I have a “hard rule” now:

1) If all your comment does is complain and “carp” about this site, folks here, or postings on it, it will either be deleted outright, be consigned to the SPAM queue, or become fodder for a “Carping Comments” posting. Toss your mud somewhere else. “Life is too short to drink bad wine” and if you want to do the “piss and vinegar” thing, you can do it somewhere else. (Realize this does NOT mean you have to agree with everyone nor be a Stepford Wife. It means you must phrase things politely. So no “You are so stupid, why are you believing this crap.” and more “I think you left out [foo] and if you look at link [bar] is supports the opposite POV.” Being polite with each other is important. (Complaints about “public persons” actions is acceptable if suitable for PG 13 audiences with the sporadic R moment occasionally forgiven.)

Also note:

ALL stuff I post here is Copyright by me, so no poaching things without attribution and approval.

Original Rules:

The rules are whatever I make up at the moment. Presently it is that there are no formal rules. More like suggestions.

Honestly. I’ve just thrown this together so I’m not cluttering up “What’s Up With That” with “OT” or too technical a posting. So the “rules” are probably just:

1) Be patient. There is only me and I “have a life” so things will sit until I get back to the keyboard. If I’m asleep, that can be a while… Comments will tend to post immediately, at least until something prompts me to turn on ‘moderation’.

2) Be nice. I’m not a prude, but if folks start throwing “F-bombs” at each other I’m not gonna like it. Just figure you are at a public party with someone’s dad standing next to you and he doesn’t want the kids corrupted or his wife to whack him upside the head. Call it “PG-17” with a lenient attitude about the occasional “R”.

3) Don’t get me in trouble. Posting links to a porn site with underage subjects on it could get me busted. I’m not “into that”…

4) No monopoly or food fights. Someone wants to post the same endless rehash of what Real Climate puts out as propaganda? Go get your own blog. WordPress made this incredibly easy and free. Endlessly regurgitating someone else’s stuff is not very appetizing. “Did so; Did not” is not very useful after the third run through either. So try to keep it orderly and try to not be a shill for someone else’s agenda.

5) Keep it interesting. I generally don’t see a reason to filter on subject matter (for example, if discussions of God vs Evolution break out, it won’t cause me to intervene per se) but a tedious rehash of the same old tired “God is! Is Not! You’re an Idiot! You’re doomed to hell!” will get truncated Real Fast just because it’s a damn boorish thing and I don’t want to be the referee at an uninteresting rerun of a badly acted food fight. Now if it turns to a discussion of the lack of a billion year time interval for life to evolve and the potential for Intelligent Design to include space aliens planting bacteria early on, that might be interesting…

Other guidelines will have to wait on my getting grumpy enough about something to make a rule; and I’m generally not interested in rule based behaviours and don’t get grumpy very easily, so it could be a while.

In summary: Just imagine you are at a pool party at a friend of a friends house. Splash not lest ye be splashed, don’t be a mean boor embarrassing your friend, don’t start selling Time Share Condo’s and handing out business cards, and don’t pick fights or get the cops called by turning the stereo up way loud… and remember that most of the time nobody really wants to hear about your lousy divorce for the 5th time. But interesting discussion of you, your interests, exchanging business cards, world events, tech talk, and even a new divorce on the block might just work ;-)


5 Responses to “Rules”

  1. Tonyb says:

    Hi E M Smith

    As you know from WUWT I tend to be interested in the History side of AGW and in this site’s connection am interested in the foolishness of global temperatures, especially those that purport to show great reliability back to 1850 (like the IPCC)

    Your Gistemp struff is very interesting but highly technical. Have you ever written a non technical summary that briefly describes Gistemp, how it is measured, how it is changed, its overall reliability etc? I have linked to you several times but I know the readers concerned wouldn’t have been able to fully appreciate the implications of what you are writing. Any chance of a summary?

    Best regards


  2. E.M.Smith says:

    Yeah, I’m working on one… but every so often I have to “go to work” and pay attention to markets. Then the GIStemp stuff gets a bit of a pause…

    FWIW, I’ll probably move your comment to a more appropriate thread at some point. So if it “disappears” just look under GIStemp…

  3. Richard Cley says:

    After a hard day I sit on a bench somewhere off the main drag and after half an hour head home for a rusty nail. (Half any whiskey tho I prefer Laphroig and half Drambuie) and by the time I’ve got half way through it things look much better than they were an hour ago.

    Having been a moderator on a political website I know exactly where you are coming from…I used to moderate up to 300 posts in any 12 hours and know the tripe (shows my origins that) what gets posted (excuse my English) and the need to send some commentators for a long walk down a very very short pier…or is that peer?

    So you have my unbounded sympathies. Hick…

  4. Antonia says:

    On your site I once read an article about migrating thermometers and was talking to one of my sons about it. Have you retracted it and if not why can’t I find a link?

    [Reply: I have retracted no articles. There are many thermometer related articles so you might need to use a search term other than “migrating”. Like: https://chiefio.wordpress.com/?s=GHCN+move+thermometer -E.M.S. ]

  5. GHreg Goodman says:

    Hi, I wanted to a comment to ‘Lake Eyre” post. Are comments blocked or is there just a default time limit on your WP settings ? Lake Eyre yacht club are about to unfurl their sails, this is not a dead topic.

    [Reply: Topics auto-close after a period of time to avoid massive SPAM on old topics. The W.O.O.D. category has open comments for any topic. -E.M.S.]

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