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Go Ahead And Use Salt – Especially Keto Dieters

Two videos citing published research showing that the UN W.H.O. and USA recommended salt intake levels are too low and more likely to cause problems than fix them. Continue reading

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Eat Your Meat! Heart Disease In Paleo Farmers And Egyptian Mummies

An interesting video that looks at ancient diets and finds meat eaters are healthy and ancient agrarian diets high in carbs and plants, had “modern” diseases of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc. 55 minutes: Subscribe to feed

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“Diet” Soda – Bad Diet

Diet Sodas do not help with weight loss, can make weight gain worse, and contribute to diabetes and heart disease. Continue reading

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Reversing Aging of Mouse Blood Vessels & Muscles

Vascular aging in mice is shown to be reversible. Exercise and Dietary Restriction help change particular metabolic signalling molecules (NAD+-H2S) and a particular adjunct is shown to enhance this reversal of vascular aging. Continue reading

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