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Carbon Oxide Causes Supernovas And Will Destroy The Solar System

We are surrounded by stars in the process of becoming White Dwarf stars, made of Carbon & Oxygen and those then can go on to become Type 1 a Supernovas. Carbon Oxide and Carbon DiOxide will destroy the solar system in a supernova. Continue reading

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SCOTUS Justice Alito said what?

A Supreme Court Justice, Alito, seems to have clue about CO2 Continue reading

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Water World

A very nice page with graphs and calculations showing water is what matters, not CO2. Continue reading

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CO2 sigma 13 ratios, again…

In past major warming events, such as the Eocene Thermal Maximum, carbon isotopes have shifted to a more C-13 depleted state with no help from human activity or burning fossil fuels at all… Continue reading

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