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BCP Has Clue – Is Comey Toast? When Will What Break?

Here’s two vidoes from a guy I like. BCP cuts together bits from various news sources and wraps them in interesting insights. These ask if Comey is up for arrest and who else might be on the chopping block soon. Continue reading

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Iranian Diplomat Plotting Bombings?

Looks like France and Germany may have found a tiny bit of courage between them. Arresting an Iranian Diplomat for plotting bombings. Continue reading

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Marcus Hutchins Arrested – Guy Who Stopped “Wannacry”

White Hat Hacker, Marcus Hutchins, arrested. He’s the guy who stopped “Wannacry”, but was busted for selling “malware”. But two whom and for what use is not stated. Was it two White Hats exchanging kits, or was it going to a Black Hat? Hmmmm… Continue reading

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