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Et Tu Fox? – “bad” Fast Food

Fox News has joined the ranks of those who can’t tell that their food is still good even if delivered fast. Sigh. Continue reading

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Mixing ethnic threads in cooking can lead to good things. Put some marinara and pepperoni on your quesadilla and you get a decent pizza like alternative – the pizzadilla. Give it a try! Continue reading

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Meals by the Numbers

Looking at the numbers behind the foods. It is important to shop with a calculator or do the math in your head. Kick the packaged brands habit, and learn to cook real foods. Continue reading

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A Variety of Low Cost Meals

Pointers on frugal cooking, overview of the methodology, and some general meal ideas. Continue reading

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Hotel Camping

Some examples of how to cook while “on the road” and have something other than restaurant grub while “on the road”. Continue reading

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Dutch Oven Chicken

Cooking a roast chicken in a Dutch Oven in an improvised ‘fire pit’ made of stacked bricks. Continue reading

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Shopping for A Dutch Oven and…

I know I was shopping for something Hot and wanted to do some cooking, but … can Amazon really sell that? Or is there some other meaning to Dutch Oven that I’m not up to speed about? Or maybe it’s just a rogue bit somewhere.. Continue reading

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