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Nanobots? Or Surface Chemistry? Kills Cancer Tumors

What looks like a real breakthrough in treating solid cancer tumors and preventing metastasis. Continue reading

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Life – K from a nice volcanic mud puddle…

Life originating in a mud puddle, not the ocean, explains a lot. Continue reading

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Gene Swapping via Sperm Absorption of DNA

A couple of interesting ways that cells swap genetic material, and a mention of how artificial sweeteners make you fatter via changes to your gut bacteria. Genes move more easily than most folks realize, and interspecies hybrids are not that hard to make. Continue reading

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Orangutan Gramps and Chimpanzee Grammy

I propose a novel hypothesis. That the Human genome owes some of our ancestry to a Chimp maternal line, but also owes some to a more nearly Orangutan paternal line. Oh, and with a “possible” of a bit of Gorilla mixed in, depending on blood group information. Continue reading

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