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Racist! Virus? Or Lack Of Sun / Vit D

Maybe looking at real, and obvious, physiological differences would help Black survival more than the slur of shouting Racist! Continue reading

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Black Dude, He Be Gettin’ It

An interesting perspective from a black guy who uses “Kingface” as is handle. A Pro-Trump guy with an understanding of empowerment based on ability. Continue reading

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Interesting Demo Of Different Power In Black Powder Pistol

A .44 Black Powder revolver can be loaded at any power level from a .25 ACP equivalent up near a .357 Magnum and points in between. Chronograph results. Continue reading

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Trump Speech On African History Month – Not What Dems Want To See.

I think trump will get a whole lot more Black Votes in the next election. This speech shows why. Blacks answered “What have you got to lose?” with “Nothing”, and now they are “Winning!”. This will not be forgotten at the poles. Continue reading

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