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Why I Don’t Have A Raspberry Pi 4: Poor Cooling

Why don’t I have a Raspberry Pi Model 4? Because it has lousy heat design, the case sucks for heat removal, and you must spend up to $20 to get an effective passive cooling design that lets you run full power without a fan. Continue reading

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Tony Heller – The Imaginary Climate Crisis

A really nice collection of PANIC! articles from the past as Alarmists tried to herd folks based on various imagined horrors – that never came to be. Continue reading

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A Modest “Global Warming” Test Idea

Can rate of change of temperature from peak to low on the daily data for the same day of the year, over years, illustrate if global warming exists? Continue reading

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Salvatore Del Prete Thesis

Salvatore Del Prete posted his thesis on WUWT in a comment. I’m posting it here to make it easier to find in the future, and for folks who have not seen it to take a look. Continue reading

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