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Carping Comment – Seriousoly

A small rant about yet another Carping Comment with a bit of a dissection of it included. Continue reading

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What Does Economic / Political Collapse Look Like?

An interesting write up of a perspective on the collapse of the FSU, and what an American collapse might expect, if similar. Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On Russia

Is it useful to look at the present world stage through the lens of prior Empires? Continue reading

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Olduvai Theory, Success as Failure, and Yet Another Malthusian Mistake

A small rant about Yet Another Malthusian finding fantasy reasons to believe in DOOM!! Doom in our time!!! When the reality is that we have a world of abundance and plenty all around us. Continue reading

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As The Money Tree Grows

What do money supply and velocity of money say about the world economy? Not good, IMHO. Continue reading

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