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Deep State Or Itch?

There was a very odd set of characters at John McCain’s funeral, and an even odder set of interactions. Did a General just give Lindsey Graham a “sign” after a Huma hug? Hmmm…. Continue reading

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Unacknowledged – Netflix and IMDB, Review

A short review of the movie Unacknowledged that I watched on Netflix this morning. It is a UFO evidence summary, that also explores questions of government conspiracy, coverup, and corruption. Heavily laden with film and documentation, it has a believable quality. Yet in an age where CGI creates believable Vulcans, what can be believed? Continue reading

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Indulging A Fantasy Conspiracy Theory

A brief indulgence of a Conspiracy Theory Fantasy, well suited to a novel plot. Continue reading

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Hook for Conspriacy Conjecture, Sandy

A brief wandering though some mildly conspiracy theory laced videos. Continue reading

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