Ben Shapiro on Socialism

This is a very crisp, clear, and effective explanation of the problems with Democratic Socialism:

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Deep State Or Itch?

How better to have a Friday than a bit of Conspiracy Theory vs Deep State vs The Trump.

So Alex Jones was running in the background as I had breakfast. Interviewing “some guy” I was ignoring… who said something about censorship and how thousands of conservative voices were being stilled on the internet (as Alex pondered the Pick One: a) False Flag. b) Current culture war. c) Deep State Attack! etc. etc.) and said it would not work. ~”Just look up Huma and Linsey Graham”…

So I did.

Lots of conspiracy theory videos. Some running at 1/4 or less speed with deep sonorous ominous music to set the mood. (But so slow you can’t get the feel of what is really happening).

Along the way found this one. Very short, nicely annotated for just what really matters. It sure looks like something happens, but as they tag it: What?

It is just after the John McCain funeral. You’ve got 2 Generals standing near each other upper right. Lindsey Graham near center frame. Huma Abedin comes rushing in from off camera right, gives Lindsey a big hug, they whisper something, she notices and shakes hands with some “important lady” behind Lindsey, they go back to the two of them interacting…

All while the two Generals watch, notice, get distracted by a solicitation off screen right (some guy wants to shake hands), then return to the observation of Lindsey.

Then it gets creepy.

During all of this, we have ( I think) Kissinger in the middle trying to find someone who thinks he is important, while the game goes on right past him. I think it is General Kelly that stares at Lindsey, who turns to look behind himself to see what’s being stared at… turns back realizing it is him, then Gen. Kelly puts a finger to his eye…

So scratching an itch, or saying “I’m watching you!”…

Then Lindsey looks a bit flustered.

So many possibles and questions.

Has Trump got a few trusted Generals who know how to follow orders and love the country working their own Shadow Play doing a take-down of the GEBs, Soros Machine, Useful Idiots in Congress (but I repeat myself…), and traitors?

Is Huma now a “Known Agent” and Lindsey is getting a reminder that “optics matter” and he doesn’t want to be on film hugging someone who’s under surveillance?

Has Lindsey “come over” to the Trump side and getting a reminder who’s side he’s on now?

Is is just Huma (who had Mccain deliver a defense of her from the floor – so owes him and thinks highly of him) and Lindsey (who saw McCain as a fellow honorable man and Senator) both missing a long time friend and sharing a moment of sorrow? Perhaps with a paranoid General (or rightly paranoid since the Democrats and Socialists ARE out to get them…) overreacting to an old guy hugging a young lady?

I can’t say at all what it means; but I can say it isn’t at all normal. Something is afoot.


You can drive yourself around the bend on all the videos of this that show up if you search on the names of the players. There’s even a video of a VIP sort (some Senator?) on the news being interviewed saying ~”after McCain was put to death”. Slip of the tongue or reference to Hospice? (It was remarkably fast after he announce going off meds to being dead, so maybe a bit of extra morphine to help him past the last pain.)

It’s a minefield of paranoia and conspiracy. Yet “something happened” in that video…

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Trump In Iowa, Rightside Broadcasting

I wanted to watch the Trump rally in Iowa. They had mentioned the 15% Ethanol rule and I wanted to hear what they did. Well, most places didn’t have it. But Righside Broadcasting does. The recording is 6 hours 28 minutes, but trump starts talking at about 4 hours 50 minutes in.

This was held in Council Bluffs Iowa, right on the Nebraska border, so a lot of Nebraskans made it to the crowd. For those who don’t know, when Iowa was a dry State, folks, including my Dad as a young guy, would drive to Council Bluffs to party. Just over the line in Nebraska you could buy booze, then bring it back to the party. Dad was from the far East side of Iowa, right on the Mississippi River, so it was a big deal to go to Council Bluffs. Needless to say the bond between both sides of that border are long and deep.

The 15% rule issue is a bit complex. I’m not going to insert links, but I did look it up. At the 15% ethanol level gasoline has a higher RVP (vapor pressure) so the EPA mandates specific labeling as “Flex Fuel”… but … Only in certain summer months and only in some places (most but not all places). Needless to say this was confusing and a PITA. What Trump has done is push to have the complexity removed and just let people sell E15 year round labeled AS E15. Makes perfect sense to me.

Along the way I found out that all cars made since 2001 are supposed to be made able to run on E15. As I now have 2 4×4 cars from that cohort, I now know I can run E-15 in them. Oh Joy… The old Banana Boat was very unhappy on just E-10 Super and was happiest on stuff less than E-5 or so; meaning I had to mix my own from Ethanol Free + E-10 or just run the Ethanol Free (at $1 / gallon higher price – sometimes only 75 ¢ higher). It’s nice to know I don’t need to do that even at E-15 on those two cars.

The practical effect will be small, as E-15 is mostly limited to the northern central plains States; with the southern area where I run most of the time being E-10 gas. Trump did say “Nation wide” so perhaps the change also allows E-15 nation wide ( I hope it does not mandate it). However, as I’m expecting to spend more time in Chicago, there will now be times that I’m in the area. So if I see an E-15 pump, I won’t worry too much now.

Toward the end of the video the Rightside folks stated that YouTube began hiding their videos and attempts to search for them would not find them. I’m not sure the details beyond that, but just so folks know, here’s their channel location on YouTube ( I think it’s the top entry point).

Here’s the Council Bluffs video:

The last 1/2 of the speech is pretty much the usual boilerplate of accomplishments since the election, but still nice to be reminded.

Just for completion, here’s the Erie Pennsylvania rally too. First speakers start at about 55 minutes, then Trump enters at 1 hour 55 minutes and starts talking 2 minutes later ;-)

At 1 hour 52 min. they say YouTube has demonetized their videos and so they are on the “bad list”. That’s an interesting bit of direct political manipulation. How can just reporting events be “bad”, eh?

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Virtue Signal Stock Plunge

How to take market leading hot stocks and turn them into “market perform” or even underperformers? Try a heafty dose of virtue signalling and political activity against conservatives. Nothing like pissing off 1/2 your customer base to cause “issues”.

Twitter, Facebook, Google all active politically and dropping

Twitter, Facebook, Google all active politically

I’ve included Netflix as it is in the F.A.N.G. group – a historically hot trade to buy the group. Some folks use Apple other use Amazon for the “A” – both doing better than the rest of the group. (FB, Netflix, Google/Alphabet). As FANG tends to trade together, I’m not surprised to see Neflix getting a bit of a hit along with the politically active fellows.

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