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Dijibouti – Why? What Changed?

How can a set of static historical thermometers suddenly cool the past and warm the recent times? Continue reading

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COP24 – It Is All About 3rd World Development $$

Looks like the UN COP24 folks are moving on to “Hydro-diplomacy” as their new Climate Hook – they want to control the water now too. Further, the idea is that C.C. isn’t about climate anymore, it is about Economic Development, and Africa is most “at risk” from whatever… so send money… Continue reading

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GHCN v1 vs v3 Africa Region 1

Africa has a change from v1 data to v3 data of GHCN. The prior warming trend exits from the data… Continue reading

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Cold Dry Sahara, Hot Wet Savanna

The Sahara tells us climate changes, and cycles, just fine with or without us and with or without our CO2. Continue reading

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