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Gentoo – First Impressions

I have Gentoo running on the Raspberry Pi Model 2 – these are my first impressions of it. Short form: “Very well made, but expects you to be a sysadmin type”. Continue reading

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Pi Building, Cross Building, and Related Links

Some links and things I’m looking at in terms of cross development and Linux building environments with some ideas about what “upstream” to use for a build base. Continue reading

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Migration To Arch Linux

After 2 days, where I’m at in transitioning to Arch Linux. Laughter and Tears is a bit too strong, perhaps bemused and grumps… plus some scripts from the transition. Continue reading

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Obama’s Gift To You: ANRZ Alpha Natural Resources Bankrupt. Next?…

What ObamaNomics looks like, up close and personal to Arch Coal. Continue reading

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