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Leftist Jimmy Dore Calls It A CIA Op

A progressive left comedy show host, Jimmy Dore, talks dirt about the CIA with a real CIA Whistle-blower and they both think this Soft Coup against Trump is more coup than whistle. Continue reading

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BCP Has Clue – Is Comey Toast? When Will What Break?

Here’s two vidoes from a guy I like. BCP cuts together bits from various news sources and wraps them in interesting insights. These ask if Comey is up for arrest and who else might be on the chopping block soon. Continue reading

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Venezuela – End Game Begins

Venezuela getting a new Maduro sponsored constitution is being dissed by Brazil and Mexico. Death toll at 31, and rising. A new bigger march being planned, and Maduro not budging on elections. What is the proper snack for watching Government Collapse? Popcorn seems trite… Continue reading

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Turkey – Coup attempt

Coup attempt underway in Turkey… Continue reading

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