Hillary Wikileaks Trump Issues Part #2

As the first one was getting way slow to load ( 301 comments as of this moment!) I’m opening a Part Two page

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Seconded by me ;-)

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At the end of that set was a comment that Wikileaks is having some of their connectivity killed by “State Actors”. In a side note, RT had their bank accounts in London frozen today. Connected?…

I can still get RT (Russia Today) online here: https://www.rt.com/on-air/


Backtracking from ‘no discussion’? UK bank says it will review closure of RT accounts
Published time: 17 Oct, 2016 19:25
Edited time: 17 Oct, 2016 20:56

Backtracking from ‘no discussion’? UK bank says it will review closure of RT accounts
Published time: 17 Oct, 2016 19:25
Edited time: 17 Oct, 2016 20:56
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The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) appears to have backtracked from its earlier statement that the looming closure of RT accounts is not up for discussion. In a letter to RT, the bank said the situation is being reviewed and the bank is contacting the customer.
The e-mailed response began with apologies for the delay in the reply.

“These decisions are not taken lightly. We are reviewing the situation and are contacting the customer to discuss this further. The bank accounts remain open and are still operative,” Sarah Hinton-Smith, Head of Corporate & Institutional, Commercial & Private Media at RBS Communications, wrote.

However, the response by Hinton-Smith contradicted an earlier statement by RBS Group, which said that the decision to suspend banking services to RT was final and not up for discussion.

The broadcaster addressed the Royal Bank of Scotland representative over the contradiction, pointing out that “your statement seems to suggest that the bank will contact RT and that there will be a review and further discussion.”

“There’s not much more of a steer I can give other than what is in the statement,” Hinton-Smith replied via email.

Earlier Monday, the National Westminster Bank (NatWest), which is part of RBS Group, informed RT UK’s office in London that it will no longer have the broadcaster among its customers, without providing any explanation for the decision.

Now, to me, it sure looks like Soros is pissed at Putin and Russia for issuing an arrest warrant for him and kicking his NGOs out, so is ‘hitting back’ with the UK and EU governments… Now add that Wikileaks is whacking Hillary (and so SHE and her underlings are accusing Wikileaks of being Russian Puppets) and it starts to fit a Western Paranoia Narrative by TPTB especially those beholden to Soros.

So we’re in the start of a full on Cyber War, with the first shots fired at RT and Assange / Wikileaks.

Anyone who can find the link to download the Wikileaks load, please put it up. I’m ‘on the road’ and can’t get to my main download spot until this evening. I’d like to just walk in, sit down, and launch without the search time…

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Golden Cross – Death Cross

I’ve not done much in the way of stock postings, largely since I’d said it was topped and not going anywhere much and, well, for a year it’s been topped and not going anywhere much. We took a nice dip and recovery. We’re now at horridly low volume and volatility near the prior top. It all sets up for a roll-over ‘soon’ in my opinion. (likely, IMHO, just after the election and when The Fed hikes rates in December).

SPY 10 year weekly with volume volatility and MACD 16 Oct 2016

SPY 10 year weekly with volume volatility and MACD 16 Oct 2016

While we wait for that set-up to play out (or, possibly, fail to actualize…) here’s an interesting site that gives you places to ‘go fish’ for stocks likely, in their method of analysis, to have a 50 day / 200 day moving average crossover. When the 50 day crosses to on top, that’s called the “Golden Cross”. When crossing to under that is the “Death Cross”. I’d do more with them, but the particular SMA (Simple Moving Average) choices on BigCharts don’t give you that option. (A dramatic failure on their part, IMHO).

At one time I had a screen scraper running to get stock ticker data and then a custom analysis program that would sift through it for 50 / 200 crosses (or any other limits you set), but it has been ‘living in a box’ for a couple of years now ( I was working on contract ‘on the road’ and carting around a big old white box PC was, er, problematic) so it would require more time to rehabilitate it and get it trained (i.e. current data downloaded for 200+ days) than I have available. Add in that it’s in C, expects a particular public web site to have not changed their screen… well, “needs work”…

But this site does that same screen and gives you candidates for a crossover.

Now realize each of these takes a lot more evaluation. Is it a penny stock? Is it a thin market in a foreign country known for manipulation? Which way is the likely cross going? etc. etc. Now I prefer to use this kind of crossover of averages on the broad market. It, then, indicates broad economic trends and consensus among the mass of money. Here it is applied to individual stock tickers, so movement could just be due to a bit of news per the CEO and a Showgirl… So check your back stories and the corporate financial sheets too. This just gives a starting point in stock picking, not an answer.


This list shows which stocks are most likely to have their 50 day SMA cross above or below their 200 day SMA in the next trading session. This is an important trading signal for institutional traders. When the 50 day SMA crossed below the 200 day SMA, it is called a “death cross.” When the 50 crossed above the 200, it is called a “golden cross.”

We do not track the actual cross-over event. We focus on a smaller time scale. Many stock screeners focus on daily candlesticks; they would be the best place to find out what crossovers happened the previous day.

To predict which stocks are most likely to have a moving average crossover in the near future, we compare the two moving averages, then use the stock’s recent volatility to see how likely it is for the moving averages to cross in a fixed amount of time.

The formula for this list is absolute_value(50 day SMA of the closing prices – 200 day SMA of the closing prices) / volatility. The smallest value is shown at the top of the list.

It is an interesting way of guessing what is likely to move next. The ‘risk’ in it is that a stock in a long flat trend with jiggles will have a lot of 50 / 200 crosses… and not mean anything.

So what’s at the top of their list right now?

Note: Tickers with 4 letters are typically smaller stocks, 3 or 2 letters are typically old and known, a single letter is typically reserved for the largest and oldest companies. Tickers ending in a Q are usually in bankruptcy. So a ‘quick scan’ would eliminate any ending in Q and focus on names you know or those with a 3 or less ticker. If you don’t find anything interesting, then come back and look at others. I’ve bolded a few of the names I recognize and I’ve used Italics for the Q ones. Just to emphasize that this isn’t a suggested ‘pick list’, but a selection of dirt to dig through looking for precious stones… or dross. (I note with humor that “BB Liquidating” looks to be in liquidation ;-)


and it goes on from there…

A quick scan shows a lot of metals and miners along with some oils and oil services. Then there’s the odd ‘bank in trouble’ bits. Also the “government screwing with” Healthcare players.

Overall, it looks like more dross than gems. But we’ll pick one or two to chart and see what comes of it.

REMINDER: I am NOT a licensed anything financial. I do NOT offer ‘stock or investment advice’. I’m just a guy showing what he does with his own money and how he finds and evaluates potential stocks and funds. For educational purposes only, and that education may come by my being 100% wrong on something so you get to learn by NOT experiencing it…

Having tried a bunch of the tickers, it really is mostly crap, IMHO. Lots of things that have had a ‘pop and drop’ and are now in what I call a ‘bottoming weave’. Some of those recover. Most of them are in the “He’s Dead Jim” bucket. I didn’t find one looking like ‘near a top and roll off soon’ but there were a couple of ‘top a while a go and why didn’t you get out then?’. That was always my complaint about 50 vs 200 day moving average comparisons. By the time you have any action in the averages, the trade event is a quarter or half year in the rear view mirror…

OK, a couple of the better charts:

WNR 3 year daily chart 16 Oct 2016

WNR 3 year daily chart 16 Oct 2016

Yield is 5% and PE just under 10. Over 9 $Billion of turnover:

Western Refining, Inc.
123 West Mills Avenue
Suite 200
El Paso, Texas 79901

Oil & Gas Products/Services
Companies on the Energy Service
Fiscal Year-end

Net Income

Western Refining was performing in line with the S&P 500 and Russel 2000, then fell out of bed on low oil prices, and now is showing signs of recovery as OPEC gets their act together a little bit. I’d compare it to other integrated oils and refiners first, but it’s an interesting idea indication at this point.


PDS 3 year daily 16Oct2016

PDS 3 year daily 16Oct2016

Precision Drilling Corp. No PE. No dividend. Looks like it’s crashed and is laying on the bottom. <a href="http://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/PDS/profile&quot; target="_blank"The profile sure looks like it’s dead meat for now.

Net Income

Losing 1/3 $Billion out of 1.5?

Pretax Margin
Net Margin
Return on Assets
Return on Equity
Return on Total Capital
Return on Invested Capital

Yuck! It could make a bundle… someday… maybe… if oil drilling every got so hot again that they were in high demand. But now? I’d prefer to wait… crossover or no.

How about Xerox?

XRX 3 year daily 16oct2016

XRX 3 year daily 16oct2016

Like the others, way under performing the SPY and RUT broader markets. To me, it looks like it’s just laying on the bottom and wobbling.

In Conclusion

Generally I find this particular search screen not very useful. It finds a lot of wounded companies in a bottom weave, a few maybe able to breakout and recover if their cyclic industry cycles, and a lot of useless names. Yet many folks like the 50 / 200 day crossovers.

IMHO, it is best used only on major averages of stocks where it indicates the turning of the business cycles. We rarely have economic periods where the whole market is having a near death experience for several years (decades?) so calling swings does more that’s useful. I use a long duration 3 line SMA stack for something similar. See that very first chart of SPY. It has 20 40 and 60 week moving average lines. It is fairly easy to spot long uptrends and inflections. I chose to be out when red is on top, in when red is on the bottom, and do faster trades when the lines are weaving. (Sometimes I’ll use other durations on the SMAs too, like 15, 30, 45 – it depends on the ticker and what makes clean indications historically). For most of the last year we’ve been in a weaving do-faster-trades range. Heading into a high inflection potential election, I’d rather just be out and watch for a while…

This has been an example of how I find a potentially interesting tool, then see what it says to me, compare that with the fundamentals and with long term broad market trend charts, and try to find places where that tool would be useful. For this particular one, it found one interesting segment (out of about 8 tickers I looked at) and showed many companies of little value. Perhaps good for shorting against better stocks. In any case, it isn’t an indicator high on my list of ‘things to use today’.

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China – Shenzhou 11 Launched to Tiangong-2 Space Station

With very little coverage on US News ( I saw it on CNBC World late at night when they move broadcasting to Asia for the market open…) China has launched 2 astronauts to their Tiangong Space Station.

Has nice photos in it:


China launches 30-day manned mission to test space station
Astronauts will spend 30 days aboard the Tiangong-2 space station conducting experiments and testing the ship’s systems.

By Stephen Feller | Oct. 16, 2016 at 11:44 PM

BEIJING, Oct. 16 (UPI) — Two Chinese astronauts lifted off for the longest manned mission in the history of China’s space program — a full month.

The Shenzhou-11 spacecraft blasted toward orbit Sunday night and is expected to dock with the Tiangong-2 space station in two days to start a 30-day mission conducting experiments and testing the station’s systems.

“The rocket is flying according to its original plan and the Shenzhou spacecraft has entered into its preliminary orbit,” said Gen. Zhang Youxia, chief commander of China’s human space program. “The solar panel has been unfolded and the crew is in great condition. Hereby I announce the launch of Shenzhou-11 is a complete success.”
Work at the lab is part of China’s plans to build a permanent space station in 2018, in addition to planning a lunar probe for the far side of the moon in 2018, unmanned mission to Mars in 2020 and a manned lunar mission in 2025.

Well at least somebody has plans for people in space and is doing them on schedule

Yeah yeah… I know we have lots of interesting private efforts to get back to space. I know we can rent a ride on a Russian taxi when needed (and if they like us that month). Yeah, I know our condominium in the International Space Station is on orbit and working. And yes, I know we have lots of ambitious plans on the drawing board that might even get done if any of the presidents or congresses between now and delivery date doesn’t just kill them…

Somehow it isn’t as fulfilling as seeing a planed scheduled expansion into a permanent national space presence unfold as designed.

Well, at least we know that someone will be getting back to the moon in the next 9 years, even if I won’t be able to understand any of their TV shows without a Chinese translator…

While I’d thought that the movement of civilization into space started in the USA in the ’60s, it looks like it has really started with the Chinese a half century late(r). I’m glad I’m getting to see both ends of the process, but really, by this time I ought to be able to book a commercial flight to the lunar City for an exotic vacation… On Pan Am, no less.

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Hagel – A Song Sung Low

Earlier I’d explored the relationship of Soros to Hagel

Since then, I’ve been up to my prefrontal lobes in what is called “Philosophy” sorting out bits.

I’ve come to several conclusions, despite being nowhere near done.

1) Philosophy is a mess. Full of pompous asses pontificating (in some cases literally) from uncertain premises via illogical “logic” to untenable conclusions who’s main purpose seems to be affecting intellectual skill beyond their means.

2) It is largely couched in “code words”, each of which requires you read some other pompous assholes pontifications AND the critiques of it, before you can know what the local meaning of that word is, frequently the word is the name of a person, and than THAT “philosophy” defines itself in terms of earlier “philosophies” (via their code words and names) or the negation (in whole or in part) of those predecessors often predeceased… in the end, only to find another pile of steaming poo.

3) Substantially none of it is reality based, nor has any attempt at testable assumptions, reason, or conclusions. (They have one very special category of ‘philosophy’ that attempts to have a connection to observable reality… it gets it’s own special name… Existentialism, yet even it has no firm definition: “There has never been general agreement on the definition of existentialism.”)

Existentialism (/ɛɡzɪˈstɛnʃəlɪzəm/) is a term applied to the work of certain late-19th- and 20th-century European philosophers who, despite profound doctrinal differences, shared the belief that philosophical thinking begins with the human subject—not merely the thinking subject, but the acting, feeling, living human individual. While the predominant value of existentialist thought is commonly acknowledged to be freedom, its primary virtue is authenticity. In the view of the existentialist, the individual’s starting point is characterized by what has been called “the existential attitude”, or a sense of disorientation and confusion in the face of an apparently meaningless or absurd world. Many existentialists have also regarded traditional systematic or academic philosophies, in both style and content, as too abstract and remote from concrete human experience

There are some others, maybe related, like “realism” and other isms… to be explored later. Key point here is that Hegel is NOT an Existentialist… that bit about freedom and authenticity need not apply…

4) Much of the early work (but not the very early stuff like Plato) was done in an era, and by people, that were strongly searching for ways to justify God, prove God, or in some other way make a proof of religion. This meant they were often not nearly as concerned with reality as with proving the existence of that for which there is no physical evidence… Needless to say, much of it revolves around word games un-connected to things like physical observables, evidence, or human reality.

At some future date, when a bit further down that road, I’ll try to map out the worst potholes in it… For now:

My Starting Point

I’ve settled on an anchor for MY philosophy. Much like the “I think, therefor I am”, but IMHO a bit better. Does a ‘possum not exist because it does not think? Or does it exist less because of reduced thinking? At the same time, “I am therefor I am” seems a bit tepid.

“I sense, therefor I am. -E.M.Smith”

Things, people, animals which have senses can detect their own existence. Be they ‘possums, people, or robots. There is, to some level or degree, a sense of self; so they know that they are.

Does a rock exist? I would assert it does, but not due to sensing itself, due to others sensing it. A corollary to my starting point. Once I know I exist, I can start to sense or infer the existence of others and of things.

That’s about as far as I got down that road today. I’ll likely be gluing bits onto that for a few more years…

Now a whole bunch of philosophers spend a great deal of ‘reason’ trying to decide if there IS a single reality. There’s whole books about it, and lots of non-reality based “philosophies”. To them, I have one “razor”:

Go lay across some working rail road tracks. Ponder the meaning of reality, and, with all your might, believe there are no trains. Since there is no reality, and it is only the conception of your mind that causes them to exist, cause them not to exist. We’ll all wait…

Now the truly bright will recognize the existence of a profound absolute reality right out the gate, not even needing to go visit the tracks. The lesser lights, but able to learn, will come to that realization as the rail they are using for a pillow slowly causes a headache and as the sun crisps their skin (or the rain / snow causes shivers) and they will fairly quickly acknowledge that “Reality just is. -E.M.Smith”.

The most beautiful part? After an hour or two, those who are convinced there is NO absolute reality will have exited the conversation and in short order the world will be filled with folks who recognize that all exploration of those non-reality philosophies are, quite literally, a dead end…

Such is the power of “I sense, therefor I am! -E.M.Smith”

But that’s not what I came here to talk about today

The Impetus

There was a comment in tips that sent me off to a link to a story with a reference to a song in it. (Almost as bad as the indirections in philosophy ;-) h/t Jeff. Indirect h/t to “Another Ian”:

@ Another Ian says:
15 October 2016 at 9:04 am
A link within your link had a really interesting article (as well as the author’s “counter article”), about Trump’s rise and red vs. blue:

Now in that link, you find a bit of an epic rant, including film references and photos.

I’m going to explain the Donald Trump phenomenon in three movies. And then some text.

There’s this universal shorthand that epic adventure movies use to tell the good guys from the bad. The good guys are simple folk from the countryside …

… while the bad guys are decadent assholes who live in the city and wear stupid clothes:

Much of the rest of this posting is pointing to the philosophical basis of that division…

At the bottom is a photo snap from a song.
Well, that meant I just had to listen to the song:

Which of course got me thinking about philosophy and Hegel…
I’m sure it did the same for you ;-)

Oh, gee, to talk about those of us who follow my ‘school of philosophy’ I need a name. Smithians doesn’t cut it, that could be anything as Smiths are everywhere… Since I base it in the senses, I suppose well have to take the risk of confusion (hey, everyone else in Philosophy is fine with confusion…) and call it Sensesalism. Though I suppose Sensationalism ought to be an accepted synonym given how people will be…

So us Sensesalists will be in touch with that tune. We didn’t start any of these fires, yet here we are, pissing on them as fast as we can. (Beer! Beer here! I need more BEER! It’s a fire I tell ya’!)

But what has this to do with Hegel?

Higher up, we had Another Ian with:

Wow! The link at


That has a long list of comments basically extolling the Individual and Self Reliant country person. Now think of that “movies” link and his emphasis on the city vs country people. Now think of that reality based existential senesesalist…

Now generally, I hate Hagel. But one thing he does is close to my “empty space analysis”. He takes a thesis, looks at the opposite, and then expects a synthesis to arise that raises everything to a new level. (Me? I know that as often as not, one of the two wins and the other is crap… no synthesis needed, though sometimes it happens. See those non-realists on the railroad tracks…) So applying the Hegel method to my love of individualism: the opposite of an individualist and self reliant person is a Statist. We are all cogs of the State. Gee, we end up at one of the Hegelian beliefs…

So Hagel essentially says that The State is the highest form of completion of society and it’s just fine and dandy that they crush and absorb individuals, it’s for their own good and things will be better in the end. Yes, a horridly gross generalization and slightly warping some bits, but then again, folks like his student, Marx, did reach that same conclusion and we’ve seen what the end game there was. (Or maybe not… like a zombie, it rises again from the grave… this time here in the U.S.A….)

But in fact, Hagel has been used to justify all sorts of oppressive regimes / States from the Left Hegelian Wing (Marxism) to the Right Hegelian Wing (still a Statist Socialist side, but more ‘right’ of Marx – Fascism) along with Nazism and the preceding German rulers along with various Kings and others. Now, with a resume like that, I think you can start to see why I find Hagel a bit of a Royal PITA.

Which leads to:

The Marxist / Hegelian doctrine would expect a ‘reactionary’ force to form against The State as it seizes power over the individual. In Marxist doctrine, that leads to the final rise of The State as a joyous “synthesis” in a final Global Socialism.

In my opinion, it just will result in a conflict between rabid Central Authority and The Individual as Rebel. Hey, it has so far in all of human history, so I don’t see much reason for that to change now. (Oddly, Hegel is part of a Historicism school that thinks things are tied to history, yet somehow he doesn’t learn from history… go figure.)

Which leads to my view of revolutions as being a ‘cooperating anarchy of fiefdoms’. Folks of common need and common goals acting together as convenient for that common goal, while respecting the right of each to be different. Individualists are like that.

Do we hear echos of that now?

The Central Authoritarian Hegel vs Individual Liberty

The unfortunate thing is that I doubt 1 in 1000 has a clue that we have, yet again, the influence of Hegel, in the form of those Democrats advocating for ever larger Central Government and ever more Central Authority, and the “country folks” who are in favor of individual responsibility and authority; neither side realizing the heavy hand of Hegel as their mortgage… (Mort dead gage hand…)

Hagel justifies the “at any cost” actions of the Dimocrats. Hagel justifies the State Supremacy. It is all Hegel all the way.

The Enlightenment was based on different ideas. It gave us the French Revolution and the American Revolution. An age of individual liberties and individual responsibilities. Limited Government and freedoms spread widely.

We are once again in a struggle between the forces of Central Authority State vs Individual Liberty.

Thus has it always been, thus shall it ever be.

So our great experiment in Individualism is at risk, attacked by Left Hegels and Right Hegels and all the little Hegels… How much longer will it last? When will the forces of evil and empire win? I don’t know how long we have, who does.

But I do know that Hegel was, and is, quite wrong. There is an absolute reality. Virtue lives in the individual. The State is an imperfect creation of man, and far less moral or virtuous than ordinary people. Individuals matter, the State not so much.

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Tips – October 2016

About “Tips”:

While I’m mostly interested in things having to do with:

Making money, usually via trading
Weather and climate
Quakes, Volcanoes, and other Earth Sciences
Current economic and political events
(often as those last three have impact on the first one…)
And just about any ‘way cool’ interesting science or technology

If something else is interesting you put a “tip” here as you like.

You can also look at the list of “Categories” on the right hand side and get an idea of any other broad area of interest.

This ought not to be seen as a “limit” on what is “interesting”, more as a “focus list” with other things that are interesting being fair game as well.

The History:

Since WordPress has decided that comments on Pages, like the Tips pages, don’t show up in recent comments, it kind of breaks the value of it for me. In response, I’m shifting from a set of “pages” to a set of “postings”. As any given Tips Posting disappears or gets full, I’ll add a new one. That will restore the broken function.

I will be keeping the same general format, with the T page still pointing to both the archive of Tips Pages as well as the series of new Postings. With that, back to the Tips boiler plate:

This is an “overflow” posting from prior Tips pages as they had gotten so large it was taking a long time to load. Same idea, just a new set of space to put pointers to things of interest. The most immediately preceding Tips posting is: https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2016/09/21/tips-september-2016/.

The generic “T” parent page remains up top, where older copies of the various “Tips” pages can be found archived. I have also added a Tips category (see list at right) and will be marking Tips postings with that for easy location.

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3 Ladies NOT voting for Hillary

Over at Iceagenow.info there was a rather surprising video:

We are ‘Terrified’ of Hillary – Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey – Video

I’m terrified too.If Hillary becomes president, I fear that publishers of websites (like this one) who are trying to expose the global warming hoax will be prosecuted.

Quite an interview by Brietbart News…

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Putin Starts His October Move – Pivot To Shia and Wet Kiss to Saudi

First stop, a very interesting view into the thinking of Russians via an RT Russia Today program:


The most fascinating bits of it are the perspective on Syria and problems in the Middle East. Then the calling of Hillary a “Neo-con” who is interested in wars and regime change. That last bit sent me off to double check what a neo-con is, and found it started as Democrats and does lean to the positions Hillary advocates. More on that later.

The major point on Syria shows up at about 5 minutes in. That “main street establishment” is calling for a “war on Syria, Russia, and by extension, Iran as well”. Calls out John Kerry and Samantha Powers, then complains that while Russia was invited into Syria by the legitimate government, the USA is an interloper without legal basis (which is basically true).

They then cite a N.Y. Times Article claiming it is calling for a war with Russia. (Which I would link to if I had enough detail to find it quickly, but it didn’t pop up)

The essential theme is that the USA is working hard for Regime Change in the middle east, including Syria, and that’s just not really legal or moral. There is also a nod to Yemen and the Saudi’s bombing it to rubble. Left out is that Yemen is about 1/2 Sunni and 1/2 Shia and it is mostly the Shia that the Sunni Saudi’s are busy bombing.

They also point out the ‘Civil War’ in D.C. and Obama having checked out for the rest of his term. True or not, it is what is being believed in Russia… At about 16 minutes, we get the assessment of Hillary as a war monger wanting to ‘bloody the nose’ of Russia… Then at about 25 minutes, Hillary is called a corrupt lying neocon looking for war. I can’t where they are wrong…

In the end, I’m left with the suspicion that we’re in a Proxy War, but with us and Russia as the proxies between the Sunni Saudi side and the Shia Iranian side, both playing Russia and the USA as backers. But perhaps the players are themselves being played.

OK, so what Do I make of this?

Pivot To Islam

It is my opinion that Putin has figured out what Soros and his Globalist buddies are up to, doesn’t like it, and is seeing the Muslim World being ripped a new one in a Globalist War being passed off as an “Arab Spring” and sees an easy ally against the Globalists.

I note in passing that a move to eliminate the use of oil via solar, wind, and eCars would also be a move to damage the markets of OPEC and Russia and play into that Globalist desire to diminish them. The coal play oppression not so much, though…

Putin, today, announced a willingness to cut Russian oil production in league with OPEC. That’s just huge.


Putin Says Russia Ready to Join OPEC Effort to Limit Oil Supply
Elena Mazneva Stepan Kravchenko

October 10, 2016 — 5:38 AM PDT Updated on October 10, 2016 — 6:44 AM PDT

Freeze or cuts are ‘only proper decision’ for current market
Russia calls on other oil exporters to also limit production

Russia, the world’s largest energy exporter, is ready to join OPEC in limiting oil production with either a freeze or a cut, said President Vladimir Putin.

“Russia is ready to join in joint measures to limit output and calls on other oil exporters to do the same,” Putin said on Monday at the World Energy Congress in Istanbul. “In the current situation, we think that a freeze or even a cut in oil production is probably the only proper decision to preserve stability in the global energy market.”

This caused oil prices to spike up today.

Now the USA and EU and UK are on one side, Russia, OPEC, and Islam (mostly the Shia side, but with this, Saudi is interested) on the other.

The Saudi are running low on money with low oil prices, so this will be a very big deal to them.


Saudi Arabia crushed by cheap oil – and the cuts are coming
by Matt Egan and Alanna Petroff @CNNMoneyInvest
December 28, 2015: 1:53 PM ET

Saudi Arabia’s finances are getting slammed by the crash in oil prices.
The government spent way more than it collected in 2015 — leading to a budget deficit of nearly $100 billion.
Oil accounts for 75% of Saudi Arabia’s revenue, and when crude prices were sky high, the country enjoyed frequent budget surpluses. Now oil has collapsed below $35 a barrel, compared to over $100 in mid-2014.

Saudi Arabia also said it spent more than expected on social security benefits and salaries for government workers and military members.
As a results, cuts are coming: The budget calls for a 14% reduction to 840 billion riyals ($224 billion), down from 975 billion ($260 billion).
Saudi Arabia is even thinking about cutting the massive discount it gives its citizens on gasoline. The Ministry of Finance confirmed it is “reviewing” a change to government subsidies on energy, water and electricity.
Saudi Arabia revealed other steps to fix its finances, including implementing a budget ceiling, reviewing public spending on projects and training 3,500 workers to improve the government’s accounting practices.
The country hopes to boost revenue by introducing a previously-approved VAT tax and by adding fees to “harmful goods” like tobacco and soft drinks.
Despite those moves, Saudi Arabia said it expects its budget deficit to basically remain the same in 2016. That’s not good because outside observers have warned the Saudis to get their fiscal house in order fast.

So with this one move, Russia has made an alliance with Syria, Iraq (as it is now governed by Shia), Iran (via the Shia support, the anti-US stance, and the OPEC move), and at least called a truce with the Sunni in Saudi via this OPEC move.

At the same time, he’s got the EU by the winter heat… and has the USA blocked out of decent relationships with anyone in the Arab Sunni / Shia world. At best we can hope for tepid tolerance, not active support. This firms his entire southern border all the way to China, gives him allies with their hands on the oil spigot of the EU, and lets him make trouble as desired without a whole lot of risk.

Further, they have positioned newer better air defenses in Syria and around their Naval Base in Syria. Essentially positioned to create a “no fly zone” for the USA to cope with.

Then we have this, with Turkey:


Russia-Turkey thaw? Putin, Erdogan sign gas pipeline deal
Published October 10, 2016

Turkey and Russia on Monday signed a deal to build a gas pipeline from Russia as the two countries pressed ahead with efforts to normalize ties.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan watched as their countries’ energy ministers sealed an intergovernmental agreement for the “Turkish Stream” project that would bring gas from Russia to Turkey. It would then be distributed to European Union nations.

The project, which had previously been suspended amid tensions between the two countries, was signed on the sidelines of the World Energy Congress.

In other steps aimed at restoring ties, Putin announced that Russia had agreed to a natural gas discount to Turkey and would resume importing fruit, vegetables and other agricultural goods from the country. The two countries would intensify defense contacts and also look into cooperation in space technologies. Russia is building Turkey’s first nuclear power plant, and Erdogan said the sides agreed to accelerate the project.

“I am convinced that the process of normalization of our ties will continue rapidly,” Erdogan told reporters during a joint news conference. “Our relations will (improve) in many fields, be it in defense industry, political, economic, trade, tourism or culture.”

“We will make up for lost time in the coming days,” Erdogan said.

Putin had first suggested the Turkish Stream project to carry gas beneath the Black Sea into Turkey in 2014, when a pipeline project to Bulgaria fell through amid EU countries’ opposition.

Note that last line. “EU countries’ opposition”…

So now we have Turkey, looking to pivot away from the West and US Dominance, making nice with Russia and Putin, and with EU destined gas to be routed through them to Greece such that both Russia and Turkey have a foot on the hose, if desired. Nice.

All that’s lacking is for Turkey to announce that Russia will be getting basing rights at the Incirlik Air Base

Just a very well played move. Putin is on the verge of establishing regional dominance from Greece to Iran.

What’s next, nuclear missiles on the edge of Europe?


WORLD NEWS | Sat Oct 8, 2016 | 2:04pm EDT
Russia moves nuclear-capable missiles into Kaliningrad

Russia has moved nuclear-capable Iskander-M missiles into the Kaliningrad enclave bordering Poland and Lithuania, the Defence Ministry said on Saturday, adding it was part of routine drills.

“These missile units have been deployed more than once (in the Kaliningrad region) … and will be deployed as part of military training of the Russian armed forces,” ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in a statement.

A U.S. intelligence official said on Friday that Russia had started moving the Iskander-Ms into the enclave on the Baltic in what he said could be a gesture to express displeasure with NATO.

Konashenkov said one of the missiles had been deliberately exposed to a U.S. spy satellite. “We did not have to wait for too long – our American partners confirmed it themselves in their revelatory endeavor,” he said.

Lithuania, neighboring Kaliningrad and a member of NATO, said it would protest to Moscow.

“The deployment not only increases tensions in the region, but also possibly violates international treaties which limit deployment of ballistic missiles of range of over 500 kilometers,” Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius told a news briefing in Vilnius.

“There will be a NATO-Russia Council meeting, and this is shaping up as one of issues on the agenda,” he added.

“We will use all channels available to not only raise this question, but to demand that international agreements are adhered to.”

Some modifications of the Iskander can hit targets 700 km (450 miles) away, putting the German capital Berlin in range of Kaliningrad, Linkevicius said.

Oh, wait, Kaliningrad is closer to the heart of the EU than Finland, the Baltic States, the far reaches of Sweden and Norway, and the most eastern border of Poland… So I guess that’s nuclear capable missiles inside the NATO region…

Man Putin knows how to play a game of chess… He’s preparing for Hillary. They are fairly sure she will win, think she is a Neocon War Hawk, and will be set on Globalist Regime Change everywhere not already signed up for the Globalist Agenda. For the life of me I can’t see where he isn’t right.


What IS a “neocon”?


A neoconservative (also spelled “neo-conservative”; colloquially, neocon) in American politics is someone presented as a conservative but who actually favors big government, interventionalism, and a hostility to religion in politics and government. The word means “newly conservative,” and thus formerly liberal. A neocon is a RINO Backer, and like RINOs does not accept most of the important principles in the Republican Party platform. Neocons do not participate in the March for Life, stand up for traditional marriage, advocate other conservative social values, or emphasizing putting America first. Neocons support attacking and even overthrowing foreign governments, despite how that often results in more persecution of Christians.

Other than not trying to claim a ‘conservative’ cloak, that sure sounds like Hillary’s values and policies.

Some prominent spokesmen include Bill Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, Lewis Libby, Norman Podhoretz, Charles Krauthammer, Richard Perle, Robert Kagan, Christopher Hitchens, Bernard Lewis, Stephen Schwartz, Elliott Abrams, Ben Wattenberg and Carl Gershman.

In contrast to traditional conservatives, neoconservatives favor globalism, downplay religious issues and differences, are unlikely to actively oppose abortion and homosexuality. Neocons disagree with conservatives on issues such as classroom prayer, the separation of powers, cultural unity, and immigration. Neocons favor a strong active state in world affairs.

On foreign policy, neoconservatives believe that democracy can and should be installed by the United States around the world, even in Muslim countries such as Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

Neoconservatives were prominent in the George W. Bush administration by supporting an interventionist domestic policy they called ‘compassionate conservatism’ and a strong foreign policy, and especially favored the Iraq War and its efforts to spread democracy worldwide.

Golly, and it is just those Republican NeoCons who are dead set against Trump…

Just to keep things balanced, a view from the left leaning side:


Neoconservatism (commonly shortened to neocon) is a political movement born in the United States during the 1960s among conservative leaning Democrats who became disenchanted with the party’s foreign policy. Many of its adherents became politically famous during the Republican presidential administrations of the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.
The term “neoconservative” refers to those who made the ideological journey from the anti-Stalinist Left to the camp of American conservatism. Neoconservatives typically advocate the promotion of democracy and promotion of American national interest in international affairs, including by means of military force and are known for espousing disdain for communism and for political radicalism. The movement had its intellectual roots in the Jewish monthly review magazine Commentary, published by the American Jewish Committee. They spoke out against the New Left and in that way helped define the movement. C. Bradley Thompson, a professor at Clemson University, claims that most influential neoconservatives refer explicitly to the theoretical ideas in the philosophy of Leo Strauss (1899–1973),[9] though in doing so they may draw upon meaning that Strauss himself did not endorse.
Seymour Lipset asserts that the term “neoconservative” was used originally by a socialist to criticize the politics of Social Democrats, USA (SDUSA). Jonah Goldberg argues that the term is ideological criticism against proponents of American modern liberalism who had become slightly more conservative (Both Lipset and Goldberg are frequently described as neoconservatives).
Neoconservatism was initiated by the repudiation of the New Deal coalition by the American New Left: Black Power, which accused Northern Jews of hypocrisy on integration and supported Israel in the Six-Day War; “anti-anticommunism”, and which during the late 1960s included substantial endorsement of Marxist–Leninist politics; and the “new politics” of the New left, which Norman Podheretz said was too close to the counterculture and too alienated from the majority of the population. Many were particularly alarmed by what they claimed were anti-semitic sentiments from Black Power advocates. Irving Kristol edited the journal The Public Interest (1965–2005), featuring economists and political scientists, which emphasized ways that government planning in the liberal state had produced unintended harmful consequences. Many early Neoconservative political figures were disillusioned Democratic politicians and intellectuals, such as Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who served in the Nixon Administration, and Jeane Kirkpatrick, who served as President Ronald Reagan’s UN Ambassador.

A substantial number of neoconservatives were originally moderate socialists associated with the right-wing of the Socialist Party of America (SP), and its successor, Social Democrats, USA (SDUSA). Max Shachtman, a former Trotskyist theorist who developed a strong antipathy towards the New Left, had numerous devotees among SDUSA with strong links to George Meany’s AFL-CIO. Following Shachtman and Meany, this faction led the SP to oppose an immediate withdrawal from the Vietnam War, and oppose George McGovern in the Democratic primary race (and to some extent, the general election). They also chose to cease their own party-building and concentrated on working within the Democratic Party, eventually influencing it through the Democratic Leadership Council. Thus the Socialist Party ceased to be in 1972 and SDUSA emerged (Most of the left-wing of the party, led by Michael Harrington, immediately abandoned SDUSA). SDUSA leaders associated with neoconservatism include Carl Gershman, Penn Kemble, Joshua Muravchik, and Bayard Rustin.

Norman Podhoretz’s magazine Commentary of the American Jewish Committee, originally a journal of liberalism, became a major publication for neoconservatives during the 1970s. Commentary published an article by Jeane Kirkpatrick, an early and prototypical neoconservative, albeit not a New Yorker.

Golly. Sure looks like NeoCon is “Liberal Masquerading as A Conservative”… It started with Democrats. They moved to the Republican party as the Democrats moved to a more pacifist stance. They advocate for interventionist globalist policies and wars of conversion and regime change. Yet hold no real conservative social values. Nor really any conservative fiscal values.

To me, it looks like this describes not just Hillary, but her counterparts in Ryan, and the Republican Establishment.

In Conclusion

It is that kind of perspective that I enjoy from watching RT. It challenges me to go look up what they assert. More often than not, I find them knowing more about America from outside than we get from an inside perspective on the nightly news.

Hillary as NeoCon. Who knew… yet it fits all the facts save claiming the title ‘conservative’. No wonder the Bernie Bunch didn’t like her. No wonder I liked Bernie. No wonder the RINOs hate Trump and are going for Hillary. No wonder… yet I wonder…

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