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GCM ModelE – Elephants Playing Mozart

Model E is designed such that you can tune hundreds of parameters and is ‘never the same way twice’ when run by different folks (or even the same person day to day). Continue reading

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Garth & Baytown Tx.

I’m on the road again, this time back to California, and note that it’s darned cold. Continue reading

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What Now In Climate Wars?

Golly, what now? Just wondering what way to wander… Continue reading

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Soros Paid Algore to Promote Global Warming

Gee, Soros was behind Al Gore pushing the Global Warming Agenda… Continue reading

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El Niño and Cold

What does The Blob of warm water off of California mean? It’s hot, so is that evidence of “warming”? Or cooling? Continue reading

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GIStemp on CentOS 6.3

What does it take to port the old GIStemp to CentOS? Continue reading

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Hey Global Warming Theorist Data Changers: Mess With The Research, Go To Prison.

Tampered with the data collection, juiced up the results, got additional funding. Sounds like a “climate science” story. But this, not being climate “science”, resulted in “guilty” and a looming prison term. I think the Global Warming Theorists need to take note. Continue reading

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