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Whales Prove Climate Change Caused By Ocean Currents

What can whale fossils tell us about Climate Change and the role of ocean currents? Continue reading

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Is The Average Variation Of Clouds CO2?

Is the average variation in cloud causing changes of temperature, or CO2? If it can be clearly shown that cloud variation caused large temperature changes, then does that mean it isn’t CO2? How does CO2 change clouds, and if it doesn’t, what importance can it have? Continue reading

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California – June Snow & Rain

When June in Silicon Valley brings cool rain, and Snow to the Sierra Nevada, it isn’t warming. It isn’t Climate Change. It’s just a normal colder year. Though we have had the most precipitation ever recorded, so that perpetual drought story just got drowned… Continue reading

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What Do Folks Think About A Skeptics Channel?

What do folks think of the idea of a Skeptics Climate Change TV channel on Roku (or similar)? Continue reading

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