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New York Post, Flu May Kill Cancer

Can having a round of the flu cure your cancer? Looks like “maybe so”, and folks are trying to make a tame version for just that use… Continue reading

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Cancer and Marijuana

The NIH has recently been in the news for admitting that Marijuana kills cancer cells. I show that has been known for a while. Continue reading

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Bromine, Iodine, Prostate and Breast Cancer

There are many articles and what look like real medical research papers pointing to Iodine as important for prevention, and even to some degree, cure, of both breast cancer and perhaps prostate problems. I do a survey of several sites. Continue reading

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Curing Pancreatic Cancer with Thymoquinone

An interesting plant, medicinal and food, that may offer a cure for pancreatic cancer along with helping things from asthma to high blood pressure to headache. Continue reading

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Cancer? Take an Aspirin

Seems that Aspirin can prevent, and even help cure, some cancers. Continue reading

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It pays to sleep in

Avoid morning sun if you want less skin cancer risk. Continue reading

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Ecstasy, Cancer and the “C” word – Cure

Some very good news on cancers of the blood. Continue reading

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