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Why I Will NOT Fly a 737 Max

Avoid the 737 Max, IMHO, until such time as they redesign it to be flyable by humans “in the seat” without the help of a computer (that may be fighting you instead). Continue reading

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3 Mos. of Virtue Signalling Censorship and…

What happens when you piss off 1/2 the country by censoring their voices and the folks they want to hear? Well, you can get the Twitter & Facebook stocks at a deep discount to 3 months ago… Continue reading

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Why Economists Study “Climate Science”, Uncertainty, Interest Rates, and A Crash

Why are there so many Economists interested in the foibles of “Climate Science”? Why are they “more right”? How does dealing with “Uncertainty” vs. “Risk” or “Probability” give a better base to work from? Take interest rates, for example; are we lining up for a crash, or not? Continue reading

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Fix for Raspberry Pi Model 2 Crashing

A Fix for the tendency for my Raspberry Pi Model 2 to “crash on use” anytime it got over about 75% of CPU usage (and sometimes less). Hint: It wasn’t the power supply or the amount of memory… Continue reading

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