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Goodbye California Taco Bell

California, making sure people are unemployed by pricing them out of a job. Taco Bell “lunch rush” nearly empty thanks to “living wage” of $15 mandate. Continue reading

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$ / “Gallon” of Electricity

Another way of looking at comparative fuel costs. The Gallon of Gasoline Equivalent. Applied to our crazy high electricity costs in California. Continue reading

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Baumol Cost Disease? I’m Not Convinced…

Baumol and Baumol’s Cost Disease. I’m not convinced… Continue reading

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Coleman Lantern Heat Cheaper

When markets are left competitive, they work very well. When markets are “managed” or “regulate” or biased by government mandates, they break. The particular form of the breakage is always a surprise to those who broke them. For California, for example, screwing around with electricity costs means I have cleaned off my Coleman Lantern and I’m digging in the garage for my Aladdin lamp. Continue reading

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