuit” and do all the unpacking, booting, uploading, etc. etc. etc. before my kids just toss it out one day after the “service” and while “cleaning out the garage”…

Oh Well… I’d do it now, but I’d rather have a cold beverage and ‘sun time’ ;-) Priorities, don’t you know ;-)

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What’s With The Smoking Airbus?

So I saw a bit of news about some Airbus that had to make an emergency landing due to smoke, and thought I’d check up on the story…

A quick Web Search and… WT? Dozens of such stories…

Leading me to wonder: We’ve had several Airbus planes go down from presumed “terrorist actions”, but mostly just because their was evidence of a fire or similar on board. Yet there’s a lot more in this list. So what’s with the Smoking Airbus? Is there, perhaps, some bigger design problem?

Jet Blue A320 Fire Indication and Smoke in Cabin – Cockpit …
Jet Blue A320 Fire Indication and Smoke in Cabin … After the aircraft came to a stop the crew advised the tower they were initiating an evacuation asking …
[Search domain]…

US Airways plane in Denver evacuated after smoke filled cabin
US Airways plane in Denver evacuated after smoke filled cabin Share this: … The plane, an Airbus A321, was being operated by American Airlines.
[Search domain]…

JetBlue flight returns to Calif. after smoke fills cabin
JetBlue flight returns to Calif. after smoke fills cabin. A JetBlue airliner returned Thursday to the airport in Long Beach, Calif., after one of two …
[Search domain]…

Cabin Smoke, Fire, Fumes, or Odor Incidents – Aviation Safety
Cabin Smoke, Fire, Fumes, or Odor Incidents . … (Astra Galaxy) aircraft. The APU door was open, but the APU was not running. No Fire Warning in cockpit.
[Search domain]

AF Airbus 388 Smoke In Cabin Over Atlantic — Civil Aviation …
AF Airbus 388 Smoke In Cabin Over Atlantic : USER … A common cause of smoke in the cabin used to be the crews stowing personal items and handbags etc in the ovens …
[Search domain]…

Cockpit / Cabin Smoke Procedures
Cockpit / Cabin Smoke Procedures Operational Liaison Meeting – Fly-By-Wire Aircraft 2004 CustomerServices
[Search domain]…

Easyjet Airbus A319 Smoke in cabin before the take off – YouTube
Easyjet Airbus A319 Smoke in cabin before the take off … Smoke in the Cabin – Emergency Evacuation Drill – Duration: 2:57. JustPlanes 28,291 views.
[Search domain]

Flight Operations Briefing Notes Cabin Operations – Airbus
Flight Operations Briefing Notes Cabin … onboard aircraft. It is important for the cabin crew to … After any fire or smoke occurrence, one cabin crewmember …
[Search domain]…

Smoke forces Qatar Airways plane to make emergency landing in …
The plane was bound for London, but turned around 10 minutes into its journey yesterday, after smoke was detected in the cabin.
[Search domain]…

Smoke Procedure Finalization –
Smoke Procedure Finalization Presented by Xavier VILLAIN … Review of the Airbus Smoke Procedure Crew (cockpit or cabin) perception without ECAM Warning SMOKE /
[Search domain]

AF Airbus 388 Smoke In Cabin Over Atlantic –
AF Airbus 388 Smoke In Cabin Over Atlantic #7190187. By Gonzalo – Fri Jan 20, 2012 3:04 am – Fri Jan 20, … This is a HUGE factor! Smoke in a cabin, …
[Search domain]

France: Smoke detected on EgyptAir flight before crash
France: Smoke detected on EgyptAir flight … with 66 people aboard had transmitted automatic messages indicating smoke in the cabin. … Airbus 320, from Paris to …
[Search domain]…

Plane Smoke Causes Dramatic Landing – ABC News
An American Eagle flight bound for Chicago was diverted first because of bad weather, but as the plane was about to land smoke began to fill the cabin, causing …
[Search domain]…

Delta flight diverted after smoke fills cabin –
(CNN)A Delta flight was diverted to a South Carolina airport on Thursday after the crew reported an engine problem and smoke filled the cabin.
[Search domain]…

Smoke In Cabin Forces Heathrow Flight Evacuation
Smoke In Cabin Forces Heathrow Flight Evacuation. Footage shows several passengers, including children, sliding from the American Airlines plane to the …
[Search domain]…

Smoke removal A320 – PPRuNe Forums
Qrh 1.06 (Smoke removal) then 1.09A According to Airbus you do not any longer do Elec sheding, … vital for information about a smoke source in the cabin.
[Search domain]

What is the white smoke that planes blow into the cabins? – Quora
What is the white smoke that planes blow into the cabins? I often see white smoke blowing into aircraft cabins. Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 5 Answers. John Fiscus, …
[Search domain]…

EgyptAir crash: ‘Smoke detected inside the aircraft cabin’ as …
EgyptAir crash: Flight data points … ‘Smoke detected inside the aircraft cabin’ Experts say flight data ‘seems to point towards a bomb’ First body parts returned to …
[Search domain]—smoke-de…

Aircraft Crew Smoke Hood – Breathing Apparatus | SkyArt …
Aircraft Cockpit Smoke Hood. Aircraft Cockpit Smoke Hood is taken from an Airbus 300 Aircraft and it is a piece of aviation history. The smoke hood, also known as pbe …
[Search domain]

Delta Airlines flight cabin fills with smoke on … – Mail Online
Just what you don’t want to see on a plane: Aircraft fills with smoke just after takeoff and horrified passengers look on helpless. Cabin of a Delta …
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Emergency Evacuation on Land – SKYbrary Aviation Safety
Emergency Evacuation on Land. … (On 6 January 2011 an Easyjet Airbus A319 experienced the sudden onset of thick “smoke” in the cabin as the aircraft cleared the …
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Passenger wearing oxygen mask films … – Daily Mail Online
A video filmed by a passenger wearing an oxygen mask shows the dramatic scene inside an aircraft after one of its engines malfunctioned and filled the cabin with smoke.
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Japan Airlines Jet Evacuated After Engine Trouble, Cabin …
Soon after, smoke and an odor were detected inside the cabin, prompting the crew to evacuate the aircraft. Firefighters said they did not have to extinguish any …

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Flight from Fort Lauderdale diverted to South Carolina after …
Flight from Fort Lauderdale diverted to Charleston after reports of smoke in plane’s cabin


Delta Flight From Florida Diverted After Smoke Fills Cabin …
Smoke filled the cabin of a Delta Air Lines that had departed from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, today, causing the plane to be diverted to Charleston, South …
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I’m way too over-committed at the moment to follow it up, but it sure looks odd.

I did follow up reading one of the “Pilot / Procedure” blogs and there was a discussion of confusion over the procedure published to clear smoke. (Seems that an indented line could have you skip the bit where you put the APU breakers on, not to run the aux power, but to connect the batteries to a vent valve..). But that would only explain a tendency to not clear smoke fast; not why it is there in the first place.

Maybe I’m just not familiar with how often airplanes go “up” then “smoke” (as opposed to “up in smoke”…) but I’d expect even 2 or 3 to cause all sorts of alarms to go off at the FAA. That list, BTW, goes on for more pages…

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