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An Interesting Resource for Weather History vs Sunspots

Links to, and copy of, a very interesting Bibliography of climate / weather history including the LIA and some sunspot information. Continue reading

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Vukcevic Geomagnetc Weather Correlation – Tidal?

Could the Geomagnetic / Weather correlation found by Vukcevic be driven by Lunar Tidal forces? Continue reading

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Nile Floods, Sunspots, Planets

An interesting paper that ties the history of Nile flood cycles to sunspot cycles and planetary alignments vs the sun and the galactic center. They postulate a theory of planets having differential effects on the solar magnetic field in the galactic wind shadow vs the ‘front’ side. Continue reading

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More TSI variation and big UV variance

An interesting paper that finds TSI more variable in the past than is frequently believed, and finds a very large change in UV. Continue reading

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What Ice Caps?

Ice caps come and go, the Mediterranean comes and goes, human life goes on (as do polar bears, penguins, ducks, geese, elephants…) Continue reading

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