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Vitamin D and Autism (Spectrum Disorder)

Does Autism rate correlate with low Vit D levels? Does raising Vit D levels reduce frequency and / or symptoms? It would seem so, per both epidemiological and laboratory evidence and findings. Continue reading

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Copper Zinc Ratio and Phytate

Are copper / zinc ratios important in the diet for mental health and potentially involved in ADHD and Autism? Perhaps. There is also clearly a genetic component for some folks. Continue reading

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Autism, Sulphate, Sunshine, and Nutrition

An interesting connection between epigenetics, vitamins, sulfphate / sulfate, and Autism. Some suggested treatments from a published paper along with their ideas on prevention of autism. I add some comments on my understanding of what the paper says. Continue reading

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Autism Brain Growth Hormone Analog?

Some speculation about why Israel might be so very low in Autism, how it might relate to environmental factors, and speculation about a possible connection to Human Growth Hormone and how this interacts with Estrogen Analogs that might be contributory. Continue reading

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