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Is The UK Grid Approaching Instability?

An interesting tool lets you watch the UK Electric Grid dashboard. It looks to me like at no more than 50% more wind turbines, the UK grid destabilizes and failures happen. Also at about 5 GW less coal or nuke, it destabilizes. Not good. Continue reading

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ChWS – Charcoal Liquid Diesel Fuel

Yes, we can run our cars, truck, ships, and trains on charcoal from trees. And at lower costs than using petroleum. Continue reading

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A Billion Tons of Coal a Year for 3000 years in Norway.

3000 Billion Tons of Coal near Norway. A thousand or so total years of coal on the planet, that we know of. Continue reading

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Stupidity About Las Vegas

Some Idiots making emotional film chose an ‘exactly wrong’ poster child. Continue reading

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Coal, Liquids, and Costs

Some notes on coal to liquids conversions and available technologies, along with links to a couple of papers. We can make gasoline cheaper than the present price, IMHO. Continue reading

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