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A Fence, A Brew, A DIY Economy Story

Some notes on DIY Brewing, Fence Building, and the comparative economics at high tax rates. Continue reading

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Communism vs Socialism (and all the Little Bastard-isms…)

How is Communism different from Socialism? Well, the first one is a failed ultimate manifestation of the Socialist Utopian Dream, while the second is a failed compromised manifestation of the Socialist Utopian Dream. Continue reading

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Why Economists Study “Climate Science”, Uncertainty, Interest Rates, and A Crash

Why are there so many Economists interested in the foibles of “Climate Science”? Why are they “more right”? How does dealing with “Uncertainty” vs. “Risk” or “Probability” give a better base to work from? Take interest rates, for example; are we lining up for a crash, or not? Continue reading

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Baumol Cost Disease? I’m Not Convinced…

Baumol and Baumol’s Cost Disease. I’m not convinced… Continue reading

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