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CRUt – fromexcel.f90 program listing

The program fromexec.f90 from CRUt. Continue reading

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GIStemp GHCN Selection Bias Measured 0.6 C

Orginal image. The Un-Discovered Country In an earlier posting, California On The Beach, we saw that there were significant thermometer deletions, in the USA in particular. Many of these could be tracked to a conversion of the USHCN data input … Continue reading

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Lithium, Electric Cars, and Bolivian Socialists

Will Lithium Save Us from OPEC? Only if you swallow it … We have a major push into electric cars being touted by our present government masters as the way to break free of our “addiction to oil”. THE best … Continue reading

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GIStemp a slice of Pisa

Original image from the LIDAR working group at Hohenpeissenberg including a closer view of the observatory. PApars.f logs, and a Slice of Pisa In wandering through the PApars.f program in STEP2 (a key early program in the zones / anomaly … Continue reading

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