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DIY Grain Garden, Short Season, & Economics Points

An interesting article on growing a medium scale grain garden, processing it, and using the grain. There is a preamble on economic trends that is interesting as well. The writer is in Alaska, so pertinent information for a cooling world with short growing seasons. Continue reading


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A Billion Here, A Billion There – pretty soon, talking real oil

A billion bbls here, a billion bbls there, pretty soon you are talking real oil… and that in the middle of an ‘oil glut’… So, about that whole idea we are “running out”?… Continue reading

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Quake Alaska 7.7 or 7.5 near Juneau

Yet More Quakes a 7.5 near Juneau Alaska just north of the two we had in B.C. Continue reading

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More Airports Hotter Than ‘nearby’ Stations

More comparisons of Airports to ‘nearby’ stations from the Wunderground lists. Anchorage Alaska Elmendorf AFB, Continue reading

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