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Eat Your Brazil Nuts & Fish & Bacon & Eggs

Selenium is antiviral, but lots of foods have it, especially rich animal foods and eggs. Also Brazil Nuts, so much so that one nut is a day supply. Plus a BitChute video that’s long but has a different POV. Continue reading

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Marketplace Of Ideas

A Modest Suggestion for an alternative product design to that of YouTube. A “Marketplace of Ideas” where advertisers can chose what type of show to advertise on, and creators can create anything that attracts advertisers and viewers. Continue reading

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Bitchute Corbett Report on Judith Curry – Climate Models For The Layman

An interesting video interview of Dr. Judith Curry by Corbett Report. It is presented on Bitchute a peer to peer video service, so no censors involved… https://www.bitchute.com/video/SBjFjSZjv6w/ Yes, I’m enjoying way too much my new HDTV / video services / … Continue reading

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Bitchute – My First Experience

An interesting Peer to Peer (P2P) alternative to youtube that seems to avoid the censorship issues. Continue reading

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