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I Am My Own Sovereign

Why I do not and will not kneel. Continue reading

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The Real Racism? Black on White Violence.

The real statistics on race violence, and the “protests” being an organized cover for an attempted Color Revolution, and how to identify people wearing masks. Continue reading

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Antifa Tactics, Video Of Knife Attack, & Defense Strategy

An interesting video, in 360 Panorama Vision, of an Antifa Swam / Mob attacking a person doing nothing at all offensive or in any way causal. (Standing, passively, with a bike). Some discussion of tactics and preparation options. Continue reading

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Antifa Anti-First-Amendment Group, Attacking Free Speech Forum Against Violence

Tim Pool and Sargon of Akkad videos about the ANTIFA (Anti-First Amendment) group threats to assault a peaceful meeting to discuss ending violence. Continue reading

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