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Ice Controls CO2 and Ocean Currents Shift Temperatures

A couple of papers that, taken together, say ocean current changes control the ice, and ice controls the CO2 level. Continue reading

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Arctic Flushing and Interglacial Melt Pulses

Does the specific depth of the Arctic Ocean channels and edges correlate with the melt water pulses of ocean rise in the start of this Interglacial? Would a lunar ‘kicker’ start the melt at those sensitive ocean depths? Continue reading

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Which Way What Water Wanders?

A brief survey of a few various maps of “Ocean Currents” leads me to think that we have a poor handle on where the ocean really flows, where currents start and end, and all the detail dynamics in between. Continue reading

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Where The UV Goes…

Thinking about where the UV goes, and how the reduced quantity now changes things. Continue reading

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