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Alice, Wonderland, The Left, The CIA, And You

Is the “Alice In Wonderland” technique being applied to the world in the “Culture War” in progress? Is the rampant “confusion” of morals and standards deliberate? Continue reading

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Leftist Jimmy Dore Calls It A CIA Op

A progressive left comedy show host, Jimmy Dore, talks dirt about the CIA with a real CIA Whistle-blower and they both think this Soft Coup against Trump is more coup than whistle. Continue reading

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Epstein & Mossad?

Was Epstein an “agent” of some intelligence agencies? Continue reading

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Creating A Nation Of Kaczynskis? The C.I.A., The Left, & The Frankfurt School

Did you know that the Unibomber was a subject in a C.I.A. instigated mind control research experiment? Didn’t turn out all that well, did it. Continue reading

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