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Garth & Baytown Tx.

I’m on the road again, this time back to California, and note that it’s darned cold. Continue reading

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It will be a cold day in August before…

Its been a cold August in San Francisco… Continue reading

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F.Y.I.: I have a code in my node…

Nothing to worry about, I’m just not posting a lot right now as I have sniffles. Continue reading

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Texas, Rain, and 1500 Year Cycles

Some thoughts on Texas droughts and floods and the 1500 year cycle of cold plunges. Continue reading

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Polar Night Jet and UV Driven Albedo

Does less UV and a shorter atmospheric height lead to a flattened and wider polar outflow (polar vortex) and put colder air in contact with warmer moist subtropical air, leading to an increase in cloud cover and temperate zone albedo changes? Continue reading

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Raining, AGAIN, in San Jose, in May, In A Drought

Yet More Rain in San Jose, in late spring, in a drought. Continue reading

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A Small Rant On Cold Famine Hype

A short rant on the topic of a modest cooling leading to catastrophe in the food production sector. Continue reading

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