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Trump, The Border, & The Constitution

Can Trump, in fact, have the U.S. Army enforce border protection? Might he be compelled to do so? Continue reading

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Venezuela – End Game Begins

Venezuela getting a new Maduro sponsored constitution is being dissed by Brazil and Mexico. Death toll at 31, and rising. A new bigger march being planned, and Maduro not budging on elections. What is the proper snack for watching Government Collapse? Popcorn seems trite… Continue reading


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De-politicizing DOJ

Perhaps congress ought to re-read the Constitution and discover some of the powers they have. Then use them to reshape the power of appointments and depoliticize the operational wings of government (especially the DOJ and IRS). Continue reading

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Of Gold, Silver, Coin, and Constitutions

Not seeing where the Constitution lets Congress create The Fed, nor allows paper money as currency in the States, nor many other things either. Continue reading

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