Racing Stocks

Racing Stocks & Assets – Comparison Charts

One of my favorite tools is a chart showing the price action of several stocks, bonds, funds, indexes,( investments of all sorts. ) I use several different time frames for these comparisons. These comparisons are something I like to call “racing stocks” (where “racing” is a verb). I explain how to pick things to race in the next few paragraphs, or you can jump directly to the races.

But what to put into the race? I have some “standards”, things like indexes, but I also like to look at a list of “what moved” recently for ideas. If something was down hard for 3 months or a year, then went up this week, it is likely at a bottom of some sort. Things up over a year, but not up this week or month may be getting a bit “long in the tooth” and are worth assessing for an exit.

The following 2 tools are great for finding ideas and trends to “race”; but are missing a bit of what the race gives you. The concept of racing stocks and ETFs came about from my frustration with some of the limitations of these tools, though, so they don’t replace the race, they just give you the starting line.

Which frustrations? Lack of time flexibility. No display of relative volatility and “history in context” that a historical line chart gives you. No visibility of patterns, like a drop every options expiration 3rd Friday. Hard to compare a set of specific things in one go, especially ETFs vs stocks vs indexes. Basically, they hide a bit too much information: but that makes them great for a quick “discovery” peek without a lot of brain overload.

Recent Leadership

We can look at what moved the most in the last week or month, and compare that with what went down (and with the leading index like SPY or QQQQ) to look for investable or tradable patterns. This is a place to look for ideas, see what happened that you didn’t notice, and see what idea beat the one you had last week or month. So look at the wining sectors, and “click through” them to see the stocks inside; and make your own racing chart!

So what sectors went up most and least this week? How about this month? The last 3 months (the quarter). It’s worth it to make a chart ‘racing’ both winners and losers. Winners may be candidates for a momentum trade while losers are worth looking for either shorting opportunities or bottom fishing candidates (those who have hit a hard bottom and look like they may be very oversold, looking to bounce up.)

Longer Trends in Direction – Alpha

Another way to look at it comes from who calculate “Alpha” which is the tendency for a stock to move up. (“Beta” is the strength of movement compared to the whole market both up and down – so Alpha is the positive bias and Beta is “how bouncy”.)

At market inflections off a bottom you want to look for what is moving up a lot recently. As something has been an alpha leader for a while, it will start to fade. So something with a very high alpha is moving up, but you need to look at the chart and indicators to make sure you do not buy into the bitter end of a run just as it runs out. I find that their alpha calculation is a bit too slow for catching market turns, especially in “fast markets” like crashes and deep inflections. It works well in established slower trends (like the 6 to 7 years between tops and bottoms).

For this reason, you want to look at absolute alpha, but also what stocks have had the most change of alpha in the last month. That is where you find things closer to the start of their run. Click on the name of a sector to get the sorted list of stocks in that sector ranked by rate of movement.

Also, while it take more searching and evaluation, looking at things with very large negative alpha can be good for “bottom fishing” where you are looking for things of value that are being dumped indiscriminately at a hard bottom. While these may take 6 months to turn into investments, they often have a very tradable “dead cat bounce” of about a month duration as the short sellers buy in stock to cover their shorts. Watch for the V off a bottom, but remember it will turn into a W in short order…

I often find that my “picks” show up on the “top 100 alpha” stocks, showing that both methods work and produce similar results.

A Colorful Graphic Momentum View

There is a third way to see some of the same information, though much more graphically. That is the “market map” from FinViz. This comes in several flavors and each has several settings you can adjust (including the time span you are looking at). It is a very quick way to find out just what the heck is going on for any given day; but it is harder to avoid an emotional response. For example, the market can open down a bit on a Monday morning (fairly common) and you look at the market map and it is just all red. There WILL be a tendency to think Oh My God the whole thing is tanking! What is missing is that the day isn’t over yet and it could well end the day all green (and the present red might be showing a fractional percent that is not significant.)

With that said, it’s a great tool for a “quick scan” and I like the ability to swap from “today” to “this week” and “the month” on the ETF map to spot trends and counter trends. (The “stock market” map has very limited time granularity of “Now, Year To Date, 1/2 year, Whole Year” and desperately needs a “weekly” and “monthly” for trend spotting early). I also like the ability in the ETF map to see “dollar volume” that shows where the money is going today. You can literally see when hard core traders are shoving buckets of money at a 3x leveraged Financial Short (that is not your typical “go to stock” for Mom and Pop!) So, here are the two links and some points on how I use them:

First, the “Map of the Market” is a map of individual company stock tickers. They are grouped by sector, so if energy is rising fast, that ‘block’ will be green. There may be a ‘stinker’ that is pink or red, and some other stock on a tear lit up bright green.

Second is the “ETF Map” that is a map of only ETFs.

For both of these tools, realize that the graphical area precludes showing all the ETFs and all the stocks that are in the market. There is an unavoidable ‘filter’ on what you see. This can be good (it hides a lot of clutter) but especially when looking at ETFs by Dollar Volume, you are only seeing a small sliver of your actual choices, and one very biased by a few ‘whales’ slinging a large chunk of money at one point in time.

As we look at charts, you may want to have a review of the indicators and what they mean or how to use them.

The Dominant Stock Market Trend

A 10 year chart gives the bull / bear read; the market longer term. I usually only do this for the S&P 500 since most long term trends synchronize, though some, like bonds, can synchronize with an inverse relationship.

Trades Inside the Dominant Trend?

The 1 year chart gives the trade direction while the 10 day chart gives short term timing for entry or exits from a selected trade.

These are done for ever smaller grained areas as desired. Generally, these other markets and sectors ought to be ‘raced’ against the winner of the U.S. Market race (or bonds / currency in a stock bear market). Why? Because you want the winner of the race. If something isn’t beating the S&P 500 (or Treasury Bonds) why buy it? Why have added risk?

Remember to follow good practices in portfolio design and, once you have settled on something to buy, to plan your entry.

So here you can pick a race, and a time scale, and see what’s winning:

The Races

U.S. Stock Markets

10 year,
1 year,
6 months,
10 day

For day trades, you can use a 15 minute chart or an hourly chart with fast indicators. The Slow Stochastic and Momentum are nice for fast trades in flat markets (when DMI / ADX is 25 ish or below on the 1 year daily chart). The Williams %R with DMI +/- can also work nicely if you use a trailing stop loss to exit the trade (that is, the slow indicators in a fast chart get you in a bit late, a good thing, but you need something else like RSI or Slow Stochastic or a trailing stop loss order to get you out early (another good thing…)

10 day hourly trader,
10 day hr with W%R and DMI for fast trades,
10 day 15 minute Rabid Daytrader

SPY  S & P 500 - broad market standard of performance
DIA  Dow Jones 30 "Industrials" (banks, drugs, etc.)
QQQQ Nasdaq 100 tech companies
MDY  Mid-size companies
RUT  RUSSELL 2000 - small company Index. IWM is the fund

Other Assets? Gold, Metals, Currencies, Land,…

Broad Comparison of Asset Classes

1 year,
6 months,
10 day

SPY  S & P 500 - U.S. Stock market proxy
GLD  Gold ETF - Dollar value and panic proxy
EEM  Broad emerging market ETF
FXY  Japanese Yen ETF - often inverse of stocks.  Carry Trade proxy.
JJC  Copper ETF - industrial growth measure.
SHY  short term ( 1-3 year ) bonds
USO  U.S. Oil futures  - economic strength proxy / OPEC monitor
DBA  Agriculture fund
SLV  Silver ETF - mixed dollar value and industrial uses
WOOD holds S & P Global Timber and Forestry proxy


1 year,
6 months,
10 day

FXE   Euro
GLD   Gold metal
FXB   British Pound
FXY   Japanese Yen
FXF   Swiss Franc
FXM   Mexico
FXS   Sweden
FXC   Canada
BZF   Brazil
FXA   Australia

The REIT Race for Real Estate Investment Trusts

1 year,
6 months,
10 day

SPY  S & P 500 broad stock market benchmark
PSA  Public Storage - junk storage units
PCL  Plum Creek Timber - lumber and trees REIT
PEI  Pennsylvania Real Estate - Mall REIT
BXP  Boston Properties - office REIT on BosWash corridor  
HCN  Health Care REIT -  extended care, senior care, medical offices
HCP  Health Care Properties - ex. care, senior living, Dr. offices
VTR  Ventas - sr. care, nursing homes, hospitals
PLD  Prologis - logistics 


5 year,
1 year,
6 months,
10 day

A note on the bond tickers: SHM is a California Muni Bond ticker, since I’m in California and want to know if Muni’s are doing OK. TBT is a “short treasuries ticker” and tells us when we can make money by NOT owning treasuries. Finally, TIP is a Treasury Inflation Protected Securities ticker. This fund holds TIPS and has a yield boost when inflation happens. Short term bonds, like SHY, don’t yield much but don’t bounce around much either. Long term corporate (LQD) or Treasury bonds (TLT) can move a lot with inflation or recession fears. All bonds are NOT “safe and low volatility”… When in doubt, buy TIP. In a panic, buy SHY until you see which way things are moving.

Around The World – Non-U.S. Stock Markets

Emerging Markets

10 year,
1 year,
6 months,
10 day

EWZ  Brazil
RSX  Russia
IIF  India (also EPI, INP, IFN, ... ) 
FXI  China  (FXP is the inverse / short)
EEM  Emerging Markets basket (EEV is the inverse / short)
EWX  Emerging Markets Small Capitalizatin
EWW  Mexico 
EWO  Austria (on doorstep of emerging Europe)
GUR  Emerging Europe
GAF  Middle East (ISL is the First Israel Fund)

Inside EWZ compared to the Bovespa and the EWZ basket

These charts race the top 9 holdings of EWZ (About 22% of EWZ is Petrobras. The by the time you reach GGB you are down to 1.8%. Everything below the top 9 is even lower percentages.

1 year,
6 months,
10 day

EWZ      The Brazil ETF - The whole basket
XX:BVSP  The whole Brazilian BOVESPA market index
ABEV      Ambev - a beverage company
BR:AMBEV the same beverage company in Reals on Bovespa
BBD      Banco Bradesco
ITUB     Banco Itau Unibanco
SID      Companhia Siderurgica Nacion - steel maker
VALE     Companhia Vale do Rio Doce - miner
PBR      Petrobras - major oil company
GGB      Gerdau S.A. - steel maker (GNA is the N. America sub.)

The entire tabular listing of everything inside EWZ

The top 9 holdings inside FXI compared to it:

1 year,
6 month

FXI   FTSE / Xinhua China 25 
IDCBF IND & COMM BK OF CHINA - H1398 Financial
CEO   CNOOC LTD	883 Oil & Gas

The entire tabular listing of everything inside FXI

Foreign Established Markets (EU & Japan vs. SPY)

10 year,
1 year,
6 months,
10 day

SPY  S & P 500 (benchmark)
EWD  Sweden
EWG  Germany
EWI  Italy
EWJ  Japan
EWK  Belgium
EWL  Switzerland
EWP  Spain
EWQ  France
EWU  United Kingdom

The British “Empire” redux.

1 year,
6 months,
10 day hourly

EWU  The United Kingdom of Great Britain
SPY  S & P 500 (Well, we were part once...)
EWA  Australia
EWC  Canada
EWS  Singapoor
INP  India (via 'notes' rather than stocks directly)
EWH  Hong Kong
EWM  Malasia
EZA  South Africa
IRL  Ireland  (IRELAND is the index, this is a closed end fund.)

The Latin World, Old and New

1 year,
6 months,
10 day

ILF  iShares Latin 40 - 40 large cap latin companies
SPY  S & P 500 (benchmark, becoming more Latin every day...)
ECH  Chile (or CH fund)
EWW  Mexico
EWZ  Brazil
EWP  Spain
LAQ  Latin Equity Fund
LDF  Latin Discovery Fund
CIB  Banco Colombia
BBD  Banco Bradesco

Asian Tigres including Australia

1 year,
6 months,
10 day

EWA  Australia - with a fat dividend
EWJ  Japan
EWS  Singapore
EPP  Asia ex - Japan (with 65% or so Australia)
EWH  Hong Kong
AAXJ All Asia ex- Japan
FXI  iShares FTSE Xinhua 25 China
EWY  South Korea
FCHI iShares FTSE China 100
EWT  Taiwan

The Indias – which fund is what

1 year,
6 month

There are several India funds and choosing one can be a bit of an issue. Here we compare them with the SPY benchmark and the EEM broader Emerging Market.

EPI  Wisdom Tree Fund of India with earnings requirement
SPY  Benchmark U.S.A. stocks
EEM  Benchmark Emerging Market
IIF  Morgan Stanley India Fund
INP  India, via "notes" - things like options, not actual stocks
IFN  The India Fund - Closed End Fund, 
     can have discount / premium to the stocks in it.
IBN  Icici Bank - major India bank, broad involvement.

Spaghetti ala Rorschach

Rorschach Race of Shorts, Stocks, Bonds, and Foreign Markets

1 year
6 Months

Rorschach Race, where I put in a short fund for the S&P 500 (SH) and the larger Russell 2000 broad market (RWM) along with the 1-3 year bond fund (SHY) to see if the shorts or longs are winning, or if sitting on the sidelines works best.

EWJ  Japan Fund ( Established asia proxy )
SHY  Short term (1-3 year) bonds ( baseline )
SPY  S & P 500 ( U.S.A. proxy )
EWZ  Brazil  ( IMHO the Best Emerging Market )
FXI  China  ( Riskier emerging proxy )
SH   Short (inverse) S & P 500 - are shorts winning or squeezed?
RWM  Inverse Russell 2000 - are the small stocks different?
EPI  Wisdom Tree India Fund  - Managed emerging market fund
EWP  Spain - Emerging Europe proxy
EWG  Germany - Classical Europe proxy

The VIX – volatility index

1 year,
6 month

VIX spaghetti graph vs stocks. VIX, Volatility Index, often moves against the market direction. For options, you want to sell them when volatility is high (and expected to reverse) and buy them when volatility is low (and expected to reverse). Basically, you pay a premium for the volatility, so you want to have that premium coming to you (sell options) when it’s high. So this chart has a set of matched long / short positions with the FXY yen (indicates carry trade activity of whales) and VIX.

VIX  Volatility Index - premium paid for options
SPY  S&P 500 Index
SSO  Double Long SPY
SH   Short SPY
SDS  Double Short SPY
QQQQ Nasdaq 100
PSQ  Short Nasdaq 100 (QID and QLD are 2x short and long)
EEM  Emerging Markets
EEV  2x Short Emerging Markets

Sectors and Smaller Segments of the Market

If you want more focus than an individual market ETF gives you, it is possible to hop down into a more focused part of the market, a specific sector, such as transportation, retail, banking, etc. There are too many to put entries here for all of them, but some selected ones will be put here. They were selected based on my own interests and what has been useful to me in the past or what looks “hot” now.

Agriculture sector

1 year,
6 months,
10 day

Agriculture is a bit of a mixed bag. Some funds, some ETFs, some stocks (and some of them are commodity companies while others are industrial goods, like John Deere DE).

DBA  Broad agricultural basket
JJG  ETF holding grain contracts - corn, soy beans, wheat
MOO  Ag input fund (holds MOS, MON, POT etc.)
COW  ETF holding animal contracts - cows, pigs, chickens
HOGS Zhongpin - Chinese hog production
MON  Monsanto - seed producer including GMO
MOS  Mosaic - fertilizers
TNH  Terra Nitrogen - high dividend synthetic fertilizer limited partnership
POT  Potash - fertilizer
DE   John Deere - Equipment

Broad Use Metals & Miners

1 year,
6 months,
10 day

FCX  Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold - miner
GLD  Gold metal (ETF - Exchange Traded Fund)
BHP  BHP Billiton.  Giant global miner of everything...
VALE Companhia Vale do Rio Doce - Brazil miner
JJC  Copper metal (ETF - Exchange Traded Fund)
GDX  Gold miners basket (ETF)
RTP  Rio Tinto - UK and Australia based miner
SCCO  Southern Copper - Chile miner
SLV  Silver metal  ETF
SQM  Sociedad Qufmica & Minera  de Chile - Lithium miner


Transports are a very broad group. Generally divided into sea, rail, truck, and air transports. I will not be putting any airlines in this list, since I do firmly believe in the dictum “Never Own An Airline!”. Trade, maybe, days at most… (Fares are limited by the government, bookings by fickle vacation planners and business cost control rules, wage costs are set by the unions, fuel costs by OPEC, and major capital costs for financing are driven by government actions. Exactly what major aspect of it’s business does an airline actually control? Advertising? Not a formula for success…) Realize that I do not put air cargo in the category of an airline. They set their own rates and are not as subject to the whims of vacation planning. FDX and UPS are covered.

For sea born shipping, it divides into vacation cruise lines (RCL and CCL), tankers for various liquids (mostly fuels – VLCCF, TGP, NAT etc.), “dry bulk” that mostly means coal, iron ore, wheat, fertilizer, etc. where the stocks are largely driven by the Baltic Dry Index, and container ships. The Exchange Traded Fund with ticker SEA was an easy way to get a mix, but no longer trades. When oil spikes up, shipping drops, and when the economy rolls over and dies, dry bulk sinks. Tankers tend to be more stable, and LNG tankers are on 30 year range leases so their income is very stable (TGP for example). Cruise lines vary with the psychology of the middle class (and up) masses…

Broad Shipping comparison

1 year,
6 months

NAT   Nordic American Tanker - Burmuda tankers
RCL   Royal Caribbean Cruise - cruise ships, Florida USA
CCL   Carnival Cruise - cruise ships, Florida USA
EXM   Excel Maritime Carriers - Greek dry bulk
VLCCF Knightsbridge  - Very large crude carrier - Burmuda
DSX   Dianna Shipping - Greek dry bulk
HRZ   Horizon - USA container ships
NMM   Navios Maritime - Greek dry bulk
EGLE  Eagle Bulk - USA dry bulk

Canadian and U.S. Rail

1 year,
6 months

CP    Canadian Pacific
CNI   Canadian National Railway
No Longer Trades: BNI   Burlington Northern Santa Fe (bought by BRKA)
CSX   CSX Corp.
GWR   Genesee Wyoming
KSU   Kansas City Southern
KSUPR Kansas Southern Preferred
NSC   Norfork Southern
UNP   Union Pacific

Air Cargo vs IYT transport ETF

1 year,
6 months

IYT   Transportation basket - ETF
FWRD  Forward Air Corp. - Greenville, Tennessee
UPS   United Parcel Service - Atlanta, Georgia
AAWW  Atlas Air Worldwide - Purchase, New York
DDMX  Dynamex - Dallas, Texas
AIRT  Air T - Maiden, North Carolina
EXPD  Expeditors Intl.  Seattle, Washingtion
FDX   Federal Express - Memphis, Tennessee
UTIW  UTI World Wide - British Virgin Islands
TNTTY TNT N.V. - Holland

Precious & Semi-precious Metals, Miners & Short Treasuries

1 year,
6 months

The Paranoia and Hard Assets trade.

FCX  Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold - miner
GLD  Gold ETF (holds physical gold)
SWC  Stillwater Mining - platinum group metals miner
PAL  North American Palladium
JJC  Copper ETN
GDX  Gold Miners ETF
SCCO  Southern Copper - Chile
TBT  Short U.S. Treasuries ETF
SLV  Silver ETF
JJN  Nickel ETN

Industrial Miners & Mining Economies

1 year,
6 months

BHP  BHP Billiton - giant global UK / Aussy miner of everything
RTP  Rio Tinto - Australian miner
VALE Vale - Brazillian miner
EWZ  Brazil basket (ETF) heavy in oil, miners, steels
EWA  Australia basket (ETF) heavy in miners
EWC  Canada basket (ETF) heavy in miners and oils
SLX  Steel ETF
CCJ  Uranium miner and processor
SQM  Chili - miner of Lithium (and other stuff)
XME  Miners and Energy ETF - coal and steel heavy

Copper and copper related

1 year,
6 months,
10 day

FCX  Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold - miner
TCK  Teck Resources - Canadian miner with lots of metalurgical coal
SCCO  Southern Copper - Chile
CH   Chile Fund
JJC  Copper ETN (Exchange Traded Notes hold futures contracts 
     and related instruments)

Aluminum and aluminum refiners

1 year,
6 months

JJU   Aluminum ETN
AAPR  Alcoa Aluminum Preferred
AA    Alcoa Aluminum
ACH   Aluminum Corp. of China
AWC   Alumina Ltd.  - Australia
KALU  Kaiser Aluminum
NHYDY Norsk Hydro - Norway
CENX  Century Aluminum - California
ERSO  Empire Resources - Pink Sheets nearly penny stock

Uranium and Thorium miners & refiners

1 year,
6 months,
10 day

NLR  Nuclear Energy ETF (basket of stocks, CCJ, USU, EXC, CEG, etc.)
CCJ   Cameco - Canadian.  Major Uranium miner and fabricator
URRE  Uranium Resources.  Miner in Texas
URZ   Uranerz.  Exploration stage miner.  Wyoming
DNN   Dennison Mines.  Ontario, Canada.  Mixed metals, diamonds, U.
USU   USEC Inc.  Major refiner - centrifuge operator in USA.
LTBR  Lightbridge.  Thorium Fuel Cycle provider.  Was:
THPW  Thorium Power - start up scale novel fuel cycle - penny stock
URG   UR-Energy, Inc.  Miner in Colorado
UEC   Uranium Energy Corp.  Exploration stage miner in Austin, Texas

Semiconductors, broad line

1 year,
6 months,
10 day

INTC  Intel
AMD   Advance Micro Devices
SMH   Semiconductor Holders - ETF
LSI   LSI Logic
NSM   National Semiconductor
ALTR  Altera - ASIC and programmable arrays
TSM   Taiwan Semiconductor - major Taiwan maker
TXN   Texas Instruments - lots of specialized and cell phone parts
RFMD  RF Micro Devices - lots of cell phone parts
SMTC  Semtech - analog and mixed signal

Semiconductors, specialized

1 year,
6 months,
10 day

CREE  LED Lighting, RF Power applications
PMCS  PMC Sierra - peripheral and network 
SNDK  Sandisk - memory storage devices
XLNX  Xilinx - PLD programable logic device chips
NVDA  NVIDIA - display drivers and visualization
PXLW  Pixel Works - display oriented processors
KLAC  KLA Tencore - fab gear
UTEK  Ultratech Stepper - fab gear
TER   Teradyne - test gear and specialized chips
BRCM  Broadcom - communications chips

Major Drugs & Biotech

1 year,
6 months,

Biotech still look like a trade vehicle not an investment to me.

IBB   Biotech ETF
PFE   Pfizer  -  traditional major drug maker.  New York
AZN   AstraZeneca.  -  broad line drug / medical.  London
MRK   Merck  -  traditional major drug maker
TEVA  Teva Pharmaceutical - Israel generic drugs
ABT   Abbot Labs  -  Health care and pharmaceuticals.  Illinois
(SGP   Schering-Plough  - Merged with Merck)
JNJ   Johnson and Johnson - broad line health care products
BMY   Bristol-Myers Squibb - broad line drugs  New York

Cell Phone Services

1 year,
6 months

PCS  MetroPCS - prepaid plans
DCM  NTT DoCoMo - Tokyo
S    Sprint Nextel - making a comeback
LEAP Leap Wireless.  Low end prepay Cricket brand
TKC  Turkcell  - Turkey
VZ   Verizon - US top end carrier
AMX  America Movil - Mexico
CEL  Cellcom Israel
DT   Deutsche Telecom - Germany
VOD  Vodaphone - London with global exposure

Why no AT&T? I’ve had them as a service provider, a couple of times against my will. They do an “ok” job, but ‘have issues’. One is that they are not very nice (some of that pushy monopoly attitude still seeps out). Another is that in the early days of cell phones they were prevented from doing them. By the time they were allowed in, they needed to do a ‘roll up’ of other providers. That left them with the most strange mix of technologies you can imagine. 4 different systems at one point (GSM, CDMA, TDMA, Analog, and maybe some PCS; I could never figure it all out but you needed a ‘quad mode’ phone to effectively roam…) A baby bell has mergered them now (SBC Communications – another annoying company – and taken the name), so who knows how long it will take to sort out. I’ll look at them every decade or so to see if they have it together yet…

There are dozens of other cell phone companies. You can find lots of odd trades and strange niche players left over from the lottery that started the industry. If your favorite isn’t here, just to ‘roll your own’ race…

Credit Card companies

1 year,
6 months

V and MA are just transaction processors, no credit risk. DFS, COF, and AXP carry balances and have a default risk.

MA    MasterCard - card processor
V     Visa - card processor
DFS   Discover Card - issuer and processor
COF   Capital One Financial - card issuer
AXP   American Express - issuer and processor of higher end cards

Entertainment, media, theme parks, TV networks

1 year,
6 months,

DTV   Direct TV - satellite TV
CBS   CBS Television network
DWA   Dreamworks Animation - movie maker
GE    General Electric - also owns NBC as a tiny little part
DIS   Disney - also owns ESPN and ABC
DISH  Dish Network - satellite TV
CCT   Comcast - cable TV
CVC   Cablevision Systems - cable TV
NWS   News Corp - owns Fox Network
NWSA  News Corp. Class A

Auto Makers

1 year,
6 months,

FPRA  Ford Preferred (also FPRS)
GM    Government Motors
HMC   Honda Motor Corp
TM    Toyoto Motors
F     Ford - "The Big One"
TTM   Tata Motors - India (owns Jaguar and Range Rover)
DIA   Daimler Benz
FUJHY Fuji Heavy - also makes Subaru
HOG   Harley Davidson Motorcycles
NSANY Nissan

Tire Manufacturers

1 year,
6 months,

GT    Goodyear Tires
SPY   Benchmark US market
BRDCY Bridgestone / Firestone - Japan
CTB   Cooper Tires
CTTAY Continental Tires - Germany
TWI   Titan International
AMTY  AmeriTyre

TWI makes tires and rims for large earth movers and farm equipment. AMTY is a small specialty company making flat free bike and small equipment tires (urethane foam). CTB Cooper Tires tends to be more volatile than GT Goodyear; so I’d expect it to rise faster in a recovery.

The Platinum and Precious Metals miners

1 year,
6 months

PAL   North American Paladium
HLPRB Hecla Mining preferred
HL    Hecla Mining
AQPTY Aquarius Platinum - pink sheets
SWC   Stillwater Mining - platinum miner
SLW   Silver Wheaton - Canada "silver streaming"  wholesaler?

Synthetic oils, tar sands, and algae oils companies, a speculative group.

1 year,
6 months

SYNM  Syntroleum
USO   U.S. Oil - futures contract fund
RTK   Rentech 
SYMX  Synthesis Energy Company
PSUD  PetroSun Energy - penny stock in oil services and Algae
OOIL  Origin Oil - Algae based oil system
SSL   SASOL - South African Synthetic Oil Company
SU    Suncor - Canadian Tar Sands
IMO  Imperial Oil - Canadian Tar Sands

Energy Companies

1 year,
6 months

PBR   Petrobras - Brazil (IMHO the worlds best oil company today)
XOM   Exxon Mobil
XLE   Energy / Oil basket ETF
CVX   Chevron Texaco
BTU   Peabody Coal
COP   Conoco Phillips -  involved with Lukoil and has lots of N. gas.
VLO   Valero - refiner
MRO   Marathon Oil - refiner
PCZ   PetroCanada - merged with Suncor
SU  Suncor - Canadian Oil and Oil Sands
BP    British Petroleum 


1 year,
6 months

HOTT Hot Topic
WMT  WalMart
XRT  Retail basket ETF
HD   Home Depot
M    Macy's
COST Costco
BBY  Best Buy
JCP  JC Penny
LTD  The Limited (Victoria's Secret)
TIF  Tiffany's

Apparel Retail – where women go shopping

1 year,
6 months

HOTT  Hot Topic
CHS   Chico's FAS
ROST  Ross Stores
FINL  Finish Line
CTRN  Citi Trends
CWTR  Coldwater Creek
BEBE  Bebe Stores
CHRS  Charming Shops
WTSLA Wet Seal

TLB Talbots.

Insurance Companies

1 year,
6 months

GNW  Genworth Financial
HIG  Hartford Insurance Group
BRKA Berkshire Hathaway Class A (BRKB is 1/30 of a BRKA)
PRU  Prudential
MET  Met Life
LFC  China LIfe Insurance Company

Insurance has taken a beating thanks to the “mark to market” accounting rule put in place in 2007. Some look like decent deals with BRKA / BRKB having held up well.


1 year,
6 months

PHM  Pulte Homes
CTX  Centex
XHB  Homebuilders basket ETF
TOL  Toll Brothers
LEN  Lennar
BZH  Beazer
GFA  Gafisa - Brazil
MTH  Meritage
HOV  Hovnanian

Major banks

Both non-U.S. and U.S. Money Center Banks

BCH    Banco de Chile
BNPQY  BNP Peribas - Banque National du Paris
XLF    Finance basket ETF
ITUB   Banco Itau - Brazil
ANZBY  Australia New Zealand Bank
UBS    UBS Ag - Swiss
BBD    Banco Bradesco
BMO    Bank of Montreal - Canada
AIB    Anglo Irish Bank 
STD    Banco Santander - Spain
JPM    JP Morgan Chase Wamu ... 
C      Citi Group
WFC    Wells Fargo
BAC    BancAmerica
BACPRD BancAmerica Preferred (one of a dozen)
BACPRI BancAmerica Preferred (one of a dozen...)

Employment agencies and temp help

1 year,
6 months,

MAN   Manpower
JOBS  51Jobs - China
AHS   AMN Healthcare Services - Drs., Nurses, etc.
DHX   Dice Holdings - computer guys
KELYA Kelly Services
KFRC  KForce
KFY   Korn Ferry Intl.
MWW   Monster Worldwide
RHI   Robert Half

Canadian vs US Coal Majors.

1 year,
6 months

ACI   Arch Coal
ANR   Alpha Natural Resources
BTU   Peabody Coal (Very Very big!)
CNX   Consol Energy
TCK   Teck Resources ( merged FCL ) 
MEE   Massey Energy  VA
PCX   Patriot Coal  MO
PVG   Penn Virgina GP Holdings  PA
PVR   Penn VA Resources Partners  PA plus gas

Small U.S. Based Coal

6 months with EEE and

6 months without EEE compared to BTU

Small US Coal producers. (EEE has some kind of partnership in a carbon offset trading scheme, but no earnings. My take is that coal is flat in the U.S.A. but Quatloo Betting on Carbon Cap and Tirade is a hot area ;-)

ARLP  Alliance Resource Partners LP  (OK coal)
EEE   Evergreen Energy  (Old KFx coal upgrading)
ICO   International Coal Group  WV.
JRCC  James River Coal  VA
KOL   Coal ETF
NCOC  National Coal  TN
NRP   Natrual Resources partners  TX
WLB   Westmoreland Coal  CO plus generation
WLBPR Westmoreland Coal Preferred
WLT   Walter Industries  FL met coal + mortgages + coke + gas + fibers +...

China Coal compared to BTU – Peabody Coal in the USA

1 year,
6 months

CCOZF  China Coal Energy  penny stock
CHGY   China Energy   *
PUDA   Puda Coal      metallurgical coal
SCLXD  Sino Clean Energy
SGZH   Songzai Intl Hldg  *
YZC    Yanzhou Coal  *

* larger companies

Commodities Exchange Traded Funds & Notes

Metals, broad look at all types

3 year,
1 year,
6 months,
10 day

DBB  Base Metals basket
GLD  Gold
JJU  Aluminum
JJN  Nickel
JJC  Copper
JJP  Precious Metals basket
LD   Lead
JJT  Tin
SLV  Silver
PTM  Platinum

Agriculture & “Softs” Commodities.

3 years, weekly,
1 year,
6 months,
10 day

DBA  Agricultural commodity basket.
JO   Coffee
FUE  Biofuels 
WOOD Timber and lumber.  "CUT" has more volume.
COW  Livestock
JJG  Grains
BAL  Cotton
FUD  Food ag and livestock futures ETN basket
SGG  Sugar
NIB  Cocoa

Energy Commodities

1 year,
6 months,
10 day

USO   U.S. Oil
UNG   U.S. Natural Gas
UHN   U.S. Heating Oil
UGA   Unleaded Gasoline
KOL   Coal
NLR   Nuclear Basket - miners & fabricators of fuel
CA:U  Uranium Metal on the Canadian market

Disclaimers, Disclosures, and Holdings

These charts are from “” and I recommend visiting their site. the charts are free and their service works well. My only relationship is as a satisfied user.


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