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Wheat, Gluten, and A Complex of Diseases

As is often the case, I was digging around on something else and stumbled onto a more interesting topic. In this case, it was that gluten intolerance not only causes folks to have bowel issues, but that there is a … Continue reading

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Put Russel L. HonorĂ© in charge now, please!

There is at least one person who has clue… maybe he ought to be in charge… Continue reading

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Copper Zinc Ratio and Phytate

Are copper / zinc ratios important in the diet for mental health and potentially involved in ADHD and Autism? Perhaps. There is also clearly a genetic component for some folks. Continue reading

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A facinating Ted Talk on UV and heart attacks

It looks like Nitrous Oxide matter to heart attack risk and you can increase your circulating NO, reducing heart attack risk, but getting some sun. ( Or a UV sun lamp in more northern cold winters). Continue reading

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