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Farming Deserts In China – Sand For Rice & Soil Via Licorice

How to turn a desert into farm land, or rice paddies, the low tech Chinese way. 2 Videos and using sticks and licorice plants to recover marginal lands. Continue reading

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Is There Any Democrat NOT Compromised By Foreign Spies? – China

Ms. Diane Feinstein had a Chinese Agent as her driver and office “gofer” for about 20 years… Nothing to see, move along, move along… Continue reading

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Tit For Tat Tariff – Who Wins?

A brief questioning of the notion that tariffs are all bad all the time and that China has little motivation to give in. Continue reading

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CBS Hyperventilating Over Trump

A brief critique of the Hyperventilating CBS News and incessant Trump Bashing. Continue reading

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