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Oh Noes!!! 100 TRILLION TONS of Molten Carbon Under Pressure!!!

Oh Dear, there’s megatons of melted carbon under Yellowstone just waiting to leap out… Continue reading

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Carbon Oxide Causes Supernovas And Will Destroy The Solar System

We are surrounded by stars in the process of becoming White Dwarf stars, made of Carbon & Oxygen and those then can go on to become Type 1 a Supernovas. Carbon Oxide and Carbon DiOxide will destroy the solar system in a supernova. Continue reading

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Kerry Channels Muller

Sen. Kerry channels Muller in a speech asserting that taxing carbon will let our solar manufactures win over China. Yup, more taxes and higher costs to produce will cause an increase in U.S. manufacture… With logic like that in the Senate, no wonder we’re loosing to China. Continue reading

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Church Of The Sacred Carbon…

The founding of The Church Of The Sacred Carbon.. Announcement of mandatory Burnt Offering and Wave Offering. Call to join the service. Continue reading

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