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WanaCry Ransomwear Attack

A Ransomware attack by a worm named WannaCry, exploiting an NSA hack, has taken down many NHS sites, FedEx, and a couple of Spanish and Portuguese telecoms, among others. This is a place to discuss it. Continue reading

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Secure Communication, App for that, and Comments on ISIL

Some background on just why it is stupid to hobble US encryption and security and all it can do is make the USA a second rate tech provider. Continue reading

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Android Phone Hack via Text Message

The “stagefright” hack goes live August 1 and at that point 95% or so of all Android phones are wide open to hacking. Enjoy your wait…. Continue reading

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Rise Of The Mesh-ings

A short look at Mesh Networking and how it will change the face of attempted control of electronic communications. Continue reading

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