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Dear Podesta, Thanks For Making Trump Possible!

Thank you Mr. Podesta and The DNC, for promoting Donald Trump. Without your efforts, it could not have been possible… Continue reading

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Hacks, Leaks, Investigations, Evidence – Leaps…

Some ideas about the DNC and Hillary leaks / hacks and a bit of description of how a person in the computer security business views things. Continue reading

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Hillary Wikileaks Trump Issues & now The FBI Part 3

Part Three (3) of the Hillary and Trump Show, with guest stars Huma and her Trained Weiner – reputed to be wild and unexpectedly prone to the strangest actions… Sadly, Brazile has retired from broadcasting (against her will) to be a Political Hack Star at the DNC? While other Democratic Party Elite are busy checking their watches and calendars and wondering if there is still time to re-register Independent and claim it isn’t their problem… and we still have a full week of WikiLeaks to go! Continue reading

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