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Yet Another Wrong Way California Breakup

Yet Another Plan to chop of California that does not realize it isn’t a problem of geography but one of urban centers. Continue reading

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Nitric Oxide (smog) Cures Cancer?

Nitric Oxide both cures and causes cancer, per studies. Which is right? Are both right? Is Science failing? Prop. 65 stupidity would required cancer treatment with Nitric Oxide to carry a label that it causes cancer… Continue reading

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California Advocating States Rights – To Ignore Immigration Law

California decides States Rights matter when it comes to ignoring immigration law… Continue reading

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Last Night, It Rained

It rained this morning in San Jose. On the last day of May. Not a record or extreme event, but very much a normal, if unusual, cold and wet episode. Certainly not “Global Warming” when it is cold and dank. Continue reading

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