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A Very Nice Description Of The Government Debt Bomb

A nice short video that presents the real state of affairs in Government Debt and why you can’t fix it with any of the expected “solutions” such as raising tax rates. Continue reading

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The Extirpation Of Hometown Buffet

What can restaurants and their changes tell us about economics? A lot. They are in a very price sensitive business. Politicians need to realize that. Continue reading

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Jordan Petersen – Marxism and the Pareto Principle

Marxism is ignorant of the Pareto Principle ( 80 / 20 rule) and so tilts at windmills attempting to change what is immutable. Continue reading

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Monopoly, Monopsony, Oligopoly, Collusion

A brief overview of Monopoly, Monopsony, Oligopoly, and Collusion; with emphasis on what makes them a bad thing. Continue reading

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