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Climate Feedback Follies

Seems that the order in which you compute the factors to create the Climate Feedback can change it as much as the variation between models. Continue reading

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@Starbucks, Internet down, postings sporadic…

To live And Die in D.S.L. …plus some tech updates / complaints and life perspectives… Continue reading

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Moore’s End, The Economist, The Absurdity and the Ecstacy

Hitting a wall as Moore’s Law runs into a limit of atoms, and how to describe it well. Plus an absolutely absurd statement about “central planning” from The Economist. Continue reading

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Dear Sony (and any other company wanting security)

I’ve been hoping for a bit more detail on how the “hack” (really a “crack” or break-in) was done. I’m not particularly fond of spouting off about what was done ‘wrong’ when I don’t know just what was done. But … Continue reading

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