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Trangia On 70% Ethanol Rubbing Alcohol

I test the Trangia on 70% Ethanol / 30% water from the drug store “Rubbing Alcohol”. Continue reading

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Trump In Iowa, Rightside Broadcasting

Rightside Broadcasting video of the Trump Rally in Iowa Continue reading

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Graphene and Cheap Vodka / Fuel

An interesting way to make graphene sheets cheaply and in volume, along with an interesting use as a filter. Some strange properties at the micro-scale, and it can even be used to make semiconductors and solar cells. Carbon, gotta love it! Continue reading

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NARI Stove and Lantern on home brew Ethanol

An interesting project in India to make a lantern and cooking system and stove that run on 50% Ethanol (or 100 proof – what you can distill at home in one pass). A very good solution for rural poor farmers and their spouses. Continue reading

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